My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 286 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 286 Part 1 – Why Is Your Hand Hurting My Little Friend?

When Ling Mo and his group were close to returning to the train, Xia Zhining was also running towards the tunnel direction with Chen Youdong.

Although they didn’t see the actual body of the Spider Empress, the traces that were left above the train were shocking enough.

When she saw that Ling Mo and his group were completely fine, Xia Zhining was shocked.

Chen Youdong was very happy. He came over to Ling Mo and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s great to see that you guys are all right. That one was the big boss, right?”

“En. But unfortunately she escaped.” Ling Mo said.

Chen Youdong showed a look of pity on his face. He suddenly focused his gaze on Ling Mo’s eyes, and the said something unexpectedly, “I feel that your spiritual force seems to be very strong, are you a spiritual type user?”

Seeing Ling Mo nod, he shook his head strangely, “I had this feeling before, but it wasn’t as strong as it is now. Sure enough, you hid it well.”

He probably would never have thought that Ling Mo would directly breakthrough and become a real powerhouse in such a short period of time.

The improvement of spiritual force was very difficult. Every breakthrough was not easy, let alone qualitative changes.

As a spiritual type psychic, Chen Youdong’s perception was also very sensitive. Although he didn’t have any suspicions, he did give a reminder to Ling Mo.

“As a person, it’s better to be low-key. I need to practice on controlling my spiritual force. During this time, I shouldn’t take anymore gan(zombie saliva) to speed up my recovery. I might as well take this time to stabilize and work on a good foundation.” Ling Mo thought secretly.

The Spider Empress won’t appear again in a short time, and as for the rest of the mutant zombies, Ye Lian and the other girls could easily handle them.

“How is the situation for you guys?” Ling Mo asked as he followed them.

Xia Zhining’s eyes flashed with a bit of sadness and said, “Another two members died. The rest went to check on Tom’s situation. They reported that Tom’s team suffered heavy casualties.”

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“Sun Zeya…” Ling Mo quickly increased his movement speed.

Soon they reached the place where most of the mutant zombie corpses were concentrated. There was actually a train hole for trains that were resting or switching operators. Tom used this hole in order to limit the amount of mutant zombies that were chasing after them.

The ground was full of dead bodies, both mutant zombies and survivors.

Ling Mo took a rough look and found that there were at least seven or eight human corpses among the dead and all of them had tragic deaths.

They were forced to come here, with basically no other options, they could only make their final stand here.


A shout of surprise came, a sturdy big man squeezed out of the crowd and walked out. After staring at Ling Mo’s eyes carefully, he suddenly hugged him, “I’m so glad to see you! When I heard that the zombie leader had focused it’s sights on you, I really started to sweat for you! That zombie is too strong. Most of our elites that died were killed by her hands!”

“Um…um Tom…” This was Ling Mo’s first time being held by man like this. He quickly pushed Tom away and asked anxiously. “How are you, are you okay? Where’s Sun Zeya?”

“Oh, she’s here.” Tom pulled Ling Mo and pushed the crowd apart and walked deeper into the train hole.

Ling Mo immediately noticed the girl who was always smiling. She was sitting on the ground with a pale face. Half of her body was soaked with blood, and there was a huge wound on her leg. At this time she was putting bandages on herself.

Seeing Ling Mo, she immediately opened her mouth and revealed a surprised smile, then reached out to Ling Mo and said, “Help me up.”

With a single pull from Ling Mo, she almost directly sank into Ling Mo’s arms. Her twin peaks at least were already touching Ling Mo’s chest.

“I am so happy to see you, I didn’t expect for you to come and save me. Now don’t I resemble a princess that was just saved?” Sun Zeya asked with a smile.

Ling Mo stared at her eyes, then whispered, “A princess who has just been rescued would not immediately reach out and grab the warrior’s little friend. What is your hand doing? Why do you want to hurt my little friend?”

Sun Zeya didn’t even bother showing a embarrassed look. She smiled and let go of her hand, then tiptoed on the only leg she could still used, and put her mouth next to Ling Mo’s ear, “Then why is it that the moment you looked at me, you showed signs of standing up? Could it be that you were thinking about the time when I wasn’t wearing anything in the bathtub? If you are, I let you experience pain.”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a terrible headache. Sure enough, it was a mistake to even worry about the safety of this woman.

How could she be this narcissistic!?

She was just in desperate life or death situation and in a blink of an eye, she could easily hold on to Ling Mo’s little friend without hesitation and calmly say these things.

Ling Mo’s little friend was in fact, in a half-standing state, but because he was wearing a coat, she wouldn’t have found out if they weren’t so close.

And the reason why he was in a half-standing state was due to the Spider Empress’s tentacles….

“My fantasies aren’t that low, thank you.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, ‘If it wasn’t because you were handicapped, I would have already pushed you away!’

To be continued…

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