My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 286 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 286 Part 2 – Why Is Your Hand Hurting My Little Friend?

Sun Zeya took the opportunity to hang on to Ling Mo. Not only that, she also reached out wanting to grab Ye Lian’s hand. However, Ye Lian noticed this, shook her head and escaped.

“I always feel that your girlfriends are very repulsive towards me. Is the reason because I’m extremely close to their boyfriend?” Sun Zeya blinked and asked.

Her and Ling Mo’s “intimate” actions had attracted quite a lot of attention, and Tom was the only one who casted a sympathetic look at Ling Mo.

“I’m guessing your girlfriends will definitely be angry to the point that they won’t let you sleep with them tonight. So why don’t you tell me about the special mutant zombies that are above the regular mutant zombies.”

Sun Zeya asked with a smile.

“You can try taking your clothes off and then hanging on to me, otherwise I won’t be threatened by you.”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and walked straight into the crowd with her dangling onto him.

Lin Tianxiang’s face was extremely pale at this time. He was leaning against the wall, with an expression that seemed as if he could faint at any time. He could only smile weakly as he saw Ling Mo and his party.

Zhou Goucheng sat on the ground and his face was also pale. His arm was already bandaged or else Ling Mo wouldn’t dare let Ye Lian and the girls come any closer.

Zhou Guocheng lifted his head, looked up at Ling Mo and Sun Zeya, who was hanging on to him, then immediately frowned and said.

“It seems that I really can’t be your father-in-law. Just right now, when I was in a life and death situation, I thought about it. The people from the past also had three or four wives. Seeing how concerned you were about your girlfriends…I reluctantly accepted it. But who knew that you still had another one!”

“You’re always talking about searching for a son-in-law, but I don’t think you look that old…” Ling Mo curiously asked, “How old is your precious daughter?”

“Ten years old.” Zhou Guocheng blinked. “When she grows up, she will be beautiful, like her mother.”

“You’re simply completely crazy and ridiculous…” Ling Mo was suddenly stupefied, then shook his head with a chill.

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Only four people survived in Tom’s team. Except for Tom, all three people including Sun Zeya were seriously injured.

Among the other two, one was the sharpshooter, Wang Heng, and the other person was the team member that Ling Mo saved previously.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, that member carried almost the whole team’s supply of medicine and even though he knew that his leg was almost broken, he didn’t bother letting go of his backpack.

Anyone who was running for their lives would reduce their weight in order to speed up and lower their physical exertion, but this person carried on with so many things and even persisted…

To him, almost dying once was a good thing since his survival potential had been stimulated.

When he saw Ling Mo, he displayed an excited look, his face suddenly turned red, then he grabbed Ling Mo’s hand and said, “I survived again!”

Ling Mo laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “You have now become a hero.”

“I will never forget you.” He bit his lip and said solemnly.

When Cheng Youdong helped lift them up, he said with some excitement, “I believe that when we all head back, you guys will become elites in the future. Although Tom’s team has been destroyed, we at least got four more experienced leaders in return.”

The tunnel wasn’t safe. After doing some simple first-aid and eating some dry food to restore strength, everyone supported each other and walked along the railroad tracks toward the subway station.

On the road back, everyone maintained a high degree of vigilance. What they were most worried about was for the Spider Empress to suddenly wheel around and strike at them.

Xia Zhining and Chen Youdong both asked Ling Mo about the Spider Empress’s situation, but Ling Mo only vaguely told them what had happened, so they didn’t know that she was injured and wouldn’t appear in a short period of time.

“When the army comes here….” Sun Zeya climbed on Ling Mo’s shoulder with one hand and limped on a tiptoe, while holding a cold smile and gritted her teeth. “I will definitely find all those zombies and slaughter them!”

“How could it be that easy. It definitely also won’t be all of them…..” Ling Mo smiled and said meaningfully.

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