My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 282 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 282 Part 2 – Unable To Handle These Tentacles

The Spider Empress stared at Ling Mo and asked, “Why does your body have my smell within it?”

As she said this, she gently sucked in her nose and seemed to be smelling Ling Mo’s scent.

“Although I have no idea what you talking about, I don’t have time to talk to you right now…” Ling Mo rolled his eyes and said.

At the same time, his spiritual strangulation attack was immediately launched, and the eyes of Spider Empress suddenly appeared sluggish.

However, in order for Ling Mo to also be able to use his spiritual strangulation attack on a leader level zombie with the maximum effect, Ling Mo himself became dizzy as well.

The Spider Empress’ tentacles immediately loosened, and Ling Mo quickly pulled out his left hand. The short knife in his hand slammed towards the belly of the Spider Empress.

“You want to kill me?”

At this moment, the eyes of the Spider Empress recovered, and she grabbed the blade directly with her hand. The tip of the knife was less than centimeter away from her skin.

Fresh blood ran down the blade and dripped onto Ling Mo.

The bloody tentacle that bound him immediately tightened, and the Spider Empress forcibly took away the knife from Ling Mo, then threw it behind her.

Li Ya Ling easily caught the short knife and looked at the Spider Empress and Ling Mo hanging above the tunnel with an extremely chilly expression.

“If Ling Mo’s in danger, throw me up there immediately. We will only have one chance at this, so don’t fuck up.” Shana said coldly as she followed behind.

Li Ya Lin glanced at her nodded. She looked at Ye Lian, “Ye Lian, your ability to jump is the strongest out of us three. Depending on how high Shana is thrown will mainly be up to you.”

Ye Lian nodded blankly and then looked upwards with concern.

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At this time, the Spider Empress’s tentacles have already penetrated through Ling Mo’s clothes. The cold and tender feeling of these tentacles made Ling Mo feel as if he was being stoked by several small hands.

Although Ling Mo always thought that the Spider Empress’s main goal was to bite him, he couldn’t help but think, “She’s not possibly…trying to tempt me, is she? WHAT THE FUCK….Motherfucker, that’s my belt…that’s my underwear….THAT’S MY LITTLE FRIEND!”

A very flexible tentacle opened the zipper of Ling Mo’s pants, and then the Spider Empress touched Ling Mo’s cheek with the hand that was covered with blood.

“You have my blood in your body, and your fingers still have my smell. You should already be considered as something that belongs to me.”

The Spider Empress’s tone was very strange. It seems that it’s memories and intelligence came from Stella, but the way it spoke was definitely from the researcher Zili.

However, with so many tentacles that were constantly moving around his body, and then listening to her talk with such a soft voice, Ling Mo really felt….that he motherfucking couldn’t handle it no more!

And for some reason, Ling Mo felt that there was some special connection between him and this female zombie. Perhaps because of this, the spiritual strangulation effect from his attack wasn’t as good as he had imagined!

“Could I be having this feeling because I used her blood? But what about Zhang Teng? Or was it because after she broke through the next level and restored her intelligence, she gained this special feeling.

While Ling Mo was thinking about it, the Spider Empress used her other hand to seize Ling Mo’s fingers and pulled them between the splits of her qipao.

Her nose twitched, and the red color of her pupils became brighter, “You belong to me…”

Then Ling Mo felt that his finger touched a piece of softness, and even felt his finger being pushed inside her a little bit.

This feeling seemed to make her very excited, she jerked her head and revealed her white neck.

“Why do I get the feeling that….I’m being violated? YOUR SISTER! WHO THE FUCK BELONGS TO YOU!”

Ling Mo suddenly bowed his body slamming his head in to the Spider Empress’s head while at the same time attacking with his spiritual strangulation attack.

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