My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 283 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 283 Part 1 – The Shadow of Death That The Black Widow Brings

Ling Mo didn’t expect that he would actually be able to stun a leader level zombie in one try. His head wasn’t made from iron.

However, such a collision was enough to make the Spider Empress dizzy for a short duration.

The hard skull of the Spider Empress also caused Ling Mo to hear a “weng” sound in his head, and a stream of heat ran down his forehead.

“You want to fuck me? You must be dreaming…”

Although the hand that was holding the Tang Sword was being held behind him. he at least still had his other hand.

But just when he wanted to pull his fingers away, he felt a strong suction.

Ling Mo’s pupil shrank sharply, he gathered his full strength and forcibly tried to retract his fingers.


Zombies were able to freely control every muscle in their bodies, which was one of the reasons why they were able to launch such powerful and explosive attacks.

Of course, this was also the reason why Ling Mo would frequently almost lose his little brother whenever he was in a big fight with Li Ya Lin…

Unexpectedly, the Spider Empress in front of him could actually control him in this way despite being dizzy.

He had no way of getting out of this unless he decided to do something drastic, like breaking his finger…

But just when Ling Mo was thinking for another solution, with his back full of sweat, the Spider Empress’s neck let out a “Ka-Cha” sound before returning to its original position. She lowered her head and looked down at Ling Mo.

“Human…” Her bright eyes stared at Ling Mo. She then lowered her head, stuck her tongue out, and began to lick the wound on his forehead.

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Ling Mo’s scalp suddenly turned numb, he continued to frantically pull his fingers out.

He didn’t want to die. He also didn’t want to mutate. For Ye Lian and the girls, he would not do either!

Once again, his spiritual tentacle firmly bound the spiritual light ball of the Spider Empress. This time, Ling Mo decided to give her a devastating blow regardless of the consumption of spiritual force.

Although this may cause him to have a headache for a very long time, possibly even making him faint on the spot, but there were no other options.

If only his spiritual tentacles could materialize. he wouldn’t need to be so passive…

While waiting for an opportunity, Ling Mo thought angrily to himself.

His spiritual force was already strong enough, but materialization needed a qualitative change, not a quantitative one. What he needed now was an enlightenment, or an opportunity.

In the past, Ling Mo didn’t believe that the stories in movies or novels could be true, yet when it actually happened to him, he discovered that there really were such things as bottlenecks. And it was the kind of bottleneck that couldn’t be broken through by hard work.

A little cold feeling came from Ling Mo’s forehead, his heartbeat increased, and his breathing became rushed.

But when the Spider Empress licked him a few times, Ling Mo suddenly became stunned.

He actually felt that his forehead didn’t hurt as much as before…

The blood stopped flowing out, and the wound also felt a little itchy. This showed that it was slowly healing.


Ling Mo immediately thought about the Spider Empress’s spit. After breaking through to the leader level, her saliva had even gained such a strong healing effect!

But the actions of the Spider Empress made Ling Mo feel a bit strange.

‘She wasn’t attracted by the little amount of blood, but instead took the initiative to heal him?’

When the Spider Empress looked up again, Ling Mo met her gaze and suddenly felt his back become numb.

“You are my property, you mustn’t be ruined…”

She looked at Ling Mo with a very strange look, which seemed as if she really was looking at her own priceless treasure.

Zombies wouldn’t lie, so after Ling Mo became stunned for a while, he suddenly felt a ecstasy!

‘Although I don’t know what crazy thoughts this Spider Empress is thinking, but I at least know she won’t take the initiative to hurt me!’

Indeed, from the moment she captured Ling Mo to right now, she hadn’t taken an initiative to carry out any attacks!

“ that I think about it, the reasons why I’m dizzy and bleeding, are basically all because of my actions….”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a headache.

The Spider Empress stared at Ling Mo with deep affection and continued speaking, “I want to….mate with you, then eat you. Then we really will become one.”

“FUCK ME! You actually turned out to be a black widow!”

The Ling Mo that had just rejoiced, immediately started to struggle like crazy.

To be continued…

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