My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 282 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 282 Part 1 – Unable To Handle These Tentacles

In the black subway tunnel, Ling Mo and the Spider Empress were facing each other with a distance of about 100 meters between them.

Although he could only vaguely see the appearance of the Spider Empress, Ling Mo still frowned with some doubts

‘Did this little sister get plastic surgery?’

It was unknown where she found it, but she wore a qipao that had it’s slit on the upper thigh. Her neckline wasn’t buckled and basically revealed a small cleavage.

Long hair dangled in front of her, and a baby face that gave no familiarity at all.

Other than the Spider Empress from the biological research institution, where else could another one come from?

If it was a new mutant, it would be impossible for it reach the leader level in such a short time.

If you looked at the other mutant zombies, you would agree.

Although they had their own strengths and were much stronger than ordinary zombies, but the light in their eyes showed that they were obviously no stronger than advanced zombies.

Regardless of the Spider Empress’s true identity, Ling Mo could not help but reveal a smile as he thought about the high amount of virus that was within her blood.

A leader level mutant zombie, a bottle of blood in it’s body would be the same as three bottles from a mutant zombie…

The higher the purity, the better the effect it would have on Ling Mo. After all, the virus hive that he uses was also from a leader level zombie.

“Just thinking about withdrawing that blood makes me excited, but this Spider Empress doesn’t seem like she is going to be easy to deal with…” Ling Mo stared at her and said.

Ye Lian silently stood by Ling Mo, and the tiger’s claws in her hand opened immediately.

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The spider empress slowly approached and stopped when she was about 50 meters away. A pair of red and white eyes looked at Ling Mo with some uncertainty.

She said, “I remember you…human…”

“I think you probably remember my fingers.” Ling Mo raised his hand and shook.

“En…I remember that too.” The spider empress said blankly and then subconsciously looked down at her important part.

But she soon realized that something was wrong. She immediately closed her legs and displayed a cold look, “Forget about the matters with the fingers, I…I remember my name is called Zili, but also called Stella.”


Ling Mo suddenly became stunned. He immediately thought of the big breasted blonde girl.

‘Didn’t she drive away by herself? How can it….be possible for her to have any relations with this mutant female zombie?’

“But I like my new name, Spider Empress.” She smiled a little and said, “Stella let me understand a lot of things, unfortunately there wasn’t much in Zili’s memories… But they both have a common point. They both know you.”

She hadn’t finished speaking, when a tentacle suddenly shot straight at the top of the tunnel, inserted itself into the cement, and her whole person suddenly swayed over.

Ling Mo only saw a black shadow quickly approaching himself. He only had time to curse in his mind “WHAT THE FUCK” before more than a dozen tentacles rolled around his waist and lifted him in the air.

Ye Lian and the other two women immediately rushed over, but the Spider Empress never meant to go back down. She moved Ling Mo forward quickly in the same way she used to swing herself over.

She slowly descended down to reach Ling Mo, like a dangerous spider about to eat it’s prey.

At this time, Ling Mo tried to bow his body and cut off the tentacles that wrapped around his feet.

Unfortunately these tentacles were too flexible for Ling Mo to cut off.

However, his spiritual strangulation attack was ready and he was prepared to forcefully interrupt the Spider Queen’s actions, but when he saw her lower herself down, Ling Mo changed his mind.

Although her body had many questionable points, making Ling Mo feel very curious, but this was a good opportunity, maybe he could do some serious damage in one fell swoop!

So while he watched the Spider Empress slowly approach him, Ling Mo’s heartbeat was fast, but his expression showed that he was very calm.

His spiritual tentacles had firmly bound the Spider Empress’ spiritual light ball, just like how her tentacles binded Ling Mo’s body.

‘Thinking about this situation now, it seems a little weird.’

Ling Mo’s heart suddenly had a strange feeling.

Once the Spider Empress was a little over one meter away from Ling Mo, she stopped and extended more than a dozen tentacles from her wrist, firmly wrapping around Ling Mo’s wrists, and then forcefully pulling them behind his back.

After tying Ling Mo up like a dumpling, she slowly raised Ling Mo’s upper body and pulled herself horizontally on top of him.

The two were suddenly parallel in the air. The long hair of the Spider Empress even fell on Ling Mo’s face.

Such a close distance was enough for Ling Mo to get a clear look at her face. Although her eyes seemed like a normal zombie leader’s, she did have some characteristics of a foreigner.

Those unusually big boobs, as well as the tall nose and deep eyes.

It really gave a mixed-race feeling for that childlike face, but Ling Mo still couldn’t imagine how a human being could combine with a mutant zombie.

To be continued…

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