My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 1 – Who Told You Zombies Would Fight One On One?

“I finally completed the splitting!”

Wiping the sweat on his head, Ling Mo looked at Shana, who was walking in front of him, and exhaled a deep breath.

It wasn’t an easy task to split his spiritual tentacle in her spiritual light ball without letting Shana know what he was doing!

And this process lasted for several hours!

“If I wasn’t able to finish splitting it soon, I’m guessing I could only take them outside next to go hunt, since the zombies here are almost all dead…”

Ling Mo could only helplessly think this as he looked at the completely filled bag of virus gels in his hand.

But then, Ling Mo noticed that something was wrong.

The tentacle had been split into two, but how did the number of objects being controlled by Ling Mo change into two with that tentacle?

In front of him, there was only one Shana in Ling Mo’s eyes, but in his spiritual sense, it was a completely different story.

“My current spiritual tentacle split into two heads, one went into dark Shana, and the other one went into stupid Shana.”

Although this situation was somewhat unexpected, he quickly thought up a solution, “If I try and combine both heads together, could that also allow Shana to complete her fusion?”

At first glance, this sounded pretty easy, but in fact, it wasn’t easy at all.

This was because no matter if it was in the day or the night, Shana’s spiritual light ball would have fluctuations.

It wasn’t a problem for Ling Mo to split his tentacle and connect to Shana’s spiritual light without her knowing, but if he had to merge those split parts together, there would be no way she wouldn’t know.

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Unless her mind was completely blank….

“Is there any way to make her mind completely blank for a few moments?”

While Ling Mo was frowning and thinking of a solution, he suddenly found that Hei Si stood in the front, motionless.

“What’s wrong? We haven’t reached the max range of my puppet abilities yet. Could it be that there are no more zombies to kill?”

Ling Mo was puzzled and so he waved at the girls, signaling them to come over. He then quickly moved closer to Hei Si’s direction.

Soon after, he discovered that it wasn’t because Hei Si couldn’t find any more zombies, it was because she had found a human being…

Of the five people up ahead in front of Hei Si, there were actually two of them who were acquainted with Ling Mo.

Pei Feng Hong and Li Wei.

Pei Feng Hong had changed into a black outfit and Li Wei was timidly holding onto a 12 or 13-year-old boy.

She and the boy were both beaten and had swollen faces, and looked at the man and woman in front of them with great fear.

The man looked somewhat handsome. The woman on the other hand, looked violent, grasping onto a long bone cleaver knife in her hand.

It seems that they had just come down from one of the residential buildings at the front entrance.

The violent woman stared at her surroundings and looked around. Then she turned her eyes to Li Wei and the boy. She screamed and asked, “Didn’t you say he lived at the front entrance? Are you guys fucking with me? Where is he? That little beast called Ling Mo!”

Li Wei immediately started to tremble. She took a step forward and guarded the boy behind her. She said with fear, “Auntie, this is what he told us…If you don’t believe us ask Teacher Pei.”

Without waiting for the violent woman to ask, Pei Feng Hong quickly waved her hands and said, “At the time I was already knocked down, how could I possibly know. Li Wei is the one that has the most information about them. She was the one that brought them up and the door was also opened by her.”

“Ok Ok Ok, let’s not talk about that.” The violent woman waved her hand very uncomfortably, then turned around and looked at Li Wei. She reached out and grabbed Li Wei by the ear, “Look here, tell me quickly, you little slut. Originally, when my uncle saw you making those traps, he had decided to let you accompany him. At that time I didn’t agree with his choice, yet he didn’t listen to me. Who would expect that you could be so cruel…”

Hearing Li Wei screaming, the boy suddenly rushed up, grabbed the violent woman’s arm, and shook it twice, then said, “Auntie, I really don’t know that person. Can you please let Sister Li go….”

To be continued…

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