My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 280 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 280 Part 1 – It Sounds Very Cool, It’s Even More Awesome When Used

The insides of the train compartment was like a huge meat grinder, the walls were covered in dark black blood.

Remains could be seen everywhere, leaving no clear place to step on. You could only brace yourself and take a step on those remains.

One could imagine that when the apocalypse happened, this train might have just arrived at its destination, proceeding directly into a tragedy.

Some fresh corpses lay on the aisle, containing both ordinary and mutant zombies.

Ling Mo also found two members of Tom’s team, both of them dying a gruesome death. One of the members was missing half his head.

A member of the team quickly went up to the bodies and started to search them. After searching them he sighed, “These two men only had twenty bullets left in total. It doesn’t look good for Tom’s situation.”

“Originally, we didn’t carry many weapons or ammunition to begin with. It will be very difficult to fight in this type of condition. If we were at the camp, it wouldn’t be so bad.” Another member said with worry.

“We don’t even know what number this compartment is….Chen Youdong, in which direction did you sense the spiritual block?”

Xia Zhining flashed her flashlight back and forth and asked.

Chen Youdong rubbed his eyes and replied, “In the front…I haven’t fully recovered my spiritual strength so I can’t really tell the exact distance.”

He wasn’t like Ling Mo, who had girlfriends that could give him zombie saliva, and could only rely on resting in order to restore his consumed spiritual force.

Xia Zhining nodded, then held her flashlight and took the lead in front.

The ventilation in here wasn’t too bad. Although the smell was a bit uncomfortable, it wasn’t at a point where it would cause breathing problems.

The group slowly moved inside, other than subtle footsteps and breathing sounds, basically nothing else could be heard.

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“Walking in this place puts our nerves to the test!”

The tempered windows were also smashed broken, the dark tunnel was pitch black, giving an impression as if a monster was lurking in the darkness looking at them.


They hadn’t walked to far when a black shadow suddenly came in from the window and directly rushed at Xia Zhining, who was leading at the front of the party.

She was holding a flashlight, which naturally made her a primary target.

“FUCK!” A member roared and immediately raised his gun and fired, but he missed all his shots.

This mutant zombie jumped up suddenly, and became stuck on the roof, just like a gecko being stuck on the roof of car(TL: Literally describing it’s sticking ability to cling to roofs). It then pounced downwards instantly arriving right on top of Xia Zhining’s head.

With the support of that team member, Xia Zhining had already prepared herself, and she immediately raised her arm.

The dagger in her hand swiftly crossed the zombie’s neck, and a faint blue flame followed her movements, flashing through the blade.

This zombie immediately fell to the ground, and the neck that had been cut was completely burnt, no blood had leaked out.

Ling Mo remembered the corpses he saw at the International Building. It seems that they did have wounds, it’s just that the wounds were so burnt that he didn’t notice them.

If she could make flames appear on the blade of her dagger, she most certainly can attach those flames to her bullets as well.

“What’s your captain’s superpower?” Ling Mo went to Lin Tianxiang and asked.

He whispered, “Captain Xia’s ability allows her to freely control the temperature of an object. As for the highest temperature she can make an object go, I haven’t seen it. She calls this ability “Combustion.”

“It sounds very cool.”

“It’s even more awesome when used.”

Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully. This was after all the first time he has met someone with this kind of ability.

Recalling all the abilities that he has seen so far, each pyschic had a different ability.

“This basically means that each psychic has a different ability, and there are no repeated abilities….” Ling Mo silently thought.

“Her ability is very strong in attacking.” Lin Tianxiang continued, “As for me, my ability is more of a pure sandbag type.”

“Allowing someone able to look yet unable to hit you is also a talent.” Ling Mo laughed and said.

“Hearing you say that makes me feel even more miserable….”

As the proceeded further, that feeling of depression got stronger, and soon they saw a door that had been forcibly opened.

A figure lay face-down on the floor. Xia Zhining shook her flashlight, then walked over and turned the figure over.

Unexpectedly, this action made the person let out a painful moan.

“Still Alive!”

The rest of the group immediately walked up to her, but when they saw her situation, their faces became gloomy.

to be continued….

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