My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 287 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 287 Part 2 – I’ve Given Up Treatment

Chen Youdong’s face immediately became a bit weird. He looked at Ling Mo and said, “Those monsters…there’s no point in researching a cure for them. The amount of zombies is just too much, and…the cost of researching it would be too great. We can only care for humans.”

These words made Ling Mo’s mood immediately feel heavy.

Although he predicted this answer when he asked, but it was still uncomfortable when he actually heard it.

A small hand sneaked out and held Ling Mo’s palm. He looked back and saw that Ye Lian was staring at him with her dull and somewhat ice-cold eyes, making him feel as if Ye Lian was relieved at this answer.

“Don’t….Don’t worry, it’s okay.” She gently tightened her fingers, and the corner of her mouth went slightly up, revealing a sweet smile.

The confusion in Ling Mo’s heart suddenly swept away, “En.”

His question was a bit weird, but Chen Youdong and the others didn’t think too much of it.

Many of their relatives and friends had mutated, but upon seeing the evolution and terror of the zombies, they had long given up the search for a cure.

It was rare to see people like Ling Mo who still had such an idea.

Shana also smiled at Ling Mo and waited for Chen Youdong and the others to walk ahead of them before whispering, “Truthfully, brother Ling, we also don’t want to be treated. At least I have given up on a cure. Even if I could change back to being a normal human, won’t my strength also disappear? I don’t want to be risking my life just to kill an ordinary zombie. I also don’t wish to be your burden. I just hope that all of us can survive together.”

“Silly Shana….” Ling Mo couldn’t help but reach out and rub her head.

Li Ya Lin also agreed by nodding. “I also don’t want it. I think it’s great to be a zombie, at least we only knew each other after I became a zombie.”

She this while pinching Ling Mo’s chin and lifting it up before pecking him on the lips, “isn’t that right, my little junior brother?”

“Hey, take back that ‘little’ word! Why doesn’t anyone ever call me husband!”

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Ling Mo reluctantly spread his hand and asked.

Since the path for a cure couldn’t be walked, it could be regarded as one less thing Ling Mo had to think about. He could not concentrate on the goal of restoring their intelligence and their evolution.

Of course, the most important thing at the moment was the complete improvement of Shana and skillful use of Ling Mo’s spiritual force.

Xia Zhining and her group found a very prominent five-star hotel and went inside. They would make contact with the Falcon camp to get Ling Mo’s rewards.

Ling Mo could only temporarily stay with them during this time while they wait for his rewards, but this was also a good opportunity to recuperate for him.

This made Sun Zeya very excited. Ling Mo couldn’t help but think of something malicious. If she knew that Hei Si was just behind her in less than 500 meters, would she jump up in fright?

After clearing up the zombies in the hotel, Xia Zhining and others stayed on the fourth floor, while Ling Mo and his party stayed on the sixth floor.

They found a unopened bag of rice that was vacuum sealed and turned on the gas to cook a good dinner.

Because there was canned meat on the dinner table, Ye Lian and the other two women also accompanied Ling Mo for dinner.

“You going to only eat meat?” Ling Mo glanced at Ye Lian who was diligently trying to finish a can and whispered.

Ye Lian looked up at him, then swallowed the food in her mouth and turned her gaze to Ling Mo’s backpack. Her pink tongue stuck out and licked the corners of her mouth.

“No, the blood I collected isn’t for food. Nevermind, be a good girl and eat the canned food.”

Ling Mo quickly grabbed the backpack and then shoved all the cans in front of him to Ye Lian.

It was at this moment when Ling Mo felt four eyes tightly locked himself. He rubbed his forehead with his hand, then looked at the last two cans inside the backpack and handed them to Shana and Li Ya Lin evenly.

“Truthfully, I also wanted to eat meat!”

“Then I will help you catch a zombie tomorrow, you can bake it and then eat!”

“How thoughtful of you! But please don’t….”

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