My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 273 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 273 Part 1 – Terrifying

Inside the international building.

Ling Mo came in through a crack on a deformed doorway and frowned as he saw zombie corpses lying in the hall.

Some of these corpses were completely devoid of wounds. Looking at the expressions from those corpses, Ling Mo could tell that these zombies were at least mutated zombies.

“These zombies should have been killed by psychics, right? Su Qianrou did say that this team was very strong and it seems to be true.”

Ling Mo stepped over two corpses, one after another, and went deeper inside the hall.


A slight noise of a gun being armed was suddenly heard, and Ling Mo immediately looked up at the second floor.

Standing behind the railing of a corridor, suddenly stood a figure wearing a camouflage outfit, and was holding a rifle aimed at Ling Mo’s head.

The sense of crisis immediately shrouded onto Ling Mo, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

This person actually aimed his gun at him…

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles immediately sneaked out from his body, entangled around the man’s spiritual light, and then squeezed hard.

The man immediately let out a groan, his whole body became soft like jelly, and the rifle in his hands fell off.

Ling Mo jumped forward and quickly rushed under the railing at an extremely fast speed, and caught the rifle.

The man was dizzy for a few seconds before he was able to fully recover, but he had just rushed to the railing when he saw Ling Mo aiming at his head with his rifle.

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After looking at each other, Ling Mo showed a faint smile and lowered the gun down.

“I am Ling Mo, Staff Officer Su told me to come meet up with you guys.”

A few minutes later, Ling Mo’s group was taken to a large office on the fourth floor.

Several people were sorting out the things from the backpacks, while others were placing some sofa cushions in the corners of the room.

Two people sat on the sofa, when they saw Ling Mo and his group, they immediately stood up.

One of them, who was a woman wearing sportswear clothes and had covered her face with a hood, extended a slender hand to Ling Mo and said, “You guys came here faster than I expected. We had just arrived five minutes ago. Hello, I am Captain Xia Zhining.

It only took five minutes to get this building cleaned up? The military’s speed sure is fast…

Deep down, Ling Mo was dumbstruck, but on his outside appearance he still presented himself as normal and shook hands with her, “Hello, I am Ling Mo.”

The other person with dark circles in his eyes, also extended his hand, “I am the vice-captain Chen Youdong, I hope that our cooperation this time will go smoothly.”

As he said this, he turned his eyes towards the rifle in Ling Mo’s hands, and then looked at the team member that was standing on the side with some dissatisfaction.

That team member showed an awkward expression and said, “Umm that…I was just careless…”

The other members of this group had been looking at him for quite some time already and they were all awfully surprised.

Ling Mo understood what was going on immediately and turned around to toss the rifle back to the soldier. “It’s dangerous to point a gun at me.”

The soldier received the gun and looked at Ling Mo with dread.

“These three should be your companions, right? Then these two should be the survivors who will go back with us this time?”

Xia Zhining turned her eyes to Ling Mo and asked.

Ye Lian and the other two girls attracted quite a lot of attention, but for these people who were all warriors that constantly faced death all the time, they would at most stare at them for a few seconds in surprise.

Although their beauty was excellent, but the person they followed was a psychic, and that psychic was a person capable of beating a person with a gun.

Ling Mo had displayed his shocking prowess in this short amount of time.

Although there were still some people who were a bit suspicious of Ling Mo’s strength, but at least now they wouldn’t stand up directly to confirm it.

Zhang Er pulled at Li Wei and took the initiative to stand up and say, “Yes, we are the two survivors that wish to go back with you!”

“Their spirit isn’t bad.” Xia Zhining slightly glanced at them, then turned and waved towards a middle-aged man.

This man had part of his arm in a bandage that hung around his neck, and carried a rifle that was stuck in between his armpit, which looked a bit strange.

to be continued…

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