My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 275 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 275 Part 2 – Pinch For More Juice

Chen Tiandong nodded and then said with some doubt, “But why did they want to go to the city? If it was just to search for more food, they should have dispersed after entering the city. They shouldn’t be appearing in such a large amount in one area. The rate of their progress is too fast and doesn’t meet the normal hunting habits of zombies.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about this.” Ling Mo spread his hand and said, “These zombies aren’t your typical zombies. You can’t use that kind of thinking when you look at them.”

Xia Zhining glanced at him and said, “Ling Mo’s analysis is very reasonable. We honestly don’t need to be guessing what ulterior motives the zombies have. Our mission is find Tom’s team and kill these monsters. It is as simple as that. Let’s go.”

After having said that, she turned to the front of the team.

“So what do you think? Isn’t our captain awesome? Although she is a woman, she is notoriously known for being very violent in our camp.”

Zhou Guocheng patted Ling Mo shoulder, and proudly said, “So following her as her subordinate, old brother here, has no regrets. Oh, by the way, since your skills at picking up girls is so godly, you want to give our captain a try? I’m kind of looking forward to it….”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to get me killed?” Ling Mo rolled his eyes and said.

Zhou Guocheng smiled, and Lin Tianxiang said on the side, “A friendly reminder, there were five people in past from our camp who had tried to flirt with our captain. And then….they had to lie in the medical station for more than week.”

“Such cruelness….”

Ling Mo rubbed his chin and took a look at Xia Zhining’s back.

This woman has a cold face all the time, which is indeed, not easy to deal with.

“In order not to make things so complicated, it might be better for me if I talk to her less.” Ling Mo secretly made a decision.

As the team continued to move forward, Ling Mo controlled Hei Si to bypass several buildings and go ahead of them to check the situation.

Ever since they entered this plaza, Ling Mo had this very uncomfortable feeling, which made him very alert.

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After seeing the appearance of the mutant zombies, the frivolous team members began to pay a little more attention.

However, there were still four or five of them that maintained their very proud attitude, and even began making fun of these mutant zombies along the way.

“How are these mutant zombies. Aren’t they just a disgusting version with a physical deformity after being infected by the virus?”

One of them whispered, and another immediately replied, “You definitely right, if there really was a female zombie rushing over at me while pinching her nipples to shoot that milk, that would be something quite interesting, hahahaha…”

“These are just deformed zombies…..”

“Hehe, didn’t someone say he had seen them before in action at a research base. That their strength was really strong. I really want to see it in person and see if this is complete bullshit.”

The last person who said this was a very large man. He didn’t even bother lowering his voice when he spoke.

He turned his head and looked at Ling Mo, and saw that Ling Mo only looked at him faintly, and his face immediately showed a disdainful look.

Afraid to start something? Sure enough, he’s just all talk….

“Other than his mouth being very powerful, I haven’t seen him fight ever since we started this journey…”

The man who had gotten his gun taken away by Ling Mo quickly tugged at him and said, “Stop talking about it, if the captain hears this, you’re going to get punished.”

“I just feel uncomfortable escorting him and those chicks on this road…”

“Enough already, isn’t this the captain’s orders? The psychics have to save their strength…”

“Brother Ling, that human…can I rip him apart?”

Ye Lian walked to Ling Mo’s side, and the tiger’s claw in her hands opened up as she coldly looked at the big man.

Ling Mo turned to look at her and showed a smile, “Oh, our family’s young miss has finally learned how to defend her husband…”

“He just talked shit about Shana, Li Ya Ling, and Me!” Ye Lian frowned and said.

“….I knew it was too good to be true….”

Ling Mo rubbed his nose and said, “The people in this team are much harder to deal with than Tom’s team. Many of their members think that they are the most powerful, and their noses are so high up in the sky.”

“If we are going to beat them up, it’s best if we break a one or two bones…”

Shana had also came forward, clenched onto her scythe, twisted her neck and said.

“They are just hoping for me to take the initiative to start things.” Ling Mo showed a hint of a light smile, turned around and pinched Shana, “When the master is here, how could a dog play?”

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