My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 272 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 272 Part 2 – The Hidden Face Under The Hood

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Although this area didn’t count as a busy area, however the typography of the area was very complicated, most of the streets intertwined with each other, with many high-rise buildings.

The International Building, although hearing the name made it sound quite important, but in fact it was just one of the many buildings that were in this area, with no special signs pointing towards it.

“This is clearly a test on my abilities. How could anyone with strength that was relatively weak, roam around in such a complicated place? ┬áIf you wanted to find that building, fighting with zombies was inevitable. I just knew that a woman who could sit in the chief of staff position wasn’t so simple….”

After muttering a few words later, Ling Mo jumped down from a car and waved his hand at Li Ya Ling.

She turned to look at Li Wei and Zhang Er, and smiled slightly, “Let’s go.”

At the same time, she raised her hand, put her delicate finger and pressed it against Li Wei’s neck and gently stroked it before turning around.

The sharp nails made Li Wei feel a tingling sensation, and at the same time she trembled as if she had been shocked by electricity.

Zhang Er immediately looked over at Li Ya Ling nervously.

But as soon as his eyes met with Li Ya Ling’s wicked eyes, he felt a chill coming up from his back.

“Zhang….Zhang Er, I suddenly feel that bad brother is slightly better…”

Li Wei said while trembling with red puffy eyes.

Zhang Er stared at Li Ya Ling’s back and then looked at the blood that was dripping from her weapon, and then looked at Ye Lian and Shana, who both had cold expressions, then nodded in a hurry, “En!”

As Ling Mo and his group walked through the desolate streets, another team of humans that were carrying backpacks and weapons, quickly approached a tall building.

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One of the young men tightly gripped onto the arm of the man in front of him, closed his eyes, and frowned.

Although he had his eyes closed, he was being guided by the man in front, so the speed at which he moved wasn’t any slower than the others.


After a few minutes, the young man opened his eyes and said, “It should be just ahead.”

His eyes had become very strange at the moment of opening, and there seemed to be some images on the pupils of his eyes but they soon disappeared.

“You’ve worked hard. Are you feeling alright?”

The man who was at the front did not turn around and said.

The captain wore a gray sportswear, and a hood covered his head. He didn’t carry anything on him except for the backpack.

“So so.” The young man rubbed the corners of his eyes and said.

The whites of his eyes had turned bloodshot, and he had heavy black circles under his eyes making it seem as if he hadn’t slept in a long time.

“Your ability is very important to us, for today, don’t use it anymore.”

The captain’s hood slid slightly over his face, ┬árevealing a very beautiful side face.

The captain was about 25 or 26 years old, had thin lips, a tall nose, a healthy wheat skin color, and a pair of eyes that gave people a very cold feeling.

A strand of black hair fell out from the edge of hood, covering a bit of her beautiful face, giving her a more feminine look.

“Have you found the collaborator yet?” she asked again.

The young man shook his head, “No, I’m guessing that he hasn’t reached the designated location yet.”

“Well, the environment in this area is a bit more complicated. It’s normal if he couldn’t find it. I’m also guessing that Staff Officer Su didn’t give him a specific address. After all, she has only heard about his strength through Sun Zeya’s report. Based on Staff Officer Su’s personality, she may try to test him.”

She said calmly.

A tall member of the team snorted and said with dissatisfaction, “Or maybe they already died…However, our team is the strongest out of the three search and rescue teams. Why did Staff Officer Su also send an outsider to cooperate with us?”

“The other two teams are all missing. We can’t be too careless now. Besides, Staff Officer Su must have her reasons for doing this.” The young man frowned and said.

“They must have been too careless! The number of zombies in X City is large. If they got surrounded, it would be normal for them to cut off contact.” Another team member interrupted.

“We don’t know what their situation is. As for the other team, let’s not talk about it. The strength of Tom’s team should be good, right?”

The young man rubbed his eyes again and said.

The team member curled his lip with some disdain and was about to say something, but closed his mouth after seeing the hooded woman in front look at him.

The hooded woman also withdrew her gaze from him and reached out and put the strand of hair behind her ear.

In her eyes, there was a hint of respect.

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