My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 277 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 277 Part 1 – He Has A Strong Right Hand


The moment when the giant claw was right about to touch his head, a circular energy field that was visible to the naked eye, suddenly appeared around Lin Tianxiang.

Five meters in diameter, it completely covered him and Ling Mo’s group.

The giant claw were stuck trying to penetrate the energy shield, making a loud noise as if it was penetrating a steel plate.

Lin Tianxiang was shocked and his face had turned pale. He quickly moved his submachine gun towards the target and sprayed.

The zombie with the giant claw was very fast. While it was constantly attacking the energy shield around Lin Tianxiang, it was also avoiding the bullets at the same time.

It occasionally got hit by some bullets, but there wasn’t any major impact towards the zombie with the giant claw.

“This zombie is too overpowered, and its reaction instincts are too quick.”

Ling Mo’s eyes widened, even with his sharp observation skills, it was difficult for him to capture the trajectory of this zombie.

This zombie with the giant claw had already flashed through Ling Mo’s line of sight several times, allowing Ling Mo to only barely see its appearance.

The zombie was kneeling on the ground, with it’s upper body raised up. It had one arm which was much thicker than a normal person. The long nails from that arm were as long as a steel needle.

With those claws, it could easily grab onto the walls or even hang from the ceiling.

Ye Lian and the other two women were also surprised to see this zombie. Having a strange appearance while being of the same kind of race would obviously spark a strong curiosity from them.

“Since I caught his attention, why don’t you guys take the opportunity to…”

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Lin Tianxiang was about to finish saying something when he noticed that Ling Mo and his girls didn’t pay any attention to his fierce battle against the zombie with the giant claw.

“Hey! Can you guys not look at me so calmly while I’m getting my ass kicked!” Lin Tianxiang madly roared.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I was just captivated looking at you. You sir, are just too manly.” Ling Mo extended his spiritual tentacle and said, “Plus, didn’t you say that your energy shield could last for a really long time?”

“That is for ordinary zombies! This one is too fucking fierce! I can probably at most still hold on for two or three minutes!” Lin Tianxiang’s forehead had begun to sweat.

“Such shitty endurance…” Ling Mo’s expression became serious and he concentrated his spiritual force.

After several upgrades, his reaction speed rose, making not only his senses sharp, but also his spiritual tentacles became more flexible as well.

A few tentacles attached themselves onto Lin Tianxiang’s energy shield, like a spider waiting for it’s prey.

“Got it!”

Ling Mo subconsciously made a grasping action with his hand, and the spiritual tentacles immediately captured the zombie with the giant claw.

Although the mutant zombie was very fierce, it lacked intelligence which also meant that it’s spiritual force was weak, making it vulnerable to Ling Mo’s attack.

“We are in such a dangerous situation and you have the time to be captivated! Hurry the fuck up and think of a way on how we can deal with this mutant zombie….”

Before Lin Tianxiang could finish talking, he saw Ling Mo make a squeezing motion with his hand towards the mutant zombie.

The zombie with the giant claw, who was madly hitting the energy shield immediately dropped into the water, and before he could get back up, he was stabbed right into the heart by Ling Mo’s Tang sword.


Lin Tianxiang had his mouth open in shock as he looked at the scene in disbelief.

Instant kill. Moreover he had used such a random attack….

The monster that he couldn’t even beat with a gun was actually killed by Ling Mo with a single sword strike.

“The body of this zombie seems to have undergone a mutation. The right arm is inflated and inside is pure muscle.” Ling Mo bent down and observed the giant claw zombie.

Ye Lian lowered her head and looked down in confusion, “But why is it only in the right hand?”

This question caused Ling Mo to go into deep thought. Shana suddenly said, “It’s because he is a male, and he is also a young man. So obviously….he would have a strong right hand!”

“Ooohh!” Li Ya Ling immediately nodded, “Like Ling Mo right?”

“Hey, what the fuck, that was totally unnecessary!”

to be continued…

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