My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 274 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 274 Part 2 – The Ice Cold Beauty Wrapped In Tight Leather

The other person wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He glanced at Ling Mo faintly and did not speak.

Zhou Guocheng smiled and said, “That guy is called Lin TianXiang. It’s said that he used to be a doctor before. But we are all used to calling him “poser” (TL: 装逼 means to pretend to be cool, honestly there is no word in english for that other than poser ) . You see how he holds that face of his all day long, in fact, he only holds it because his stomach is full of diarrhea.”

“Fuck your sister.” Lin TianXiang frowned and poked his gun at Zhou Guocheng.

The man immediately yelled exaggeratedly, “I only said that you had a bad stomach! If you want to poke me then poke me, why are you aiming at my ass?”

“Fuck your uncle, since when did I poke your ass?”

“Aren’t you a doctor? Aren’t you embarrassed by bullying an old farmer like me? Do you even still have the consciousness of being an intellectual?”

“Since when does being a doctor mean I can’t curse at people? Fuck! You say your still an old farmer? You’re a fucking landlord and own property! What about intellectuals? Are you discriminating?”

Ling Mo was stuck in the middle listening to them and a black line had appeared on his forehead (TL: black lines appearing on forehead is a chinese way of saying someone is frowning or angry.)

“Lin Tianxiang is also a psychic. Our team has total of four psychics. The captain, me, and the two of them are psychics. Although they seem to argue the moment they meet each other, those two when it comes down to business, are very reliable when they do things. This mission is very special, and the amount of danger in it may be very high, so the other team members are temporarily acting as a shield for us, while we are the main force. If by any chance we aren’t able to cope with whatever, it will be up to you help us.”

Chen Youdong rubbed his eyes and said.

His dark circles were so heavy they looked like the makeup that women put on to give a smokey look on their eyes. He looked particularly weird. Even if a person didn’t sleep for a few days, they still wouldn’t be able to compare with him.

Ling Mo guessed that these unusual dark circles should be related to his ability somehow.

“I heard that the zombies this time are a different type of zombie, and they are called mutant zombies?” Zhou Guocheng turned around and faced Ling Mo and turned a deaf ear to the gunshots that came from the front. “Have you seen them before?”

Ling Mo nodded, “The bodies of those mutant zombies are different than regular zombies and their combat power is much stronger as well.”

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Zhou Guocheng showed a curious look immediately, he pulled a pack of cigarettes out from his pocket and pulled out a piece for Ling Mo. “Here, this is what I got in exchange for ten bullets, good quality smokes! Tell Old brother here, those mutant zombies…” He licked his lips and winked at Ling Mo, “Are any of them a beautiful woman? Like your little wife.”

As he said this, he turned his head and looked at Ye Lian and the other two women who were walking last, revealing a hint of envy, “I have been a bachelor for more than 30 years, the number of woman I have been intimate is unclear, but your three little wives sure are beautiful!” He erected a thumbs up at Ling Mo. “Extremely beautiful!”

“Hey, Dr. Lin. As a doctor, have you ever had such a beautiful girlfriend?”

Lin Tianxiang pushed his glasses up and rolled his eyes at him while saying, “What is the connection of being a doctor and having a beautiful girlfriend come from? Even if there was a beautiful zombie, what are you planning to do? Ask her out?”

Zhou Guocheng smiled, and flashed a look of anticipation, “Well if I can’t ask her out, can’t I still look?”

“I don’t know if there are any beautiful women, but their appearances and changes…are the same as high-level zombies. Their looks have all changed back as if they were normal people.”

Ling Mo said with a smile.

Interacting with so many psychics was a first for Ling Mo.

And from the looks of it, they were all very strong.

Ling Mo looked at Xia Zhining who was standing in front. Her back was very mesmerizing, and you could immediately notice her from the group of people.

However, Ling Mo noticed that when the other members looked at her, they used a look that was both longing for and in awe, which meant that her strength wasn’t to be underestimated.

“Those three don’t seem to like talking very much…Also, don’t you think it would be better for them to go to the middle of the queue? It should be the safest.”

Chen Youdong looked back in confusion and asked.

At this time, Ye Lian and the other two women were following far behind them, while on another street, Hei Si followed Ling Mo while keeping the limit of distance between them by two kilometers.

Ling Mo didn’t really need to keep a distance of two kilometers between them, with the amount of buildings between them even if the distance was less than 500 meters, these people still wouldn’t be able to notice the existence of Hei Si.

But for the sake of safety, of course, the farther the distance, the better.

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “You don’t need to worry about them.”

“En, if a time comes when it’s inconvenient for you to move, just tell me directly, I will send people to protect them.”

Chen Youdong hesitated for a moment and said.

Although he had good intentions, Ling Mo couldn’t help but laugh.

How could Ye Lian and the girls ever need protection from these people…

Unlike their weak appearance, their strength was very powerful.

Accepting this mission, on the one hand, was to obtain the blood of the mutant zombie, but most importantly, because Ling Mo wanted to take this opportunity to see how strong the Falcon camp really was.

Since this team was known as the elite team in Falcon camp, to a certain extent, it should be able to reflect the strength of the Falcon camp.

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