My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 284 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 284 Part 2 – Recalling Memory: Shattered Dreams

She reached out and wiped the dust off the window, looking at her slightly blurred face in the reflection, “Who am I? I’m so confused….”

After quite some time, she slowly walked along the road towards the City of X…..

“Am I reading her memories?”

Ling Mo felt as if he was some short-lived body that was attached to the Spider Empress and followed her back in the past to experience something.

This feeling felt so real, that even Ling Mo became dazed when he returned back to himself.

After learning about the Spider Empress’s experience, Ling Mo suddenly had a very strange feeling.

Other than Ye Lian and the other two female zombies, there was actually one more zombie that regained a new life after evolving.

This was also a type of evolution. In the process of their evolution, their human side would be eliminated and fall from the top of the food chain, to the very bottom.

The evolution of zombies was done on the basis of the destruction of mankind…

“It’s useless to think so much. I just hope that I can survive with Ye Lian and the other girls. I don’t ever want to lose them.”

The confusion in the Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly disappeared. You would only learn how to cherish something once you have lost it. Even if she turned into a zombie, Ling Mo’s idea would never change.


Ling Mo finally pulled out the hand that was held behind him. He clenched on the Tang Sword and slashed towards the Spider Empress.

However a tentacle wrapped around his wrist and forcefully threw him away.

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The tunnel’s height was around a hundred meters, which was almost equivalent to falling directly from the third floor of a building.

Ling Mo didn’t even have time to react before he felt that he was about to touch the ground.

The top of his Tang sword was full of blood. It seems that the Spider Empress should have been seriously injured by him, but now it was his turn to be seriously injured, maybe he might even directly fall to his death.

The height wasn’t very high, but he was thrown heavily, and not to mention there were railings below.

Sure enough, leader level zombies were very difficult to deal with, especially in such a narrow place.

In terms of combat ability, the Spider Empress was definitely the strongest zombie Ling Mo had ever met, not to mention the knowledge and intelligence she gained from Stella.

She was the perfect fighting weapon, and also Stella’s wish. Stella’s wish could be considered as achieved…


At the moment when Ling Mo was about to land, his spiritual force suddenly reached a state of high concentration.

Everything that he saw from his eyes became stuck in it’s position and the air around seemed to have become very dense. At the same time, the surrounding sounds became very clear.

The pieces of cement that fell with him, Ye Lian running towards his shadow, a mutant zombie being killed by Shana, and even tiny blood specks flying.

Ling Mo’s eyes seems to have become a camera with slow-motion effects, and everything became very clear in his eyes.

But at the same time, Ling Mo also felt as if his head was splitting.

A few minutes ago, his spiritual strength experienced the process of continuously consuming and replenishing. It was as if he touched his own limits countless times.

More than a dozen spiritual tentacles reached out and seized the railroad tracks right when Ling Mo was about to land on the ground.

This feeling was fantastic. It was originally an invisible spiritual power, but now it could actually touch objects, and could even help withstand the tremendous power from Ling Mo’s fall.

Ling Mo’s falling speed immediately slowed down. Finally, when he was less than a meter away from the ground, he felt a sharp pain in his head and couldn’t slow himself down anymore. His sight went black and fell down.

A soft embrace immediately caught him, and Ling Mo felt his head hit something soft with a good springy feeling. Quite a wonderful bouncy feeling….

“Brother Ling….You….Are you okay?”

Ye Lian’s pair of big worried eyes looked at Ling Mo.

“I’m….I’m fine….”

Ling Mo’s eyelids were getting heavier and he was trying to keep his eyes open, but his head was in too much pain from consuming so much spiritual force.

“It’s going to be okay, Brother Ling….Everything’s going to be okay…”

Ye Lian’s whisper made Ling Mo feel a little calm from the pain, his head was getting heavier and heavier, and his eyelids finally closed.

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