My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 271 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 271 Part 2 – Information from Falcon Camp

Their mission of searching for medical supplies had basically been completed, all that was left was to search for survivors that were nearby, which didn’t sound dangerous at all.

In addition, the other team that was also missing….was fully armed, with impressive combat power. It should be very unlikely for this situation to happen…

While Ling Mo was still thinking, Su Qianrou continued saying, “Currently, I have already sent the last team to the area where Tom’s team was last located. I hope that you can meet up with them, investigate the situation, and rescue Tom’s team. Mr. Ling, you should know that their primary mission was to conduct an advance investigation of X City. Although I know you don’t intend on joining our camp, but the establishment of an isolated area is still a good thing for everyone.”

Noticing that Ling Mo didn’t speak yet, Su Qianrou said, “If you agree, even if the mission isn’t successful, I will still pay you half of the agreed reward. If you think that this mission exceeds your abilities,you can abort the mission at any time.”

“What are the rewards?”

Ling Mo revealed a curious look and asked.


When Ling Mo hung up the phone, his expression had become a bit strange.

Su Qianrou’s rewards were very great, but what interested Ling Mo the most was the information he told him.

“Based from her descriptions, no matter how I listen to it, it reminds me of a zombie that I previously killed, but how did it become so many?”

Ling Mo thought of the little zombie medicine(Virus Drug) he had in his backpack.

He was currently missing this ingredient….

“How was it?”

Seeing Ling Mo hang up the phone and walk towards them, Zhang Er quickly asked.

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“There will be a team of people meeting up with me, and then someone from that group will bring you both to A city.”

Ling Mo said briefly.

Li Wei hesitated and asked, “Will we really go to A City? You won’t abandon us right?”

“Yeah I’m abandoning you guys, I sold both of you for the price of one…”

Ling Mo gave her an unpleasant look before walking into the door.

The wind on the roof was too strong. After taking several breaths up there, he felt as if his lungs had turned numb. He didn’t want to continue standing up there.

Seeing Li Wei standing there with her mouth open, Zhang Er quickly pulled her, “Big Sister Li, he’s teasing you.”

“Ah? Re….Really…”

Seeing that Li Wei was still confused and unsure, Zhang Er copied Ling Mo’s expression and looked up at her, then shook his head.

“The information about an army being in A City should be true. If he really didn’t want us to follow, he could have just easily gotten rid of us.”

Following Ling Mo down the stairs, Zhang Er had already begun to calculate: “If there are any of my father’s army buddies in that army, plus the introduction of this big brother, Li Wei and I should be okay over there. This was also an opportunity he was giving me. Although I am not a psychic, there are still other ways to become stronger. There are a lot of deaths and injuries that occur in the camp. The speed at which they change soldiers is very fast. Children like me have the opportunity to go to the front lines after two or three years of training…”

Then he turned his gaze towards Ling Mo who was in front of him and thought, “I wonder if by that time, would he be much stronger than he is now? Could I be like him in the future where I only do things because it would make me happy? I don’t ever want to live in a life where I have to endure humiliation in order to survive again…”

Although Ling Mo felt that Zhang Er’s gaze were on his body, he didn’t put much thought into it.

Although he had only made this call due to Li Wei and Zhang Er, in the process he had accidentally gotten some important information about the zombies. This could count as good thing.

“This time I have to find a bigger bottle and put a little more zombie blood in it. The virus hive is still full of life. If I didn’t use it because I lacked zombie medicine, that would be such a pity. Although my current improvement in strength isn’t much, but at least the quality of all aspects in my physical fitness is improving. Where else could I find such a good thing? Even if someone else did get the virus hive, they wouldn’t be able to use it since they had no zombies around that could help them dilute the virus, and so this method isn’t usable for others at all.”

Ling Mo thought, the corner of his mouth showed a smile.

Looking at Ling Mo smirk, Li Wei couldn’t help but reveal a hint of doubt.

This guy who makes her terribly frightened of him could also make this kind of smile?

How is it so totally different from when he kills….

Li Wei couldn’t help but think of when Ling Mo had grasped her in his arms, that embrace he gave could really make people feel very safe.

“He is obviously mean, but why would he still save me? He obviously hates us, but he is still helping us find a place to go…”

The more Li Wei thought, the more confused she became. She couldn’t help but whisper into Zhang Er’s ear, “Do you think that this big brother is a bad person, or a good person?”

Zhang Er was stunned, then looked up at her and said, “He saved us and helped us. So obviously he is a good person for us. However, saving us could have been a simple matter to him….”

“En…en, yes!”

Li Wei thought about it, then nodded and then showed a small smile.

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