My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 27


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 27 – Infected

“Have you seen enough? Don’t you think my appearance is too repulsive for you?”

Lu Xin gazed at Ling Mo and the others viciously, and madly snarled, “Ling Mo, Look at what you’ve done! If you didn’t abandon me for dead, I would not have turned into this!”

With a look of malice in his eyes, he reached to grasp the skin on his face, a patch of skin and rotten flesh immediately fell down and made a sickening plop on the floor, sending shivers down the spines of all the survivors.

“See? This is all your fault, traitor! At that time you could have saved me first, but you were too selfish!”

“Do you really think that all four ocean are your mother! (meaning you really thought that everyone is your mother!) I did not bother save you because you were a lost cause, right now I am here for Shana, where is she??” Ling Mo gave a cold gaze and asked sharply.

Lu Xin cackled in response “Shana…you want to see her so badly? Fine! Give me your hand which you used to slap me, and that is the hand you will cut off!”

Hearing this, Ling Mo suddenly could not help but to roll his eyes in contempt.

This Lu Xin is really an idiot! First of all, not to mention that his relationship with Shana is not deep enough to cut a hand for her, but just his remarks is laughable! This kid must have seen too much movies, he really thought that with his little strength now, he can challenge the heavens themselves!

However, overwhelmed by the chaos, Liu Yu Hao immediately looked at Ling Mo with a frightened look, then turned to Lu Xin and shouted “Lu Xin how could you do this, if it wasn’t for big brother Ling we would have been all dead!”

“I don’t give a rat’s *** about your business!” Lu Xin fiercely spit out a mouthful of bloody spit, “if it wasn’t for you and Shana that is looking for trouble at this accursed school, and let this Ling joining us, and even finding these people by going back to school, how could things turn out to be like this! Don’t think that I don’t hate you people, it was you guys that left me there!”

Liu Yu Hao is mortified, but he clenched his teeth, then actually raised the kitchen knife in his hand: “how about cutting mine?!”

He said as he brandished his knife, but was stopped by Ling Mo, who was rushing at lightning speed towards Lu Xin.

Both parties’ now faced each other no more than ten meters apart, with Ling Mo’s speed, this close distance is a distance of less than one breath. He directly rushed at Lu Xin.

Lu Xin only saw a dark shadow brush past himself, then felt a flash of cold steel before his eyes.

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Lu Xin’s mutant reflexes were fast enough for him to actually turn his head to the side to see that his right shoulder was directly slashed open. His entire body suddenly felt like it was being crushed by an enormous pressure that made his knees go soft, almost directly collapsing on the ground.

Ling Mo slashed directly on Lu Xin’s shoulder, but did not have the intention to stop, instead he smoothly crosscut the knife straight up, directly going for Lu Xin’s throat.

A strong shadow of death instantly enveloped Lu Xin, but driven by instincts, he still backed up a step, barely escaping this fatal blow. But the tip of the blade has already pierced an artery, blood gushing out from the wound.

Lu Xin’s eyes become even redder, he screamed after reacting to his wound. Refusing to fall and die, he rushed directly towards Ling Mo in a desperate counterattack.

But after all he is still an ordinary human being, how could he compare to Ling Mo who has eviscerated several mutant zombies, each far more powerful than the rotting living corpse of Lu Xin.  Capitalizing on his still-standing posture, Ling Mo thrust the knife forward the instant Lu Xin started to charge, piercing his bloated abdomen and forcing him down into the ground.

The sharp blade opened a big wound on Lu Xin’s belly. Just as Lu Xin was pinned into the ground, Ling Mo stomped on his chest, staring down at the abomination, and taunted “Looks like you don’t feel pain anymore?”

Lu Xin’s body was on the verge of falling apart at the seams. The skin on his whole body is all peeling off, revealing the grotesque layers of putrid muscle and fat underneath, coupled with the two deep gashes inflicted by Ling Mo. Nonetheless Lu Xin still does not show off any painful expression. He obviously was not some hardcore guy before his mutation; the only explanation is that he no longer feels any pain.

Lu Xin looked at Ling Mo biting his teeth. Even though he cannot feel the pain of his intestines flowing out of his open abdomen, Lu Xin knew that he did not have much longer to live.

“Kidnapping Shana and daring to threaten her right in front of me? You should know your own strength!” Ling Mo spitefully spat out those words.

“Oh, you think I am stupid?” Lu Xin’s eyes suddenly become clouded, and started to laugh madly, “you really think I am stupid! I knew that I was a dead man long before you showed up, but I will not let you guys off easily. Even though I did not get to kill you, I will still triumph in the end! Ha ha ha ha…..Didn’t you guys abandon me and let me suffer? I will let you vermin have a taste of your own medicine, what kind of expression would you guys have! Ha ha ha…”

At the same while he was laughing hysterically, his mouth was still ejecting blood, coupled with the froth emerging from his lips, he has lost all semblance of his dwindling humanity.

But Ling Mo has had enough of this madman’s ravings; he chopped down Lu Xin’s neck in one swing in one final splattering of blood, ending his strident laughter. Lu Xin’s head rolled several times on the floor before coming to a final halt, his face still contorted in that demented composure.

Ling Mo looked back at the doors in the dormitory hall. Shana should be in one of the dorms, but for some reason, Ling Mo’s heart started to get a little uneasy, Lu Xin’s final words still ominously ringing in his ears.

Liu Yu Hao did not think that much of his words, seeing that Ling Mo terminated Lu Xin using two or three swings, he immediately rushed into the hall, and madly started to search within the dormitory for Shana.

And Wang Cheng followed over frowning, after glancing at Lu Xin’s headless corpse with a calamitous expression; he also started to search following Liu Yu Hao. But this survivor also has some little tricks under his sleeves, he seemed to care a lot for Shana’s safety, but in fact he is following tightly after Liu Yu Hao and does not even go near those dormitory doors. Under the emergency circumstances, most people will not notice his little movements.

Ling Mo also started to search along the corridor with Ye Lian, but the dorms he past by are almost all completely empty, without a trace of anyone.

But not soon after Liu Yu Hao’s anxious voice came from one of the dorm: “she is here! Shana is in here!”

Ling Mo’s heart tightened up, hurriedly rushed over.

As soon as he reached the door, he saw that Shana’s limbs has been tied to the bedposts by what seemed like a clothing rope, and her head was lowered, still appearing human. But thinking back to what Lu Xin said, Ling Mo knew that something must have happened to Shana’s body.

“Shana, are you all right!”

As Liu Yu Hao gingerly released Shana’s restrictions, Ling Mo instantly saw her palm, suddenly feeling his heart become cold. He immediately grabbed Shana’s left palm, and Liu Yu Hao also turned his puzzled look over. Wang Cheng who is beside them also saw what has happened.

Not a single word was traded between any of the survivors, but aside from the emotionless Ye Lian, absolute horror and disgust were plastered all over each of their faces.

Ling Mo was first to break the silence. Looking at the pale faced Shana, he cursed in a low voice and biting his teeth: “Lu Xin, you are really not a human being!”

On Shana’s left hand, a fresh deep wound is the first thing they saw. But the putrid blood and flesh surrounding the wound all but confirmed that after Lu Xin cut open Shana’s left hand, he grasped the gash in order to infect her with the mutant zombie virus.

And among everyone’s horrified look, Shana slowly raised her head, in that pair of usually determined and energetic eyes, right now is full of despair: “It’s too late…”

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