My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 288 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 288 Part 1 – Multiple Pleasures of a Tentacle

After sleeping for a night, Ling Mo’s spiritual force and physical strength had almost fully recovered.

“Awake…He’s awake…”

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Ye Lian leaning against him, staring at him with her big eyes.

“What are you looking at?”

Ling Mo smiled, and a spiritual tentacle stretched out and quietly explored Ye Lian’s body.

She immediately exclaimed and then looked around.

The tentacle gently flicked her smooth forehead.

However, the consumption of his spiritual force for such a subtle movement was just too much. It was enough for Ling Mo to smash a piece of wood with his tentacles.

Ye Lian’s eyes widened and she reached out and touched her head, then rushed into Ling Mo’s body and said, “Something invisible is touching me and bullying me!”

Even if it was a zombie, it would still be nervous when it faced something that it couldn’t see or touch.

However, it was obvious she was doing this only to get Ling Mo’s attention. Ling Mo felt that her heartbeat was quite stable, and it didn’t seem that she was frightened at all.

Zombies simply aren’t scared at all…

Shana immediately sat up from the other side.

She only wore a big t-shirt with her long hair covering her white shoulders allowing a glimpse of her small side boobs.

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Ling Mo suddenly felt a bit emotional. It was such a great feeling to wake up and see such a beautiful scenery. It was indeed a great enjoyment of his in life.

The sunlight coming in from the window had also just spilled on the bed. For a moment, Ling Mo even forgot that on the outside, it was still a cruel and bloody world.

“Where is the thing that is bullying Sister Lian? Where is it? Watch me cut it into pieces!”

She was about to reach for her scythe that was on the bedside, when she suddenly widened her eyes.

The scythe seemed as it was caught by an invisible rope, slowly being dragged away from her. She then felt a presence pulling from her neckline.

As Shana looked down, she saw that her clothes were being pulled down a little bit.

Her shoulders were completely exposed, and at the same time, Ling Mo’s hand quietly touched her lower back and moved upwards.

Hearing Li Ya Lin’s cries from the bed also, Ling Mo felt as if he was in cloud nine.

Originally, he thought that his spiritual tentacles wouldn’t be able to give him the sense of touch, since after all, this was only spiritual energy.

But he didn’t expect that after being able to materialize his spiritual tentacles, his sense of touch was even better than his real hands. The sense of excitement when one touches another’s skin was even magnified.

The feeling from a hand required nerves to be transmitted back to the brain, but his spiritual tentacles had basically skipped that requirement.

Although the difference between the two was very small and an average person might not feel any difference at all, that wasn’t the case for Ling Mo.

“As of now, I am still unable to use this with ease. But once I am more skilled in using it, maybe I really will be a tentacle monster. When that time comes, my combat power should have also improved a lot, and maybe if I meet the Spider Empress then, I can capture her alive.”

Ling Mo knew that the Spider Empress wouldn’t give up that easily on him, just like the previous zombie leader who identified Half-moon as his spouse.

It was ironic that feeling of humans could deteriorate and even disappear, but for zombies or even beasts, they were clearly more defined.

It stands to reason that if the Spider Empress really wanted to breed and give birth to her offspring, she could of definitely cultivated a spouse that had her blood.

But when she made a decision that Ling Mo would be the one, she basically made sure that even if Ling Mo perished, she wouldn’t consider a second candidate.

“I suddenly feel that zombies are just like moths. They would never retreat for food, and they would not retreat for their spouse. Even if they died, they would never give up.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, “It’s a real pity though, I would definitely be able to spread my seeds, however, I would definitely also be disposed of after my usefulness is gone.”

Just as Ling Mo was preparing to use his tentacles to toss the three female zombies carefully from side to side, while also practicing the use of his tentacles at the same time, he suddenly stopped.

“All of you go back under the covers.” Ling Mo said, while casually putting on a shirt, jumped out of the bed and then walked to the door.

After a few seconds, Ling Mo suddenly opened the door, and outside the door stood a surprised face. It was Sun Zeya, who was just about to knock on the door.

“Is this a coincidence, or are you able to see the future?”

Sun Zeya took a moment to pull herself back together and asked with her head in a crooked angle.

to be continued…

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