My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 278 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 278 Part 2 – Waving A Chicken Feather As A Token of Authority

The mutant zombie appeared to have been seriously injured. The fleshy half of its body had already stopped bleeding, and its muscles were constantly squirming in attempt to quickly heal the wound.

As soon as the mutant zombie appeared, it threw itself onto the back of the big man, and then attached itself on his back.

The big man hadn’t fully recovered his senses and was still dizzy from getting his ass kicked, suddenly felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck.


The others raised their guns, but due to the big man and the zombie being too close together, they weren’t able to shoot.

In severe pain, the eyes of the big man flashed a glimmer of defeat.

Even if he survived this, he would still die. If it wasn’t for Ling Mo kicking him to this place, how could he have been attacked…

A strong hatred from within made the big man’s eyes suddenly turn red, and he jerked his gun and pointed it at Ling Mo again.


But it was at this moment, the mutant zombie suddenly wrapped its arms around his head.


After a light sound, the big man’s head was immediately twisted into a strange angle.

He widened his eyes and fell down to the ground unwillingly.

As he fell, shots were fired and the mutant zombie was immediately blasted with bullets and would never climb back up again.

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“If it wasn’t for his loud voice, how could a mutant zombie be attracted over here?” Ling Mo shook his head and said.

This incident was obviously an accident, but looking at Ling Mo’s calm expression made some people feel that there was something more to it.

It looked as if all of this was part of his plans….

This feeling made all the people present secretly shiver. They looked at each other and saw an intense fear from each other’s eyes.

“He only has himself to blame….” one of them whispered.

Several other people nodded. Although this might not be true, they couldn’t give a reason why, so in the end they all agreed to this.

This kind of behavior was what Ling Mo wanted to see. Ling Mo could only use these method in order to intimidate these pretentious elites.

The front of the train compartment was relatively save, but that wasn’t definite. Ling Mo needed these people to be obedient and not just do things based on their own survival.

“I’m not sure if any other zombies were brought over, we should hurry up and go.”

Ling Mo raised his backpack up and said.

He walked two steps forward, then looked back at them again, “If anyone wishes to leave, please feel free.”

Of course, these people wouldn’t risk their lives. Leaving Ling Mo was the same as dying because if they really left and they met a mutant zombie, they would most likely not have a chance in surviving.

When Ye Lian and the other two girls passed by beside them, these people showed a look of awe on their faces.

The tyrannical strength of these girls impressed these people and changed the previous impressions they had of them.

“Who previously said that these three beautiful woman were a burden…”

“Scratches, you shut the fuck up. Whoever says it now is a dumb bastard!”

After coming out from a corner, Ling Mo noticed that they had unexpectedly rushed into the nearby business district of the subway station.

However, it wasn’t far from the departure station. The group quietly proceeded to walk along the walls.

Ye Lian reached out and tugged at Ling Mo before whispering, “I…I will lead the way….I took a look at the map when we came in.”

“Okay.” Ling Mo immediately showed a gratifying smile and nodded.

Zombies had an incredible memory. Although Ye Lian only looked at it once, she was able to quickly lead them in the dark as if she had been here many times.

On the way, they also met some ordinary zombies. Although the team members were scared after meeting the mutant zombies for the first time, they were still able to show good combat abilities when facing ordinary zombies.

These ordinary zombies were killed so fast that Ling Mo didn’t even need to take any action.

Very soon, the gloomy subway train appeared again in front of them.

Ling Mo and others stopped after passing through ticket gate and crouched down near a corner, waiting quietly for other people to show up.

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles had been spread out like antennas, searching the vicinity. Whether they were human or zombies, they would be found immediately by Ling Mo.

However, due to the enormous consumption of spiritual power, Ling Mo had no choice but to pull Shana into his arms, and deeply kiss her.


The team immediately noticed this scene, and  revealed an extremely envious look.

Everyone wanted to learn from Ling Mo. They all wished to be able to kiss their loved ones so passionately under the pressure of a life and death situation.

This was both a release of pressure and a stronger motivation to survive.

But unfortunately there were three beautiful women present, but only one Ling Mo that could actually kiss them.

One of the team members looked at his companion while at the same time that companion also looked at him.

After the two looked at each other, one of them immediately trembled and said, “Fuck off, don’t even think about it.”

“Fuck You! How could you possibly know what I am thinking about!”

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