My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 270 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 270 Part 2 – Everything I Have Done, Is To Make Myself Happy

“Cough..Cough..Let’s just leave it at that, the zombies here have all been cleared out, you guys can relax when heading back.

Ling Mo waved his hand as if to say goodbye and wiped off the blood that was on the Tang Sword. He then prepared to turn around and leave.

However, Ling Mo hadn’t walked too far when he decided to turn his head back and became surprised.

He looked at Li Wei and Zhang Er, who had been following behind him, and reminded them, “You guys are going in the wrong direction.”

“…We can’t go back anymore.” Zhang Er braced himself as he said this.


Ling Mo stared blankly at them, then he widened his eyes.

Li Wei immediately shrank back in fear, while Zhang Er mustered up his courage and said, “With those two psychics now dead, the rest of the people in that group don’t have any abilities. If we went back to them, we would either get killed by them as cannon fodder or we would probably die with them.

“Don’t tell me that…you guys plan on following me?” Ling Mo suddenly had a bad feeling.

Zhang Er and Li Wei looked at each other, and then the two of them nodded at the same time.


Ling Mo was suddenly at a loss on what to do.

Seeing that they both were small and thin, especially Li Wei’s frightened expression, Ling Mo didn’t have the heart to just directly leave them there.

“We can help you wash your clothes, help you carry your things, and even help clean the room!” Zhang Er said excitedly.

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“En!…En!(TL: So ‘en’ means yes in chinese or a sound that chinese people make to give approval.)” Li Wei also quickly nodded, but as soon as she met Ling Mo’s eyes, she immediately took a step back. “But if you want us to accompany you to sleep….That’s a no…”

“I am not that perverted!”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes, and glanced maliciously on her chest, which was as flat as a tablet.

“I’m not interested in those that are underage…”

Ling Mo felt a chill just thinking about it and shook his head.


A few minutes later, Ling Mo pushed open the door from a rooftop building and went out.

A strong wind made Ling Mo suddenly shiver, and behind him followed two very thin figures.

“Do you guys have to follow me so closely, I’m only upstairs. Or do you think that I will just fly away?”

Ling Mo roared in an upset tone, then he took out the phone from his backpack.

“I didn’t expect that the first time I would be using this is actually to solve both of your problems! Originally, I didn’t want to contact them so quickly…”

Ling Mo found a corner, turned on the phone, and then pressed the dial button.

It was not until Ling Mo had actually tried using this phone, did he understand what Sun Zeya meant by “the signal isn’t very good…”

“MOTHERFUCKER, this dogshit signal….HEY!!HEY!!”

Looking at Ling Mo holding the phone, walking around, and yelling. Li Wei couldn’t help but pull Zhang Er closer to her.

After pulling Zhang Er back, she whispered in fear, “What is he doing? There’s obviously no signal…”

“How should I know? All I know is that as long as we don’t see the military people that he said would come, we can’t take more than one step away from him!” Zhang Er said.

“EN!” Li Wei nodded heavily.

Ling Mo spent a few minutes until he finally found a signal. A very cold female voice appeared from the phone, “Hey, hello, this is Falcon Camp.”

“Hello, this phone belongs to Sun Zeya…”

Ling Mo hadn’t even finished speaking before he was interrupted by the female voice which replied, “I know who you are, you should be Mr. Ling Mo, right? Hello, I am the liaison officer of the Falcon Camp. Did you call because you wished to take on a mission?”

“You guys already finished building your outpost?” Ling Mo was surprised.

“Not yet, but there are currently three teams in X city that can trade with you.”

The voice of the liaison officer sounded so fresh and flavorful, Ling Mo imagined that her figure should also be very good as well.

“Really? What kind of missions do you guys have now?”

Ling Mo curiously asked.

A sound of a book flipping was transmitted to Ling Mo’s phone, and then the voice of the liaison officer spoke again, “Our chief of staff would like to talk to you, could you be able to do so?”


Ling Mo was stunned.

The Chief of staff? Shouldn’t that be the boss of the Falcon camp?

Ling Mo was a bit interested in the person that could establish a camp in the event when all order had collapsed. What kind of person was this Chief of Staff?

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