My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 279 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 279 Part 1 – Crazy Kissing Demon

Ten minutes later, Ling Mo suddenly moved his hand forward and whispered, “They’re here!”

Several members of the team immediately raised their guns nervously and pointed them at the direction Ling Mo was pointing.

Soon, several figures appeared in their line of sight.

Their breathing immediately became rapid, and they involuntarily stepped back two steps, but they were still at least able to hold their guns steady.

“Whew! It’s Captain Xia and the others! Thank god it wasn’t zombies….”

A team member sighed in relief and said.

In the first ten minutes, their nerves were stretched very tight.

Ling Mo did not rashly tell everyone that he was able to find out where the enemy was in advance. After all, his spiritual tentacles wasn’t the same as Chen Youdong’s ability, and the effects of his ability depended entirely on his spiritual strength.

He had to take turns kissing Ye Lian and the other two women to extract their saliva in order to try and keep up with the consumption speed of his spiritual force. In doing so, the rest of the teams members thought that Ling Mo was a crazy kissing demon. In the end, he still wasn’t able to keep up with the consumption speed of his spiritual force.

Therefore, the detection capabilities of the spiritual tentacle had been gradually weakened in these ten minutes.

Being able to detect Xia Zhining and the others in advance with a 30 meter distance was already the limit that Ling Mo could handle.

“First time finding out that kissing could also be tiring, fortunately they finally came.” Ling Mo touched his numb lips and helplessly thought.

Ling Mo and his group suddenly greeted them from the corner and scared the shit out of Xia Zhining and the others.

“Oh, it’s you guys.” One of them lowered their muzzle and asked awkwardly, “How’s your group?”

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A team member standing next to Ling Mo replied, “We are  okay, only the big man died. Everyone else is fine.”

“We thought that you guys went back to the meeting place. Most of them that went back are already dead.”

The man showed a sad smile and said, “Our group had lost too many people, yet we had only just begun the mission. Other than retreating over to this side, there were no other options for us.”

When he said this, the few members who had followed Ling Mo, showed a sad look, but they also couldn’t help but gratefully look at each other.

If it wasn’t for Ling Mo, they may have already become food for the zombies.

Xia Zhining’s clothes were in ruins from head to toe, and her face was covered with a lot of black ash. Her condition didn’t look too good either.

Everyone that was with her had a pale face, especially Lin Tianxiang, who didn’t even have the energy to stand anymore.

Zhou Guocheng’s body was covered in blood. He had one hand carrying Lin Tianxiang while the other hand was holding on to Chen Youdong.

There were still two members left that were behind him. The casualties in their group were much more heavier than Ling Mo’s.

“Are these mutant zombies the main force, or are they just cannon fodder?” Chen Youdong frowned and said.

Lin Tianxiang leaned against the wall, his chest was violently undulating, and weakly said, “I hope it’s the main force….”

“That’s impossible. The reports mention that there is a powerful zombie that is supposedly the leader. These mutant zombies should probably be cannon fodder. The real trouble is still ahead.”

Xia Zhining shook her head and said.

She noticed that everyone else was staring at the holes in her clothes. She immediately snorted with some dissatisfaction, then pulled out a coat from inside her backpack and wore it on her body.

Ling Mo noticed that there were burn marks all over her body. Maybe the reason why she wore leather clothing  was also related to these burn marks.

If she had worn a different type of fabric, it would be hard to imagine what she would look like now…

“Since these mutant zombies are cannon fodder, it may also mean that their main force isn’t that large. We don’t have to be too desperate.” Chen Youdong smiled and said.

But everyone knew that his words was only said to comfort them and give them a peace of mind. No one spoke for a while.

He turned to Ling Mo again and whispered, “You have seen the current situation now, I know that you could stop participating in this mission at any time….”

“I haven’t been scared yet.” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said.

These mutant zombies were very threatening to the average team member, but for Ling Mo, they were still within his risk tolerance.

Chen Youdong immediately showed a smile, “That’s wonderful. If we complete this mission, I will submit an extra report on your help to us. I hope that it will help and give you a little more compensation.”

After resting for ten minutes, Chen Youdong once again used his superpower to detect the interior of the train compartment.

“We have already searched everywhere except the train in the subway station. We haven’t found any traces of Tom’s team or their bodies. They most likely entered the train.”

Lin Tianxiang sat next to Ling Mo and held his glasses while he recapped the current situation.

“Isn’t that obvious? Doctor, can you tell us something we don’t know?” Zhou Guocheng said, not far away, while smirking.

“Don’t interrupt.” Lin Tianxiang went on to say, “Now we have five grenades and each member has an average of one hundred bullets. As for the weapons that have been lost, we currently can’t go back and grab them, so this is all we have left to use.”

Zhou Guocheng laughed and said, “Hahaha, Doctor. Motherfucker you really know how to comfort people.”

“At least we aren’t without ammunition and food.” Lin Tianxiang took a sip of water and said.

To be continued…

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