My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 275 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 275 Part 1 – Pinch For More Juice

X City, New Century Plaza

On the desolate streets, zombie corpses could be seen everywhere.

The streets were filled with abandoned cars that had their glass windows shattered by bullets, and a group of people were passing through them.

Xia Zhining was holding a map while standing outside a store door and looking at the building number, then turned her head towards Ling Mo and said.

“It should be around here. When Sun Zeya reported in, she said that she was on a big avenue and about to move towards Lotus Street, and after a few minutes later, they completely lost contact with the camp. The place where we are is at the center of these two streets, and if they were forced to stop to fight a battle, they should be nearby.”

“But judging from the blood of these corpses on the ground, they have been dead for at least a day. If that’s the case, then maybe their team has already moved.”

Lin TianXiang walked over to a corpse and rubbed the blood on the ground with his toes. He pushed his glasses back up and said.

Ling Mo on the other hand went to the corpse and reached out with his hands and turned over the slim female body.

His movement made the onlookers feel a little shocked. The back of the body was basically mutilated, even if that weren’t so, they still wouldn’t be willing to touch it.

Let’s not talk about whether it was disgusting or not, there was also the danger of getting infected.

How could they know that blood from the zombies wasn’t a big threat towards Ling Mo, but rather what he urgently needed to collect.

“Unfortunately, the blood has already stopped flowing. Although the virus is most likely still active, it might be better to use fresh blood.”

Ling Mo thought, while staring at the body carefully.

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything special, but after looking at it a bit more, Ling Mo’s expression suddenly became a bit strange.

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“Ehhh…” Ling Mo turned his head to stop Xia Zhining and said, “You might feel a bit awkward if you look at it.”

But this woman’s disposition was obviously stubborn, if Ling Mo hadn’t said anything it would have been fine, but the moment he said something, she took two steps faster and stood next to Ling Mo and looked down.


Xia Zhining’s face darkened and quietly turned her head away.

“Why do I get the feeling that if I pinched it, it will shoot something out. I hope it’s my misconception”

Chen Youdong who was standing by, whispered in a low voice.

He had just finished speaking, when he saw Ling Mo stretch out his hand and pinched the giant peak (TL: I’m guessing it’s a nipple?) with a bit of force from his five fingers.

“It should have been hard….”


A liquid was shot out just like water from a water gun, and it directly flew out for more than two meters, and landed on a lamp that was on the side of the road.


The lamp immediately emitted sounds of something corroding, and soon it had melted several small holes.

“HOLY SHIT! That’s some deadly ass poison!”

Ling Mo quickly released his hand and lifted up the female zombie’s skirt to cover her two fountains.

Lin Tianxiang looked pensive as he stared at the holes, then nodded and said, “It seems that not only did the body not harden, but the corrosion of the toxin in its body is still active. And congratulations vice-captain, your observation is still as always, very sharp.”

“Are you praising me or being sarcastic? Chen Tiandong gawked and asked.

“The body of a mutant zombie, is indeed really interesting…”

Zhou Goucheng looked at another corpse and used his dagger to take a look at his clothes, “Sanxin Electronics?”

“Isn’t that a company from the high-tech district?” Lin Tianxiang said with some surprise.

Ling Mo suddenly felt worried. He had previously passed by the high-tech district twice, but the zombies over there and the ones found in the city weren’t much different…

“Then this means that this virus really did come from the biological research institution…What a contagious virus! Fortunately, the food production base and the high-tech district aren’t on the same route. Meng Jiayu and them shouldn’t have too much of a problem….”

Ling Mo thought about it and looked at several other bodies. Sure enough, he found a word card on one of them.

Although it wasn’t an employee from Sanxin Electronics, it was still from a electronic company located within the high-tech district.

“I think I figured out what happened. The team that first disappeared, their mission was to go to the high-tech district to search for some necessary supplies, but then they encountered these mutant zombies. After receiving the information, Tom went to investigate and rescue the first team. Halfway to their designation, they bumped into these mutant zombies, who had already entered the city and they fell into the same predicament as the first team.”

Ling Mo stood up and calmly said.

To be continued…

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