My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 287 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 287 Part 1 – I’ve Given Up Treatment

“This is the first time I felt that being on the surface was great!”

After Wang Heng came out of the subway station, he took a deep breath and said.

“It’s unfortunate that there wasn’t any way to kill all those mutant zombies…By the time we reach X city, god knows how many mutant zombies we will need to face…”

Chen Youdong was also very worried about this. According to Ling Mo, the source of the mutant zombies may be the biological research institution.

And the first time Falcon camp ever received news of the mutant zombies was in a report from the search and rescue team that was stationed at the high-tech district.

When they discovered the mutant zombies again, they were already at the center of the city.

In such a long distance, there must of been some mutant zombies that broke off from the main group, becoming another source of infection.

Their behavior patterns were obviously different from those of ordinary zombies. They would constantly be on the move instead of swaying in place.

If we add in the mutant zombies that were scattered in the subway tunnel, there would be even more mutant zombies appearing soon in the city once those mutant zombies leave the tunnels from the other directions.

The overall improvements of the zombies have made the lives of the survivors very difficult, but at least the number of zombies have been greatly reduced, and in some areas there weren’t even any zombies which allowed human survivors to be able to survive.

But now, in addition to the dramatic increase in the number of mutated zombies, this new type of mutant zombie has also appeared.

These mutant zombies were more like a combination of ordinary zombies and mutant beasts. Their direction of evolution has also evolved from physical strength to the evolution of shape.

“I suspect that the virus in their bodies can possibly rewrite their genetic makeup, but who could possibly know the actual truth.”

Lin Tianxiang pushed his glasses on his nose and took out a small bag of flesh and blood from his pocket. He said to Ling Mo, “This was cut from a body of a mutant zombie. I’m bringing it back to our virus laboratory, hoping to find a easier way to deal with these mutant zombies. Oh yes, I heard that you weren’t planning on joining our group, have you really considered it? If your not a member of our camp, you won’t be able to enter the isolation area at that time.”

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Zhou Guocheng also patted Ling Mo’s back and said, “You should still think about it, the world outside is too dangerous.”

“You guys still have a virus lab?” Ling Mo suddenly showed a very interested look. As for their invitation, Ling Mo chose to ignore it.

Lin Tianxiang nodded and said, “Yeah, unfortunately I’m not one of those professionals…There was a large medical research company in A city, in which several experts in this field of expertise survived. Once we have established the isolated area, we would obviously establish a virus laboratory immediately since we have both equipment and experts.”

He excitedly held his glasses and said, “It is said that they already have some research results. Once we have developed a vaccine that can fight this infection, we will get in touch with the rest of the survivors in the whole country with the Air Force. At that time, humans….At least the survivors in our country would be completely united.”

“Cough..Cough..” Zhou Guocheng pretended to cough.

“Did your lungs stop working? Or are you about to croak because your at a late stage of lung cancer?” Lin Tianxiang rolled his eyes and asked.

Chen Yondong waved his hand and smiled. “There’s no reason to hide this. Not to mention, brother Ling has already cooperated with us twice in a short time. If he didn’t lure away that mutant boss zombie just then, we might have all been wiped out.”

Lin Tianxiang took another look at Zhou Guocheng and said, “Everyone is ultimately human. There is really no need to hide these things. In fact, we lack a lot of materials. The research on vaccines are currently hypotheses. It would still take quite some time to actually start production and even go on for clinical trials. At that time, we may even need to trouble Ling Mo for help.”

“Are you…guys planning to find a cure for them?” Ling Mo asked a little embarrassedly.

Lin Tianxiang, as a psychic, could get much more information than the average team member. Not even Sun Zeya or Tom knew this kind of information.

Ling Mo felt grateful that they would take the initiative to talk about this. He usually avoided places where human beings gathered. The biggest problem for him was his lack of information.

He was too ignorant.

On the other hand, his understanding of zombies was much greater than others.

As for the vaccine research… Ling Mo is somewhat scornful.

They understood too little about the virus. Ling Mo on the other hand had already been ingesting the virus in small amounts, even using the virus as a healing agent.

Ling Mo didn’t know the nature of this virus, but he knew that this virus was main reason for evolution, and that the speed of its evolution was not something the speed of human research could keep up with.

If vaccines could so easily be discovered, then this virus that almost destroyed the entire human race was just too misleading.

to be continued…

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