My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 281 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 281 Part 2 – Unique Ability: Professional At Looking For Trouble

The originally cracked windows were completed crushed to pieces, and the pieces that splashed in was blocked by the energy shield.

But the armored zombie quickly rushed up again, and the energy shield shook immediately. Even the color of the shield started to fade.

“This one must have come from a martial arts family and practiced the iron skin art….”

Ling Mo was dumbfounded. Just as he was thinking about helping them, he suddenly felt a very dangerous aura on the top of his head.


There was a muffled sound on the roof of the train and a very big dent appeared on the the steel plating.

Ling Mo slowly grasped the Tang Sword and slowly retreated to the side of the train, looking up at the roof.


More dents appeared on the roof and approached towards Ling Mo’s location.

The dents suddenly stopped appearing once it wasn’t far away from Ling Mo.

“Usually in this type of situation, it means that it has already noticed me.”

Ling Mo’s pupil narrowed slightly, and glanced at the door with the corner of his eye.


In the next second, a big hole suddenly appeared on the roof, and countless black shadows with a faint red light lunged towards Ling Mo.

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Ling Mo, who was already prepared, jumped directly out of the train. Ye Lian and the other two women had also already jumped out as well.

Li Ya Ling reached out and grabbed one of the black shadows, and used the snake kiss that was on her wrist to cut off the shadow.

“What is it?” Ling Mo asked as he ran towards the opposite direction of the front of the train.

Li Ya Ling directly threw the shadow to Ling Mo and said, “A tentacle.”

The familiar red tentacle was thinner than a noodle and there was no blood after breaking it off.

“The Spider Empress…She didn’t die that time? What the fuck, isn’t that bullshit?”

Ling Mo suddenly felt his scalp turning numb. To say that this Spider Empress didn’t have a grudge towards him would be a lie. That was because not only did he use his fingers to pop her cherry, he also put her blood….

If she was still able to sense things during the time when she was faking her death, based on the fact that zombies had incredible memories, she probably would definitely remember Ling Mo’s fingers, even the smell…

“Even though I’m interested in this boss, I don’t need her to be interested in me!”

Ling Mo listened to the loud noise that was approaching and ran wildly.

It was not suitable for him to battle here, he didn’t wish to face multiple enemies.

He also couldn’t let Xia Zhining and the others see him withdraw the blood. As for whether they could hold on or not, it would depend on their own capabilities.

Compared with the mission, Ling Mo would pay more attention to achieving his own goals.

The city’s underground network was very well developed, and soon in front of the direction Ling Mo was going, a byway appeared.

At the moment when Ling Mo rushed into the byway, a figure also jumped from the roof of the train.

She walked barefoot on the rails and slowly approached Ling Mo.

After running for more than 100 meters, Ling Mo stopped and quickly adjusted his breathing, then turned to look at the figure.

He clenched the Tang sword with his right hand, while his left hand pulled out a short knife and he then watched his opponent with vigilance.

Countless bloodshot tentacles burst out around her, similar to a spider web and an extremely dangerous feeling shrouded in Ling Mo’s heart.

Even Ye Lian and the girls revealed a heavy expression. Shana said in a low voice, “She has definitely reached the leader level.”

“Are mutant zombies still considered part of your race?” Ling Mo asked.

Li Ya Ling glanced at him and nodded. “Of course they are. There is a feeling we get from the same kind of race. Of course, humans can’t understand this feeling. If you are curious though….”

“I won’t let you bite me, just give up Senior Sister.” Ling Mo stopped her next sentence.

“The viruses in our bodies all come from the same origin, just as humans have different races, but in the end they are all human beings.” Shana blinked and said.

Her eyes turned red and white, Silly Shana’s spiritual light part stopped being active and Dark Shana quickly woke up.

Her mouth curved up, revealing the creepy strange smile that Ling Mo was very familiar with.

It was as if she was enjoying the process of fighting, eager to bring pain to her opponent.

The preparations for battle were finally done.

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