My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 2 – Who Told You Zombies Would Fight One On One?

“Get the fuck out of my way! I’ll take care of you later!”

The violent woman glared at him and then used one foot to kick him away.

The boy happened to land right next to the man, which resulted in the man stepping on the boy, making the boy let out a pitiful scream.

“Stop screaming! If you keep on screaming, I’ll call the zombies over and directly feed you to them!”

The violent woman wiped her eyes, then waved her hand angrily towards a direction, then started walking towards that direction which coincidentally, was also where Ling Mo and the girls were hiding. “Go this way and look for them! If I am unable to find them today, I will leave the little bastard outside to feed the zombies!”

At this moment, Ling Mo was frowning and there was a glimmer of cold light in his eyes.

That boy should be Zhang Er…

Zhang Er and Li Wei were just children, this woman is actually putting all the blame on them.

How could a girl who was as timid as a rabbit, be a murderer’s accomplice?

“I didn’t think this through enough…I honestly didn’t expect this result.”

Looking at Li Wei screaming, Ling Mo suddenly burst into anger.

Seeing the violent woman head this way, Ling Mo looked back at Ye Lian, and she quickly nodded.

“Yes…She is a psychic.” After she finished speaking, she pointed towards the man who was stepping on Zhang Er. “He..He is also.”

“Two psychics?”

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Shana eagerly gripped her scythe as Ling Mo finished speaking.

“Let me handle that woman.”

Looking at Shana’s excitement, Ling Mo slightly thought about it before nodding.

However, when Ling Mo had just nodded, he didn’t expect that Shana would suddenly take her scythe and jump out of the grass.

The speed of a zombie’s sneak attack was indeed quite fast. Shana leaped out of the grass, and her whole body aura was completely restrained to max.

It wasn’t until Shana had appeared on top of the violent woman’s head, that she suddenly felt an intense chill in the air.


The cold light from scythe slashed down, and the woman was like a rubber ball bouncing away.

Even though she was able to dodge, a piece of meat from the side of her arm was cut off, and half of her body was immediately stained with blood.

“AHHHHH!” The woman screamed, then widened her eyes and looked at Shana.

But it was at this moment when another figure appeared behind her.

Like a shadow of a snake dance.

A sharp blade was then directed towards the back of her neck.

The woman suddenly threw herself forward, but she still felt something cold flash behind her neck, and then fresh blood rushed out.

She had just turned over when she saw another shadow on top of her head. Five cold lights directly came slamming down on her head.


A bone cleaver blocked the attack from the tiger claws, but what the woman didn’t expect was that Ye Lian would seize this opportunity to use her foot to kick the woman’s mouth.

The woman was kicked flying and as she flew, she spat out blood at the same time. Within the blood you could see a few broken teeth.

After landing lightly on the ground, Ye Lian said very seriously, “You….Who are you calling…Beasts!”

A three combo attack….

Ling Mo was stunned.

Under the cooperation of Ye Lian and the other two girls, the psychic didn’t even have a chance to resist, and was completely defeated.

Not to mention, that last sentence Ye Lian had said, truly touched Ling Mo.

To be continued…

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