My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 284 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 284 Part 1 – Recalling Memory: Shattered Dreams

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles have been tightly wrapped around the Spider Empress’s spiritual light.

Whenever she reached the peak of pleasure, Ling Mo would immediately launch a spirit strangulation attack.

It was super effective especially when Ling Mo used this attack when the Spider Empress’s mind was empty due to pure pleasure.

However, Ling Mo would get some images that would flash in front of his eyes.

Whenever her spirit relaxed, Ling Mo would feel a dizziness, and then those images would appear like slides…

After Ling Mo’s vehicle disappeared into a corner, a car that had already left made a u-turn and came back.

Stella jumped out of the car and took out a bottle of medicine from her pocket.

She turned her eyes to the biological research institute, then clenched the bottle and walked inside.

I don’t want to be abandoned anymore, I want to have my own strength…

Take this medicine, then make more of the medicine, then transform myself step by step into a sensible monster.

Maybe she would no longer be a person, maybe not even a zombie, but no matter what it was, it would be enough to get her out of the current weakness.

She needed strength, she wanted to survive.

In this foreign land, of the apocalypse world, she still wanted to continue to live.

“If I have the strength, I could do whatever I want. I would get a completely new life.”

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When Stella arrived back to floor b3 and slowly walked toward the body of the Spider Empress, she made a cross sign on her chest and prayed, “Good god, please forgive me…”

She slowly approached the cocoon like corpse and stepped on the tentacles.

But she didn’t notice that every tentacle that she had stepped on began to slowly shake.

“I will slowly move all the fresh blood from your body to me, and then I will become a monster with wisdom.”

Stella trembled as she reached out her hand, trying to pull the tentacles apart a little bit.

There were a lot of memories in her mind, including her parents who died in a foreign land, including the moment when they boarded the place, and her expectations for a better future.

“Stella, you will be a great woman. I am really proud of you.”

“Maybe you might be the next Marie Curie. Oh wait…your research is a bit different, but I know that your dreams are the same as her. She’s your role model right?”

But when the Apocalypse broke out, all those dreams became empty dreams.

“AHHH!” She ran out of the lab madly, followed by her mentor who had suddenly mutated.

The old man who was kind, friendly and usually with a lot of words, suddenly plunged at her fiercely, but with Stella’s reflex, she was able to avoid. She then threw everything around her at him and then escaped.

The entire biological research institution was in complete chaos. The sounds of gunfire continued to ring. Blood and colleagues that have turned crazy could be seen everywhere.

Stella held her head and screamed aimlessly.

She doesn’t even know how she survived. If hell really did exist, then the world she was in now is the real hell.

“I will never be able to become a great woman…”

Stella pulled away the last tentacle with tears in her face, and the sleeping face of the Spider Empress appeared in front of her.

But it was at this moment, the Spider Empress suddenly opened her eyes.


Stella was only able to make a scream before she was wrapped around with tentacles and pulled inside.

A big cocoon made from tentacles reappeared, not even a drop of blood flowed out…

“Are all these memories from Stella?” Ling Mo shook his head and felt dizzy.

In the tunnel, intense fighting sounds were being transmitted. Ye Lian and the other two women were fighting with the mutant zombies that were summoned by the Spider Empress.

A crazy rush of pleasure once again occurred. The Spider Empress tightened her body again and Ling Mo also felt as if some more images appeared in front of him once again…

When the layers of the cocoon were peeled off, the person inside had changed.

She slowly stood up, like a newborn, who hadn’t learned to stand yet.

As soon as the image changed, she was already at the entrance of the biological research institute. The car was still there.

A tentacle reached out and easily ripped apart a door from the car. She then walked over unsteadily and pulled out a backpack. From inside the backpack, she removed a skirt from it and put it on her body.

“I…Where should I go? So hungry, so lonely….”

to be continued…

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