My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 273 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 273 Part 2 – Terrifying

“This person and five other injured team members, will return back to camp tomorrow with the materials we collected this time. You two will go back together with them.”

Xia Zhining looked as if she was looking at Li Wei and Zhang Er, but in fact, those slender eyes of hers were staring at Ling Mo, as if wishing to consult with him.

Ling Mo nodded letting her know that he had no objections.

Although these people were injured, if Xia Zhining could entrust the supplies they had collected to them, it indicated that they still had the strength to return to the camp safely.

The middle-aged man frowned and looked at Li Wei and Zhang Er, then said in a muffled voice, “Tomorrow you guys will follow us, don’t fall behind.”

“We won’t!” Zhang Er raised his neck and replied.

“Kid, you seem pretty brave. Come with me, the route that we will take tomorrow is still a bit dangerous, so there are some precautions I need to tell you in advance, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.”

The middle-aged man patted Zhang Er’s shoulder and said.

Li Wei took one last look back at Ling Mo, and then she followed them.

“Come over here and sit. Since we have some time right now, let me explain to you tomorrow’s mission.”

Xia Zhining said as she walked over and took out a map from her backpack.

“This position.” She first pointed to the location of the pharmaceutical company’s warehouse, then moved her finger across the direction of the city center, and finally parked her finger near a hospital. “When Tom’s team lost contact, they should have been somewhere around in this area.”

“This area and the high-tech district are on the same route.” Chen Youdong went on to say, “The other team lost contact at the high-tech district.”

Xia Zhining nodded and continued, “After the other team disappeared, an officer from our commincations got in touch with our two teams. Considering the fact that Tom’s team was closer, they ordered them to check out situation. I didn’t expect for them to be in danger so soon. As for what this danger is, I haven’t told my team yet, but according to the information I have now, it is likely that they met a group of zombies that had a different mutation.”

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“Is there a lot?” Ling Mo frowned at the map and asked.

Chen Youdong’s face flashed with a serious look and said, “This….can’t be estimated. But having the ability to continuously destroy two search and rescue teams may not only be a matter of quantity. Staff Officer Su warned us that the individual combat power of these zombies may be strong and can’t be dealt with by using common sense, when dealing with these zombies.”

“You really can’t make a estimate?” Ling Mo asked.

Xia Zhining thought for a while, tapped her finger and said, “Probably…a few hundred.”

“A few hundred….isn’t a small number. Based on the information, they are a bit different than normal zombies.” Ling Mo revealed a pondering look. “If the physical characteristics of the zombies have changed, then the zombies should be mutant zombies if I’m not wrong.”

“That is indeed the situation.” Xia Zhining nodded, and looked at Ling Mo with some surprise. “From the looks of it, it seems that you have seen this kind of…mutant zombie?”

“Ah, yes. I have seen it from a body in a biological research institute. It seems that after mixing a lot of things with the virus inside a body, the virus mutated and produced a monster instead. The combat power of this zombie is really strong, and can be compared with the strength of an advanced zombie. But the intelligence of these zombies are very low, which should be their biggest flaw.” Ling Mo said.

There was no need to hide such information, the dangers that a mutant zombie gave should be very large. For ordinary survivors, it is tantamount to a second apocalypse.

“If their intelligence is low, that would be fine, but based from our reports, they seem to be led by a leader.”

Chen Youdong looked at Ling Mo with some hesitation and said, “But this information may not be accurate. Sun Zeya, who was in charge of the report, lost contact with the camp when she was halfway through the report. She may already be…”

“Sun Zeya…”

Ling Mo once again thought of the embarrassing scene in the bathtub. Although he didn’t have a really close friendship with this woman, but at this time when Ling Mo heard that she may be dead, his heart was still somewhat uncomfortable.

“No matter what, let’s go check it out first then figure out a plan on how to proceed. If we rush to take action, we might also be in trouble.” Xia Zhinin looked at Ling Mo deeply and said, “Captain Sun is very respectful of your strength. Although this time, you are our backup while we lead, I still hope that when we cooperate with each other, both sides can listen to each other’s opinions and don’t do things on their own.”

“This was also what I wanted to say too.” Ling Mo smiled.

Xia Zhining nodded and said, “Then let’s rest here tonight, after we recharge our strength, we move out tomorrow!”

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