My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 28


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 28 – Mutation Start

The long silence presses people breathless. Shana’s words, and her lifeless eyes all made Ling Mo’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom along with his mood becoming very heavy.

“I’d rather die….than become a zombie..” Shana whispered with some trance, as she slowly stood up leaning on the bed. And Liu Yu Hao is just staring at her, apparently also caught in extreme shock.

When she was unconscious, Shana’s long knife have been left in place, but soon she turned to Liu Yu Hao, eyes suddenly flashed a determined color, suddenly reached out to Liu Yu Hao’s hands to seize the kitchen knife. She would rather end it herself than suffer through the agony of turning into a zombie.

But as soon as she moved, Ling Mo also suddenly came back to his senses, immediately grabbed back the kitchen knife with lightning speed. Shana at this time is also very exhausted, simply could not withstand Ling Mo.

“I don’t want to turn into a zombie! I do not want to become that kind of monster!” Shana’s eyes become lax again as she rambled on and on; she jostled Ling Mo like crazy, and tried to reach out again to grab the knife from Ling Mo’s hands.

But Ling Mo has already thrown the knife to the ground viciously, one hand caught Shana’s shoulder and said fiercely:” Do not do anything stupid! You still have not changed right? There must be a way!”

“Ah! Give me the knife, give me the knife!”

However Shana could not listen to any of Ling Mo’s words, instead cried hysterically. Ling Mo who is without a choice but to extend his hand and patted on Shana’s head, then caught her limp body into the arms.

“Infected….Shana….”At this time Liu Yu Hao stood up trembling, looked incredulously at Shana who is collapsed in the arms of Ling Mo, could not even say a full sentence.

Even Wang Cheng is looking pastel-colored, without Shana, the possibility for him to go back to his moth life is almost impossible.

“Will Shana….become…something like that Lu Xin?” Liu Yu Hao suddenly turned to Ling Mo, asked in a low and worried voice.

Indeed, Lu Xin’s appearance is even more horrifying than zombies, if anyone really becomes like that, not to mention Shana, even Ling Mo could not accept it. Looking at Liu Yu Hao’s eyes that is on the verge of collapse, Ling Mo sighed in his heart, and slowly said: “Calm down, Shana is the one who is suffering the most. Don’t you want to think of a solution for her?”

“Solution?” After hearing Ling Mo saying this, Liu Yu Hao suddenly woke up a bit, but the tears are streaming down involuntarily, ”what kind of solutions…”

“According to Lu Xin’s situation, coupled with the time between our separation, we can roughly estimate that the time from been infected to onset of symptoms is about half an hour. Therefore we should find some solutions within this half an hour, trying is better than sit and wait for death.” Compared to Liu Yu Hao who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Ling Mo is much more calm, the most important reason is that because right next to Ling Mo, there is a mutated zombie, Ye Lian.

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Therefore from Ling Mo’s opinion, there is still hope if turning into a zombie, but if the body is rotting like Lu Xin, then there really is no way.

“How about…..cut her hand…..”Liu Yu Hao’s eyes suddenly flashed with a hard color, and proposed.

Ling Mo shook his head: “useless, it has been far too long since she’s been infected.”

“Then what else can we do?” Liu Yu Hao’s face grew dark again.

But Ling Mo’s mind has immediately began to wonder again. Lu Xin was infected directly by a mutated zombie, under the circumstance where the body could not withstand the intensity of the virus that led to it falling apart. Shana here should be a case of secondary infection; the infected virus should have been diluted through Lu Xin’s body. But even so, it should still have a much higher concentration than the virus in ordinary zombies.

With Shana’s physical strength, is her body able to withstand it and hold itself together? The answer is unknown.

Ling Mo looked down to Shana who is in his arms, his heart also could not bear the thought of her turning into another Lu Xin. He knew that the words he just said were merely for comfort; in fact he also does not know how to prevent Shana’s mutation. In reality he knows that it’s guaranteed that Shana will for sure mutate, the only outcome still in the air is whether she will turn into a “normal” zombie, or an abomination like Lu Xin.

While Ling Mo is still debating back and forth, Shana has slowly woken up, but in the semi-conscious state between human and zombie, seemed to be deeply drawn by something and leaped into Ling Mo’s arms.

Ling Mo’s heart jumped and quickly looked down at Shana, and saw that he still underestimated the extent of the virus infection. Shana’s eyes is half open, a touch of carnage is clearly visible. She has begun the mutation…..Most likely only about twenty minutes has passed since Lu Xin used his own blood to infect her to the appearance of the mutation symptoms.

Liu Yu Hao also realized Shana’s abnormality, he immediately reached out to pull her arm: “Shana, how are you?”

But Shana did not respond to him, and was still tightly affixed to Ling Mo’s chest, the other hand is even directly going to grab something.

Ling Mo’s scalp suddenly feels numb, he immediately pushed away Shana, but his shirt has already been torn a hole. And Shana who was pushed away has completely her eyes, now an upsetting red color, again rushed over, her mouth vaguely forming the words “give me….”

Ling Mo had no idea what Shana had wanted him to give her, and can only hold her in place as he tried to piece together what she meant.

And it was in this short tenth seconds, Ling Mo realized what she really wants …

Brain gel! Shana wants the brain gel hidden in his chest!

“Shana!” Liu Yu Hao was stunned by Shana’s movements, and Ling Mo quickly grabbed Shana’s arm, pressed her to the side of the bed and put himself between her and Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng’s eyes. He quickly took out one gel that is of the lowest purity into Shana’s mouth.

“Wu wu…”

Different from Ye Lian, the current Shana still has some sanity, it’s just that under the domination of instincts there emerged a mad desire for the gel. Now  thatshe has swallowed the gel, she has immediately calmed down, spread her arms lying in bed, a pair of glowing red eyes looking at Ling Mo in a daze.

“How is she!” Liu Yu Hao nervously came around, but saw Shana’s pair of inhuman eyes, suddenly his heart thumped and could not even stand properly.

And Ling Mo is also nervously watching Shana, paying attention to her reaction. He knew what he has just done was a reckless, and perhaps even harmful action. If it wasn’t for that Shana had a strong desire for the gel, Ling Mo could not even have thought about this. Fight fire with fire? What if it accelerates Shana’s mutation process? This kind of thing is not absolutely certain; he would have never dared to try on his own.

But since Shana was full of desire to the gel, and this deep desire came from her own instinct, this means that the gel must be good to her.

Maybe it might be able to neutralize toxins in the body, and return her to normal? As soon as the idea appeared, Ling Mo’s mood immediately become excited.

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