My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 279 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 279 Part 2 – Crazy Kissing Demon

The others were silent, even Xia Zhining was leaning against the wall. She was currently staring at the three women who were standing next to Ling Mo.

“Are they also psychics?” she asked suddenly.

Shana looked back at her and raised her eyebrows, “Nope.”

Xia Zhinin turned her eyes to Shana, then remained silent and didn’t pursue the subject.

However, judging from her expression, she was obviously full of doubts.

The rest of the members also turned their eyes to the girls, they also had doubts as well.

But since they refused to admit it, and Ling Mo didn’t bother to take the initiative to say anything about it, they could only bury this doubt in the back of their minds.

“I haven’t found any spiritual fluctuations, but I did feel something blocking my probe.”

Chen Youdong suddenly opened his eyes and said.

“Doesn’t that mean they might be inside? You guys, are you ready?” Xia Zhining immediately stood up, gripped the dagger that was in her hand and asked coldly.


Several members immediately began to take a deep breath while clenching their submachine guns.

“We are ready!”

Lin Tianxiang pushed away Zhou Goucheng’s arm, then stood up and said.

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Zhou Guocheng secretly cursed, “Fucking Poser”, then pulled Ling Mo to the side and whispered, “Brother Ling, in a little while, please be careful, don’t let your wives get hurt.”

“En.” Ling Mo smiled and nodded.

Xia Zhining snuck in through a small gap from a half-opened train compartment door.

Zhou Guocheng and the others followed after her, and soon there was only Ling Mo and his three girlfriends outside.

“Is Hei Si going to be okay?” Shana asked. She really cared about her dog.

Ling Mo briefly switched his vision for a moment, just in time to see Hei Si lurking in a corner, ready to launch a sneak attack on a mutant zombie.

“She’s fine. She’s having fun up there. When we move, I will also let her so she can catch up with us.” Ling Mo said.

Li Ya Ling grabbed Ling Mo and walked to the front, “I’m going to walk in the front.”

“Senior Sister has become so considerate.” said Ling Mo, feeling a bit touched.

Li Ya Ling, who was just about to go through the door, turned her head and looked at Ling Mo. A pair of eyes suddenly lit up like two red gems, “This place seems very interesting to me…”

“You could at least pretend to comfort me.” Ling Mo reluctantly rolled his eyes.

When Ye Lian passed by Ling Mo, she suddenly reached out and patted him.

“You…You…You only just kissed me twice! But….You kissed Senior Sister three times!” Ye Lian’s eyes flashed a bit of red light.

However, she may have realized halfway that she couldn’t say such words without showing any emotion.

So after a moment of thought, she slowly pouted her lips, her brows became knitted, giving her a look of grievance.

Her eyes however still looked foolish, so other than giving Ling Mo a strong feeling of pinching her, he couldn’t really understand what she was trying to show.

“That’s because Senior Sister is already at the Zombie Leader Rank, so she would recover faster. I can’t be selfish and make you guys lose your fighting ability just because I needed to supplement my spiritual force.”

Ling Mo smiled, traced her cheek and said, “Our little girl has unexpectedly learned jealousy. This is worth celebrating by letting me touch your breasts once…or maybe twice.”

After Ling Mo unwillingly released his hand, he also went inside the train compartment through the gap.

A very strong rancid smell immediately made Ling Mo hold his nose, “How many people died in here…”

Xia Zhining, who was walking in the front, had already turned on her flashlight. In a closed place like this, it didn’t matter if there were any lights or not. The vision of those zombies were so good that they would put the night vision goggles to shame.

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