My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 278 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 278 Part 1 – Waving A Chicken Feather As A Token of Authority

Using the infrared night vision goggles, Ling Mo could clearly see the expression that was on the big man’s face.

He looked at Ling Mo uncomfortably, rolled his eyes and ignored him, then turned to the other team members and said, “Hehe, don’t tell me you guys didn’t hear Captain Xia’s orders?”

The moment the big man brought out Xia Zhining’s name, the voice of the member immediately fell.

“But what Brother Ling said is also very reasonable…”

No one wanted to go back to face those mutant zombies, even if they were able to catch their breaths.

“Then are you guys going to listen to him or to Captain Xia?”

The big man spat on the ground and said.

The rest of the team members hesitated for a while, one of them whispered to Ling Mo, “How about we just go back together? After all, it was the captain’s orders….”

“I came to cooperate with you guys, not to listen to your captain’s orders.”

Ling Mo said straightforwardly, “Not to mention that at this time, I am more than willing to make judgements that I think are appropriate according to the specific circumstances. If you guys want to go back, then go back by yourselves. My girlfriends and I will head over to the train compartments and wait for you guys there.”

It seems that these members were still unclear about his role in their group. He didn’t need to obey Xia Zhining’s order if he didn’t want to. This order wasn’t something that could control him since he wasn’t part of their camp in the first place.

As soon as they heard that they would have to go back by themselves, these members became stunned.

They were all afraid of Xia Zhining, but they still cherished their own little lives.

After glancing at each other, these people stood silently next to Ling Mo, indicating their choice.

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The big man had wanted to say something more, but he didn’t expect his companions to betray him so quickly, making his face suddenly red, and he felt that he lost a lot of face.


He said in a loud and angry voice. He even smashed his fist on the wall, making a “Bang” sound.

“This man’s temper sure is big…he isn’t even afraid of attracting those mutant zombies over. He’s clearly waving a chicken feather as a token of authority(TL: It’s a Chinese idiom Definition – assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext, basically he’s using Captain Xia’s name to make people listen to him.)

Ling Mo was speechless. He glanced at him, then coldly snorted and said, “Then why don’t you go back by yourself?”

These words suddenly made the big man swallow the rest of the curses he was about to say. He stared at Ling Mo with his eyes wide open and sneered, saying, “Hehe, I was talking to my teammates, what does our business have to do with an outsider like you? This order may not matter to you, but it does concern them.”

He calmly lifted his gun up. He thought to himself, no matter how much stronger these psychics were, their bodies were still very weak. One shot and that would be the end for them.

As long as he had a gun, he was confident.

The actions of his teammates, made all his anger directed to Ling Mo.

Although he was full of rage, the big man did not rashly shoot his gun. His actions were more of a threat.

“Are you pointing your gun at me?”

Ling Mo immediately noticed the big man’s actions.

A burst of fire immediately rushed up from inside Ling Mo, and he moved fiercely, while the big man did not hesitate to put his finger on the trigger.

But it was at this moment, he suddenly felt a terrible pain in his head, as if his head was being stabbed by a hundred needles all at the same time, and his fingers immediately lost strength.


Ling Mo let loose a kick and slammed it into the belly of the big man.

This kick by Ling Mo was actually able to make a two hundred pound man fly two or three meters away.


The big man coughed fiercely while struggling to stand up, spat out a bloody foam and screamed.

Not giving him a chance to react, Ling Mo kicked him once again in the same spot.

This time when the big man landed heavily on the ground, from the darkness behind him, a mutant zombie rushed out.

To be continued…

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