My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 274 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 274 Part 1 – The Ice Cold Beauty Wrapped In Tight Leather

Early the next morning, a dozen fully armed Falcon members went out of the International Building, and guarded the steps of the entrance with their guns.

Xia Zhining had taken off her sportswear, revealing tight black leather clothing. Her long hair had been tied up, and a pretty wheat colored face with an ice-cold expression could be seen.

In addition to those slender sharp eyes of hers, it made her even more attractive.

She had two pistols around her waist, a dagger attached on her thighs, and she wore a pair of leather boots on her feet. Her back was straight and she stood in front of the team, looking out into the distance.

Vice-Captain Chen Youdong, accompanied by Ling Mo and his party, stood by the entrance.

Soon, another group of people came out from inside.

The five people who walked in the front of that group had various injuries. They carried a bulging backpack on their backs, with magazine clips hanging around their waists and a submachine gun in their hands.

Chen Youdong shook hands with the middle-aged man standing in front of the group and said, “We can only count on you now to help us deliver these materials that we collected back to the camp. The safety of these two survivors will also be given to you.”

The middle-aged man stood up straight, then lifted his good arm and gave a military salute, “YES SIR!”

“Okay.Okay. We aren’t in the army anymore.” Chen Youdong seems to be somewhat unaccustomed. He then reached out and patted the middle-aged man’s shoulder and said, “You guys must be careful.”

“You guys also take care!”

While the middle-aged man and Chen Youdong talked, Zhang Er and Li Wei also walked up from behind.

“Um…I’m guessing, my father didn’t leave any last words for me…”

Zhang Er scratched his head and looked towards at Ling Mo.

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Without waiting for him to finish his words, Ling Mo reached out and rubbed his head and said, “Live well and keep on living.”

Zhang Er looked up at Ling Mo, and his eyes seemed to have turned a little red.

He bit his lip and nodded hard, then he returned to the middle-aged man’s side.

Li Wei moved closer to Ling Mo with some nervousness. After staring at him for a while, she suddenly reached out and hugged Ling Mo, and then she lowered her head in embarrassment and said, “You…You are actually a good person, so…you need to take care.”

“Giving me the good guy card is really quite unexpected…you guys also take care.”

Ling Mo raised his hand and pinched her cheek, then leaned over next her ear and whispered, “Stop being so timid, you will get bullied this way.”

Li Wei was shocked from head to toe and her ears turned red.

Fiver minutes later, the two teams officially parted ways, and Ling Mo and his team walked in the back, following Xia Zhining’s team to the area where Tom and the others disappeared in.

On the route they chose to take, the number of zombies was relatively small compared to other routes, but it was still a big amount.

Five people walked out  in the front in a fan-shaped formation, and no matter what angle the zombies appeared, they would be discovered and killed by these soldiers.

The other three walked behind them and watched the corners, ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

When a mutated zombie appears, if the front shoots and fails, or if they can’t hit a vital area, then these three people will shoot in order to make up for the failure.

Chen Youdong and the last two team members were beside Ling Mo following behind them.

Although last night they had exchanged a lot of information, some of the more important issues weren’t mentioned.

It was necessary for them to communicate first since they weren’t in battle at that moment.

“My name is Zhou Guocheng.” A 30-year-old burly man turned his head and looked at Ling Mo. He introduced himself, “I use to be a soldier, later I moved to A City and worked in a orchard farm. When the apocalypse happened, I was loading the car with products to deliver to a customer. Little did I know….cough, let’s not talk about that anymore. I’m a ability user, or what some would call a psychic or someone with superpowers. Anyway, that’s me.”

Ling Mo looked somewhat surprised at him, the amount of psychics in this team seemed to be quite a lot…

to be continued…

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