My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 283 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 283 Part 2 – The Shadow of Death That The Black Widow Brings

His fingers were still sucked in there, and he tried his best to pull it out slowly.

In the process, the Spider Empress seemed as if she felt great pleasure, and the tentacles that came out from her wrist, danced around her.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind her. Shana was thrown into the air, the scythe in her hands came slamming down after she was behind the Spider Empress.

Although the Spider Empress had the intentions to block the attack, her body suddenly became tight at this very moment having reached the peak of pleasure.

A large amount of fresh blood immediately burst out, but just when Ling Mo felt that he was about to escape from his predicament, the Spider Empress suddenly took him and moved upwards.

The tentacles continued to retract, and they were quickly brought to the top of the tunnel. Ling Mo takes one a look and notices that he and the Spider Empress had arrived in a pitch black closed environment.

“What is this place….”

His head had just looked upwards, and a little cement debris fell off immediately.

The Spider Empress said, “I just dug this place. Your three spouses can’t get up here right?”

“….Fuck me….” Ling Mo was speechless.

This hole fit perfectly for just the both of them, but Ling Mo didn’t believe that Ye Lian and the girls wouldn’t be able to find a way to get up here.

The problem would just be the amount of time it took…..

However, Ling Mo soon heard the roars of the mutant zombies in the distance. It was obvious that the Spider Empress had the ability to summon other mutant zombies. In order to keep Ye Lian and other two women busy, she summoned the other mutant zombies.

‘After gaining their intelligence, zombies are so fucking perverse.’

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Ling Mo silently stared at the Spider Empress and began to think about how to get out of this situation.

‘As for waiting for Ye Lian and girls to come up, I’m afraid that there isn’t enough time….’

“Let’s hurry up and mate, I still need to reproduce. You have my blood in your body which makes it the most suitable mating object.”

The Spider Empress’s private area was still sucking onto Ling Mo’s fingers, but Ling Mo could feel that he only needed a little more strength and he could finally pull it out.

As she was talking, she reached out with her tentacles and began trying to get rid of Ling Mo’s pants.

“You’re a black widow…” Ling Mo felt for the first time that it was not a good thing to have a beautiful woman take the initiative to undress himself.

Although at this time, his body seems to be feeling very happy, even his little friend seems to be lifting itself up on impulse, but his mind was full of crisis.

‘Little buddy, don’t be a sell out! STAY THE FUCK DOWN!’

Ling Mo stared at his crotch and roared in his mind.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any superpower to shrink back down. After this seriously injured Spider Empress is finished with him, he would become the nutrients she needed for pregnancy.

“Fuck, since you’re not going to let go of me, I’m going to make you dry!”

Ling Mo regained his vigor, and suddenly gritted his teeth and shoved his fingers in deeper.

The body of the Spider Empress was very sensitive. This feeling was like a slap in the face. Her body once again tightened and she let out a low scream through the gap between her teeth.

At the same time, her tentacle’s softened immediately, and her movements for removing Ling Mo’s pants began to slow down.


Ling Mo was excited.

As long as he could squeeze out all the Spider Empress’s ‘energy’, he would have a chance to fight back.

The shadow of death covered Ling Mo’s head(TL: I think the author was trying to say the Spider Empress grabbed Ling Mo’s head), and he slowly pulled out his fingers and then shoved it in again.

The fresh blood that flowed from behind the Spider Empress had leaked onto Ling Mo and soaked his body, and had penetrated into his pores a little bit.

While Ling Mo was preoccupied, he could feel that his body was getting hotter and hotter, his forehead was covered in sweat and whenever the Spider Empress tried to struggle, he would use his spiritual strangulation attack….

Ling Mo didn’t even notice how many times he used his spiritual tentacles, nor did he notice the amount of times the Spider Empress reached her peak after shoving his fingers inside.

In fact, if this was a normal situation, Ling Mo’s spiritual force would have long been consumed already.

But the fresh blood of the Spider Empress seems to have stimulated the potential in Ling Mo’s body and spiritual force.

‘If I didn’t use my spiritual strangulation attack first, perhaps I might have lost my sense of reasoning due to my excitement. The consumption of my spiritual force seems to help in keeping me awake.’

Ling Mo made his fingers twitch while at the same time, felt the contractions from the tentacles that bound him.

Whenever the Spider Empress reached the peak, the tentacles would loosen a bit, and Ling Mo would take the opportunity to pull his arm out a bit.

After doing this many times, Ling Mo finally felt that his arm was close to being completely freed.

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