My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 280 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 280 Part 2 – It Sounds Very Cool, It’s Even More Awesome When Used

Half of the belly was dug out, the intestines also flowed out, and the eyes were a little red, showing the process of being infected by a zombie.

Ling Mo took a step forward to look and was suddenly stunned.

This woman turned out to be the little celebrity, Yang Ying.

Xia Zhining grabbed her and anxiously asked, “Who are you? Where is Tom’s group and the rest of the others?”

Yang Ying squinted her eyes and looked around in confusion and found Ling Mo in the crowd.

Her eyes suddenly lit up and shouted weakly, “Save….Save me…..”

“You’re already like this, how could it be possible to save you…”

Ling Mo crouched down and whispered, “How is Tom’s group? Where are they?”

Yang Ying stared at Ling Mo and reached out to him with difficulty.

After hesitating, Ling Mo took her hand.

“Help me…..”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Where is Tom and the others?” Ling Mo asked gently.

“Who…who cares about them…they…abandoned me….”

What else could they do besides leaving? They probably all thought that Yang Ying had already died on the spot.

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“Okay. Okay. Nothing is going to happen to you. How many zombies are there?” Ling Mo patiently asked.

“No…I don’t know! All…because they….no, it’s because of you!”

Yang Ying gasped a few breaths, her eyes suddenly became full of resentment, and the little red color immediately spread, “If you had just only promised to help us before, I wouldn’t have….AH!”

Her expression suddenly became twisted, and the hand that grabbed Ling Mo’s hand immediately tightened. Her upper body suddenly rose up, and her eyes had turned completely red.

Without waiting for her mutation to complete, Xia Zhining stabbed her with a knife.

“We had finally met someone that was still alive with great difficulty, and she happened to mutate so fast.” One team member said depressedly.

“Forget it, asking her was the same as not asking.” said another member,

Lin Tianxiang took off his glasses and said, “She was just too agitated, making her blood flow rate accelerate. Which lead to the rapid spread of the virus.”

“Who knew that you were so knowledgeable about the virus.” Ling Mo said somewhat depressed as he pried open Yang Ying’s fingers from his hand and saw that she had left a few red marks on him.

“This poser is most of time 80% full of shit.” Zhou Guocheng snorted, then curiously asked Ling Mo, “Do you have some hostility with this woman?”

Ling Mo simplified the summary of their previous history. After listening to the story, Xia Zhining, who wasn’t very fond of talking, coldly snorted and said, “Some people just think that everyone in the world should care about them. Fucking selfish bastards. Not only do they care only about themselves, but they also ask others to help them as well. And if you don’t help them, you become their enemy. There used to be a lot of these kinds of people. Makes me sick!”

“Is your Captain Xia always like this…” Ling Mo whispered curiously.

Lin Tianxiang smiled and said, “Are you talking about her sense of justice or her cynicism? Either way, she has both, otherwise if it was just based on her abilities, she wouldn’t be a captain…Pretend I never said this.”

Chen Youdong took a closer look at the ground and said, “They most likely entered the train tunnel. There is blood here.”

“This place is simple hell….”

A member of the team muttered and jumped out of the train compartments.

Ling Mo glanced at the front of the train and then followed into the tunnel.

In the black tunnel, you could faintly see the end of the train, there were some bodies at the front, and there were even some traces of an explosion near the front of the train.

Ye Lian and the other two woman also jumped down lightly and followed Ling Mo.

In the quiet under ground of X City, water would drip from time to time, in addition to this silence.

Suddenly a muffled sound came from a distance, causing Ling Mo and the others to suddenly become alert.

“The sound came from the front!”

Once they increased their speed, they bypassed the train in a few minutes and soon reached the corner of the tunnel.

A small burst of light rang in the distance, and through the infrared night vision goggles, Ling Mo saw some figures from afar.

Looking at their unique body structures, it was obvious that they were all mutant zombies.

He carefully looked through all of them and didn’t seem to find the boss.

“There’s about more than twenty of them.” Chen Youdong stared at them for a while, then quickly made a judgement.

He turned his head and looked at Lin Tianxiang and asked, “Have you rested enough?”

“Fortunately.” Lin Tianxiang nodded.

“That’s good, we will retreat back into the train and then lure some zombies over. The windows can’t block the zombies, so our second line of defense will be up to you and your ability.” Chen Youdong continued, “Brother Ling, please guard the train doors with you and your girlfriends. We will try to attract their attention as much as possible, but there will be a small amount of zombies that will try to come through the doors and we need your help to prevent it.”

Ling Mo had no objections to this arrangement and nodded, “No problem.”

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