My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 281 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 281 Part 1 – Unique Ability: Professional At Looking For Trouble

The mission of attracting the zombies was handed over to Zhou Guocheng after deliberation.

This mission was very dangerous, but Zhou Guocheng was extremely calm.

“I’m doing this for my daughter.” After passing by Ling Mo’s side, Zhou Guocheng smiled at him and said, “My daughter lives at the camp. If it wasn’t because you had too many girlfriends, I would have liked the idea of being your father-in-law.”

“If you wanted to leave a last word, shouldn’t you be entrusting your daughter directly to me?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but grin.

“It wasn’t a last word, it’s a reminder to myself that I must survive. I haven’t found a son-in-law yet.”

Zhou Guocheng sniffed his nose and said.

“Then you should more careful. Might as well let you know now, I am not interested in your daughter.” Ling Mo patted him on the shoulder.

When everyone else had retreated back inside the train, he rolled up a sleeve and revealed a pitch-black arm. Then he took a deep breath and walked out from the corner.

“Hey! You bunch freaks!”

He shouted, and the dagger in his other hand slid down and opened a slit in his arm.

As the fresh blood leaked out, Ling Mo immediately felt that Ye Lian and the other two women had a reaction towards the blood.

“Brother….this so strong….” Ye Lian grabbed on to Ling Mo’s hand and her eyes had slightly turned reddish.

“The smell of this blood is much stronger than the average human blood.” Shana sniffed and said.

Li Ya Ling licked her lips and suddenly turned her eyes to Ling Mo, stopping her gaze directly on Ling Mo’s neck, and her eyes flashed a bright amber color.

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“Stop fooling around.” Ling Mo rolled his eyes, and then curiously looked into the tunnel. “This should be his ability, right? Doesn’t that mean his ability makes him a professional at looking for trouble?”

Soon Zhou Guocheng covered his arm and rushed over in the direction of the train, and following behind him was seven or eight zombies.

“Get Down!”

Before Zhou Guocheng reached the front of the train, Chen Youdong suddenly roared out.

Zhou Guocheng did not hesitate to throw himself forward, then rolled to the side of the train, and rushed along the side of the train towards the doors.

Several members stood in a row and started shooting wildly through the gaps in the window.

Those mutant zombies quickly rushed to the front of the train, and then proceeded to rush towards the windows under the fire of bullets.

At this time, a layer of translucent energy shield appeared immediately, barely withstanding the rush.

“Holy Fuck! That was too exciting, if I was any slower, I would have been swallowed up.” Zhou Guocheng ran to the train doors with his head full of sweat, and behind him followed a mutant zombie.

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles stretched out and took control of the zombie, he then leaped forward and cut off the zombie’s head with a knife.

“Thank you.” Zhou Guocheng jumped into the train from Ling Mo’s side and then gasped a big mouthful of air.

A stream of blood continued down along his arm and dropped to the ground from his fingers. Ye Lian and the other two women all fixed their eyes on his fingers.

“Aren’t you asking to die if you stop here…?”

Ling Mo quickly used his eyes to signal them to control themselves. Ever since they followed him, the three female zombies have never tasted any raw meat or even blood. But this didn’t mean that they didn’t have the urge to want to.

“Hurry and head to the front of the train.” Ling Mo quickly grabbed his arm and said, “You being here will attract all the zombies here.”

After driving away Zhou Guocheng, Ling Mo helped Ye Lian move her hair to her ear, touched her cheek, looked at her red eyes, and whispered, “Calm down a little, girl.”

She stared at Ling Mo and slowly calmed down under his touch, the violent anger in her eyes disappeared a little.

Shana closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes, the color had returned to normal, but there was a strange chill in them, “The abilities of humans sure are strange. But if I were to compare, Brother Ling’s blood is still much better.”

“En, I also prefer Brother Ling’s taste. I’m actually really surprised. Why didn’t I notice you before when I was studying in the past?” Li Ya Ling said as she put her hand on the door and leaned on it.

“Does this count as you praising me?” Ling Mo rolled his eyes, then stood at the door and looked at the dead mutant zombie. “I’m not going to bother collecting the blood of these cannon fodder. The purity of the virus in their bodies isn’t enough. I’m more interested in their ‘boss’.”

At this time, there was sudden crisis at the front of the train. A huge mutant zombie actually withstood the bullets.

It’s skin looked something similar to an old tree bark, and was covered with thick horns, showing a grayish white color, and was as hard as a rock.

After the bullets hit their mark, the muscles began to contract immediately. The thick muscles allowed the bullets to stay in the flesh and blood, but couldn’t harm the internal organs.

However, the torn wounds brought by the bullets, strongly stimulated this armored zombie. He gave a violent roar, jerked up, and slammed into the window.


To be continued…

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