My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 276 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 276 Part 2 – Hidden Killing Intent At The Subway Station

Ling Mo looked at him with a smile, but for some reason that smile made him feel very uncomfortable, as if there were many ants crawling around inside his heart.

“Fuck man, fucking weirdos….”

The big man cursed, and then quickly escaped from Ling Mo’s gaze.

After everyone finished preparing, Xia Zhining took the lead and entered through the entrance.

The party quietly ran down the stairs and the surrounding light became darker and darker.

Once they reached the bottom, Ling Mo found that there was already a lot of water at the bottom, he had accidentally submerged the back of his foot in water, and didn’t know where the water came from.

In this dark environment, he could only hear the sounds of water being stepped on, which was a very unfamiliar feeling.

The view seen from the infrared night vision goggles was very painful, and Ling Mo felt that it wasn’t very suitable for him.

Ye Lian and the two women followed behind him, and with them being zombies, the things in the dark were completely visible to them.

After walking a short distance, a team member suddenly jumped up.


A burst of water rang, and several guns were immediately pointed at that area.

However, the members of this team were actually pretty well trained, and they didn’t rush to immediately shoot.

“It’s nothing, I just stepped on a corpse….from a survivor, probably Tom’s.” The team member said with some fear.

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Ling Mo looked down at his feet and saw a body lying in the sewage. A pale face with its mouth wide open and its neck was basically almost broken off.

“I’ve seen this person before. He is indeed part of Tom’s group, a survivor that the search and rescue team rescued before.”

Ling Mo said.

Xia Zhining pulled out a pistol and her left hand clenched onto a dagger, “Let’s split up and search, Lin Tianxiang and Ling Mo’s group, you guys will be one group. The two of you over there will be with me to form another group. The rest of you and Chen Youdong will team up in a third group. Do not take any action if you discover something, gather back here in ten minutes.

The subway station was just too large and its environment was also very complicated. If they didn’t split up, they would be wasting a lot of time.

After Xia Zhining made the arrangements, three groups of people searched in three different directions.

Lin Tianxian walked up to Ling Mo with a gun and said, “Let’s go, let’s head over to the ticket office.”

He took the initiative to walk in front, stepped into the water and disappeared into the darkness.

“Girls, do you guys feel anything?” Ling Mo deliberately fell behind and turned to ask.

Both Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling shook their heads, and Shana asked, “What about Hei Si?”

“I originally wanted her to come down first to check it out, but she seemed very anxious, so I made her wait outside instead. If I really did make her come down and for some reason she gets surrounded and killed, it would be such a huge loss.”

Ling Mo said.

“Hei Si…her sense of smell is much better than ours…” Ye Lian hesitated and said.

Ling Mo nodded, “Yes, but based on her behavior, the area should be very dangerous. The mission should always come second, all of you should be careful. If the situation doesn’t seem good, we will withdraw.”

“With so many mutant zombies appearing here, you should be very curious, no?” Li Ya Ling smiled and asked.

“Naturally.” Ling Mo pulled out his Tang sword and walked towards the direction Lin Tianxiang was in. “All in all, just be careful.”

At this time, Ling Tianxian has already passed through a passage and approached the ticket sales window.

A bit further ahead you could even see the vending machines as well as the ticket entrance.

“Since we aren’t in any danger yet, let me take this chance to introduce my ability first…” Lin Tianxiang whispered as he waited for Ling Mo to come up.

Shana smiled and interjected, “Didn’t that guy say your ability was being a poser?”

“We are already at a serious situation and you still have the time to joke around…Also, when did I ever show you that!” Lin Tianxiang held his glasses, One of the lenses on his golden glasses was replaced with a special lens, which seems to be giving him a night vision effect.

“My ability allows me to create an energy shield that uses spiritual force and can also be considered a body strengthening class. As for the effect and duration, you can rest assured that you don’t need to worry about that. What about you?”

Lin Tianxiang looked back at Ling Mo and asked.

Just as his voice fell, a black shadow suddenly fell off from the ceiling, and a huge claw directly shot down from the top of his head.

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