My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 277 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 277 Part 2 – He Has A Strong Right Hand

Ling Mo turned his gaze back to the lower body of the giant claw zombie, “No wonder it could only crawl on the ground. The physical imbalance made it a problem for it to walk properly.

Lin Tianxiang had finally recovered from his shock, and after looking at Ling Mo with frustration, he said, “This deformity is after all, from the virus. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see this.”

After walking forward for more than a hundred meters, the ground revealed several more bodies. It had both mutant zombies and members from Tom’s team.

Shana tugged at Ling Mo’s clothes and said to him, “The mutant zombies down here are more deformed than the ones we saw before at the plaza.

“It seems like it! If the deformity was used to measure their strength, then doesn’t that mean the ones here are all elites?” Ling Mo nodded while looking pensive.

They soon finished searching the area, and all that was left in front of them was the train itself.

The train was made out of steel and very long. It looked like a ride which took you directly to hell at this time. Even Ling Mo felt a tingling sensation when he looked at it.

Ling Mo stared at the train compartments from far away. He turned his head to Lin Tianxiang and said, “It hasn’t been ten minutes yet. Should we go over there and look around?”

“Go look?”

Lin Tianxiang’s self-confidence had been completely destroyed by the giant claw zombie. At this moment, he immediately showed a hint of hesitation, “Although you guys are very fierce, but for some reason I feel that if I stick with you guys, I’m going to be used….”

He hadn’t finished talking when suddenly there was a muffled gunshot sound coming from the other side.

“It’s vice-captain Chen’s team!”

Lin Tianxiang’s whole body shook and turned his head excitedly, “Something must have happened! Let’s go over there and take a look!”

He lifted his glasses and ran towards the direction of the sound.

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Ling Mo clenched the Tang sword and waved his hand at the girls to follow.

Before leaving, Ling Mo couldn’t help but take another glance at the door of the train.

In this silent subway station, many sounds were amplified in this special environment.

Although they used silencers on their submachine guns, the sounds of bullets hitting an object was still very clear.

The sounds of water being treaded on was transmitted from the darkness and soon Zhou Guocheng, who was carrying Chen Youdong ran out from a corridor.

As he rushed over, he waved at them, “Hurry up and run! We just pissed off a dozen mother fuckers!”

The team members who were following behind him, would turn around and firing two shots from time to time, and soon came over as well.

Ling Mo squinted his eyes to try and see what was behind them, and immediately his heart trembled.


More than a dozen different shaped mutant zombies were rushing over and chasing them. The shots fired by the team members could only delay them for a short period of time.

Seeing that the distance between the two groups were getting closer and closer, a mutant zombie who was rushing at the front suddenly lowered itself, as if it were a frog that was about to leap!

The mutant zombie directly launched itself onto a team member that was preparing to shoot, and then opened its mouth in such an exaggerated way.

“The extent at which it can open its mouth is already way past a normal person, right?” Lin Tianxiang cried out with amazement.

As the mutant zombie bent down, a resounding “kacha” sound transmitted immediately.

The soldier stared dumbfounded at the submachine gun which he had used to block with. It was directly bitten into pieces. He took the advantage of this opportunity to crawl back up and escape under the cover of shots made by the other team members.

Very soon, these mutant zombies caught up with them, and one of the mutant zombies which was climbing on the walls using it’s palms which seemed to be able to suck onto things, directly jumped into the crowd, landing right beside Ye Lian.

Ye Lian’s backhand waved, while at the same time, Ling Mo launched his mental disturbance attack. The mutant zombie was killed before it even had a chance to straighten up from landing.

The others were in total chaos, there were constantly mutant zombies rushing into the crowd, completely destroying any teamwork.

With Ling Mo’s strong tyrannical power, he and his team successfully retreated into a corner under the attacks of several different zombies. Two team members had also retreated with them.

When the surroundings began to quiet down again, they could only hear the panting sounds coming from these members.

The strength of these mutant zombies once again awakened their fear of these unknown monsters.

“What do we do now?” asked one of the team members.

This question was directed towards Ling Mo. These members had only played a support role, while the main role was actually Ling Mo and his girls.

Ling Mo frowned and said, “I can try and see if I can detect anyone nearby….But I don’t think it’s a wise choice to go back to the meeting place now. We should try and move towards the train compartments while at the same time checking the situation.

“Yeah, we might encounter even more zombies if we head back….” The man nodded thoughtfully.

If they wanted to go back to the meeting place, they would first need to go through the path in which they had just been chased from.

The corpses from the mutant zombies may have attracted even more monsters by now.

At this moment, another voice said, “Head back to the meeting place. This was the order. Are you guys going to listen to Captain Xia or this outsider?”

Ling Mo looked up and coldly thought, “Big man, what a coincidence.”

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