My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 285 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 285 Part 2 – I Will Definitely Come Back And Overpower You

“Brother Ling, what are you doing?” Ye Lian asked in confusion.

“She lost so much blood, we shouldn’t waste it.” Ling Mo coughed and said.

A spiritual tentacle rose up and hooked onto the edge of the man-made cave. He then used his spiritual tentacle to pull his body up.

This scene might seem very magical in the eyes of others, but for Ling Mo, it felt like he was being reeled in by a rope, and at the end of the rope it was connected to his mind.

The little spiritual force he had left was quickly consumed, and Ling Mo suddenly had a headache.

This didn’t mean that it would always require so much spiritual force for such use. Ling Mo hadn’t accurately grasped the output of spiritual force which was why he consumed so much for such actions.

For example, imagine you used all your strength using an axe, but in fact you only needed a small amount in order to chop a caterpillar in half, all that extra strength is wasted.

“Brother Ling, HE….HE CAN FLY…”

Ye Lian stared blankly as she saw Ling Mo quickly go up, then screamed with great surprise.

Shana and Li Ya Lin also turned their eyes to look at Ling Mo and their expressions displayed shock.

“It looks as if it’s very fun.” Shana said brightly.

At this time, her feet was already surrounded by mutant zombie corpses. Her scythe was also covered with blood. She had an extremely pure appearance as she was smiling, which was a stark contrast to this bloody scene.

As Ling Mo was staring blankly as he went up, he almost ran into the ceiling of the tunnel.

“Cough..Cough..If I really did run into it, that would have been very bad…”

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Ling Mo was still very unfamiliar in using his spiritual tentacles after they had been able to substantialize. Even climbing into the cave, costed him a lot of effort.

After going up, Ling Mo really found a lot of blood lying in the cave. He quickly took out a bottle from his backpack and found a dropper with a rubber head to start collecting the blood, bit by bit.

“This sure is good stuff…”

In the process of collecting the blood, Ling Mo also noticed that his body was sticky. The moment he tried to collect the blood, the palm of his hand was all red.

This blood was also of course from the Spider Empress’s body. Ling Mo soon thought of the warmth he felt before, similar to the feeling when he directly took the medicine, but even more comfortable.

“Does this mean the virus can directly penetrate through our pores? But I have encountered other zombie blood and this hasn’t happened before. It should probably only be for the Spider Empress though. It seems that her blood was like the toxin in a black widows, but not as dangerous, and even bringing some benefits.”

After Ling Mo thought about it, he looked down at his middle finger.

Only zombies who could automatically contract down there, would be able to achieve such amazing results with only a middle finger…

Not sure if this counted as a relationship between spouses for zombies. As a zombie, as long as the other party became a spouse, it would be impossible for it to fall in love again with another.

But the Spider Empress was a mutant zombie, who knows what her situation would be….

“When I have completely mastered the method in using my spiritual force for materialization and also improved my physical ability again, I could try to summon her. Or….” Ling Mo looked at his wrist. “I could let some blood out and see if it can maybe lure her over. Her blood is very important to me. The blood of other mutant zombies would definitely not achieve this kind of effect. Since she won’t kill me before mating, I can use this to my advantage.”

After calming down, Ling Mo began to carefully consider the existence of the Spider Empress. He thought about the advantages and disadvantages it would bring for him.

On the surface, as long as he didn’t mate with her, he should be safe. If the Spider Empress wanted to reproduce, she would need to guarantee his survival.

But this wasn’t an absolutely safe life-saving amulet. Ling Mo didn’t like to have a knife hanging over his head.

‘As long as my strength is stronger than her, I can control her. Her blood is very useful to me so I will allow her to live. Her life must be controlled by me, not the other way around.’

Ling Mo secretly thought in his head.

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