My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 271 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 271 Part 1 – Information from Falcon Camp

The phone was quiet for a while, and then a very cold voice spoke.

It sounded as if the person on the phone was speaking in an extremely empty room. Her voice sounded very ethereal to Ling Mo.

“Mr. Ling, Hello. I am Falcon Camp’s Chief of Staff, Su Qianrou.”

Ling Mo widened his eyes in shock.

Even though the name, “Chief of Staff” greatly differed from before the apocalypse, it at least still carried some power with it.

In the Falcon Camp, it should also be the top person or leader in charge.

Being able to sit in such a position, Ling Mo had thought that he would at least be a respectable soldier, but he didn’t expect him to actually be a girl.

“Hello…” Ling Mo quickly recovered from his shock and said.

“I had just received a report from Captain Sun about you the night before yesterday. I didn’t expect to talk to you so soon. Thank you for obtaining so much medicines for us.”

Su Qianrou said.

Although her voice sounded ethereal, but her tone was very gentle, giving people a very good feeling.

This was a huge difference from what Ling Mo had imagined how the leader would sound like.

However, this chief of staff suddenly ran over to talk to him, certainly wasn’t to thank him.

Was it to establish a deeper relationship with him? Or personally try and recruit him?

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Ling Mo didn’t really think that this was probable either…

He understood one thing.

No matter how much stronger he was, against a force that held a large number of guns and manpower, he was nothing more than just an individual.

If the other party came at him with a bomb, he would get destroyed so easily. This was also what Ling Mo dreaded about. It was also the reason why he wanted to take this time to improve everyone’s strength.

“You are too polite. It was just a fair trade. Actually, I have two survivors here with me. They know a bit about inventing things, so they should be considered as people with talent. I remember that your camp is very short on these kinds of people.”

Ling Mo quickly told Su Qianrou his intentions.

He took a glance back and found that Li Wei and Zhang Er were still standing at the door, staring nervously at him.

The look they gave him was like a child who was worried that his parents were going to abandon him.

“Can you guys not stare at me like that!? I don’t fucking owe you guys anything, FUCK!….”

Ling Mo quickly tried to shoo them away, but upon seeing them refuse to remove their eyes from him, he could only helplessly turn around again.

But even though he turned around, he could still feel four eyes that were firmly locked on to him, as if they were worried that he would suddenly just disappear.

Su Qianrou said without hesitation, “Of course, we are happy to have them. Since they are recommended by Mr. Ling, they should definitely bring great help to our camp. Thank you very much for still thinking about our camp.”

It was no wonder she was the chief of staff, listening to her talk would make anyone feel very comfortable.

Without waiting for Ling Mo’s response, Su Qianrou went on to say, “As a matter of fact, I am extremely happy that I received a call from Mr. Ling. We happen to be organizing an urgent mission right now. It would be best if we could get your help in this mission. As for the rewards, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied.”

“What is the mission?” Ling Mo slowly stood up and asked.

No matter how nicely the other party sugarcoated everything, when it came to Ling Mo’s interests, his mind would immediately be clear and awake.

“It seems that Mr. Ling is very cautious…It is good that you’re like that. Actually, Tom’s team that you separated from two days ago had lost contact with us yesterday in the middle of the night. The other team that we sent out before them had also lost contact after sending us a warning.”

Su Qianrou’s tone was a bit sad, she sounded as if she wasn’t very optimistic about the situation.


Ling Mo immediately thought of Sun Zeya’s appearance.

To be continued…

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