My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 285 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 285 Part 1 – I Will Definitely Come Back And Overpower You

Although his eyes were closed, the sounds around him sounded very clear.

Fresh blood dripped on the ground, the flesh and bones of mutant zombies were cut open, and Shana and Li Ya Lin’s weapons created noise as they slashed their weapons through the empty air.

It was as if his ears had become extra sensitive, and all the small sounds were automatically enlarged.

Ling Mo could even hear the sound of blood flowing in his body. His heart beated violently as if it could almost squeeze out of his chest.

In his body, there was still some of the Spider Empress’s blood, and this warmth wrapped around his body and constantly repaired the wounds he had suffered.

What seemed like a long time in Ling Mo’s consciousness, was actually only one or two minutes from the time he lost conscious, to the time he woke up, based on the sounds he heard.

When Ling Mo suddenly opened his eyes, all his tentacles had been made by spiritual energy.

These tentacles suddenly slapped the rails, immediately giving a muffled sound, and even making the ground shake.

“AHH!” Ling Mo immediately pressed his temple and shook his head.

His spiritual force was already exhausted at this time, and using his tentacles made him feel as if his head was tearing apart.

“Although the tentacles substantialize, it couldn’t be considered a physical attack, but instead an energy attack. And because the energy is scattered between each of the tentacles, it wouldn’t be seen by others, unlike Lin Tianxiang’s energy shield. However the consumption of spiritual force was quite large, and it is necessary to find a suitable method in order to prolong the use.”

Ling Mo quickly reached a conclusion. After his spiritual force improved, he felt that his thinking was much clearer.

Although right now he had a headache and was very weak, it didn’t affect his ability to think.

The substantialization of spiritual force…who would have thought that Ling Mo would break through his bottleneck in this situation.

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From this point of view, this Spider Empress has brought him a lot of benefits.

As for the extremely powerful tentacles that the Spider Empress had, Ling Mo was actually a little envious.

They both were tentacles, but the Spider Empress’s tentacle was an entity and would continue to regenerate after being destroyed, not to mention it’s physical attack ability was extremely abnormal.

But Ling Mo’s tentacles was pure spiritual energy. In the case of being incapable of materialization, he could only attack the enemy’s spiritual force.

The stronger the enemy’s spiritual force was, the less effective Ling Mo’s spiritual attack would be.

The control ability could be used against zombies. All zombies below leader level have very little resistance to this ability, but unfortunately this ability couldn’t be used on humans.

Which was why Ling Mo was so sensitive to the military entering the city since he felt that his strength wasn’t strong enough. His ability was still too weak compared to human guns.

But now that his spiritual force was able to materialize, his attack methods would be much greater.

Once Ling Mo got back up, the Spider Empress also crawled out of the cave she dug and then hung herself in the air with the help of her tentacles.

Her face was flushed and the wound behind her seemed to have stopped bleeding.

However, there was another huge wound on her chest, which looked very deep. There was a large amount of bleeding in that area.

In the gaps between her torn clothes, those giant magnificent peaks were basically almost completely exposed.

You could tell that she felt ‘Real’ good before, because as she was hanging in the air at this moment, her body displayed a very soft seductive look, and paired with that lazy look of hers was enough to make many men go crazy over.

But the tentacles behind her showed a different story. It showed that she was still dangerous and could at any moment rush down to launch an attack.

Ling Mo looked at her with vigilance. After taking a deep look at Ling Mo, she said, “I will definitely come back…and then I will completely overpower you(TL:I think the author meant rape lol).”


If it wasn’t because the Spider Empress’s expression was very serious, in addition to also looking dangerous, Ling Mo would not have been able to stop himself from cumming.

But it was due to him being stunned at this moment which allowed the Spider Empress to quickly disappear into the darkness.

She ran too fast, even if Ling Mo wanted to chase after her, he wouldn’t be able to catch up.

“I honestly don’t know whether I should be having a headache, or whether I be looking for to it…” Ling Mo held his head and thought about it.

But then he shivered, “No, no, no. I can’t let her eat me just so I can ‘PaPaPa’ with her one time. I don’t want to be eaten while in process of mating with her. And it’s very likely that she would start eating from that mouth below….”

Ling Mo felt a chill. Although the Spider Empress looked sweet and delicious, the risk of mating with her was just too great.

Fortunately, her injury was very serious. It was probably impossible for her to fully recover unless she rested for at least ten days or half a month.

Based on the sounds of her voice, her lungs were likely injured and leaking air.

‘It would be best if it took her a little longer to recover, at least giving me more time to thoroughly grasp a new attack method after finally breaking through.’

Ling Mo thought in secret, while at the same time looking up at the cave.

to be continued…

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