My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 3

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 269 Part 3 – Who Told You Zombies Would Fight One On One?

Although the way she said it wasn’t very impressive, however…it still made Ling Mo’s heart feel warm after hearing it.

The woman completely didn’t have the strength to get back up. Li Wei and the others were all completely stunned!

The first to respond was the man, who slowly pulled out a long knife from behind his waist.

But just as the long knife was completely pulled out, his head suddenly felt painfully dizzy for a few moments, and when his head cleared, there was one more person standing in front of him.

The man swept his leg at Ling Mo, the speed at which it came was extremely fast, so fast that it produced a whistling sound, making the leg sweep seem impressive.

But before his leg could even touch Ling Mo, his head was stabbed with pain again, and then he fell directly to the ground.

Under the influence of inertia, his whole body was thrown out heavily due to his kick, and his head directly hit the flowerbed that was at the side of the road.

Blood had rushed down from the man’s head and Ling Mo stood still while waiting for him to get back up.

“Come on.”

Ling Mo used the come hither hand gesture as if to taunt the man (TL: For those that don’t know what the come hither hand gesture is, it’s the one where your hand is in a fist except for one finger that is hooked. EX: ).

The man’s face became distorted from anger and one of the man’s arm swelled up swiftly, as if he suddenly had turned into a muscular man.

“The ability to strengthen the body…I really haven’t seen a lot those…”


Under the influence of Ling Mo’s ability, the direction of the man’s punch was misled, the fist directly slammed into the opposite wall, followed by a painful scream…

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No matter how strong the man’s strength became, in the face of Ling Mo, he was completely suppressed. Ling Mo didn’t even need to lift a finger in order for him to come out on top.

Originally, the ability of that woman could have helped him, but now….

“FUCK! If you guys have ability to fight why don’t you fight with me one on one!”

The woman was covered in blood, waving a bone knife and roaring.

Her body’s temperature seemed to gotten higher, and even the bone knife had turned red.

She had just turned her head when another figure flashed behind her.

Shana’s figure appeared in the air, and under the flying long hair, a pair of slightly closed eyes slammed open.

In the red and white eyes, there was a flash of cold light that gave the feeling as if she was looking at her prey.

“When did you ever hear someone say that zombies would fight one on one?”

The woman’s eyes suddenly widened, but by that time a cold light had suddenly slashed down!

This time, there was no way she could avoid it!

As the woman fell to the ground, the man’s morale completely disintegrated.

He knew there was no chance for him to escape under the combined attacks of the three girls, so he decided to attack Ling Mo with everything he had, in hopes of taking him down with him.

However, what he didn’t know was that within a distance of less than five meters between him and Ling Mo, although it looked empty between them, there were actually countless dense tentacles shielding Ling Mo from him.

In Ling Mo’s opinion, this man wasn’t him, but was actually fighting his numerous tentacles…

Pei Feng Hong looked at the scene in front of her in horror, she was scared to death.

“Li Wei will definitely take revenge against! I definitely won’t be able to escape death! But I don’t want to die, I’m not ready to die yet!”

She suddenly turned her eyes to Li Wei, then shoved her towards the man, turned around and ran towards the woods.


Li Wei’s sudden fall immediately attracted Ling Mo’s attention.

The man also realized that this was an opportunity, his arms swelled as he grabbed Li Wei.

But he didn’t expect that when Ling Mo took action, his speed wasn’t any slower than his.

A flash of cold light passed by, the man let out a blood-curdling scream and Li Wei was picked up into Ling Mo’s arms.

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