My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 288 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 288 Part 2 – Multiple Pleasures of a Tentacle

Ling Mo looked back at the bed, and the three female zombies had poked their heads out from under the covers and were curiously looking in his direction.

“It seems that I have disturbed your play time.” Sun Zeya smiled and said. But as she said this, she didn’t display any embarrassed expressions on her face.

“What do you want?” Ling Mo rubbed the space between his eyebrows and resisted the urge to directly throw Sun Zeya out.

But unfortunately he didn’t have the heart. No matter what he thought, she was still injured and could only be able to use one leg.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but think badly, how come she wasn’t scratched or bitten by a zombie?

But when Ling Mo thought about it, if the situation really did happen, there would be a good chance that she would probably kill herself.

“Oh, it’s like this. The person who is doing the transaction has already set off, but the person won’t be here until probably tomorrow. He could only use the number 11 road, you understand right…No? How could you possibly not know this?” Sun Zeya clicked her tongue, then she took Ling Mo and pulled him out the door. She dragged him downstairs and said, “It basically means the man is on foot. In addition, due to the emergence of the mutated zombies, the camp has decided to immediately start construction of the outpost and start building the isolation zone as soon as possible.”

“The camp’s original plan was to wait until we had collected enough information before we started to set up the isolation zone. But the current situation has changed, we now need to hurry and complete the preliminary work as quickly as possible before a large number of mutant zombies emerge. It should take probably a month. At that time, I will also be applying to be stationed at X City. Who knows, maybe we might have a chance to meet each other again.”

Sun Zeya looked back at Ling Mo, reached out and explored the shirt in which he hadn’t had time to button up, and then used her finger to slide down a little bit along his chest. “Whenever we see each other, little Ling Mo always pops his head to greet me.”

“Stop being narcissistic…But regarding about the person you mentioned, what does he have to do with me? If he’s slow, I’ll just wait in my room.”

Ling Mo stared at Sun Zeya’s limping leg, revealing a hint of helplessness. “As a girl, can you not always reach out and cling onto me every time you see me….what your doing can easily cause misunderstandings.”

Even with her leg being broken, this girl’s arm was so powerful, moreover she could run around using one leg while tiptoeing. There was no need for her to cling on to Ling Mo.

A person who could survive in her situation was indeed a monster that was comparable to a zombie.

“That’s because it’s very boring here, so we decided to have some fun. Since your girlfriends don’t really like talking to us, I went to find you instead.”

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Sun Zeya smiled at Ling Mo.

Ling Mo had a slight premonition.

Xia Zhining and the others were already sitting in the big living room. After seeing Ling Mo, Lin Tianxiang immediately removed a pistol from his body and placed it on the table, then reached out to Ling Mo, “Your knife.”

“What do you mean?” Ling Mo asked in confusion.

Zhou Guocheng smiled and said, “Have you ever played a hunting competition?”

As he said this, he took out some bullets, cigarettes, and canned food from his pocket. “These are the prizes, and I know that Captain Xia will come up with more good things because there is a special guest today.”

“The hunting competition is a very popular entertainment activity in our camp. Usually our hunting targets are just ordinary zombies, but this time our targets are high-level zombies or mutant zombies. The more you kills you make, the more prizes you win.”

Xia Zhining leaned forward and put her hand on the table to support her chin, and said with a cold face.

She gave people the feeling that she wasn’t participating because of the competition, but because she was able to kill zombies in order to vent her frustrations.

Lin Tianxiang went on to say, “But this time, Sun Zeya and Captain Tom will be joining us, so as psychics, we can’t use weapons in order to make this fair.”

Ling Mo leaned back and closed his eyes.

This kind of competition had some appeal towards Ling Mo, and it sounded very interesting.

But to suggest this at this time, especially when one of the contestants was still handicapped…

“You just want to see what kind of superpower I have, right?” Ling Mo looked at Sun Zeya and asked.

Sun Zeya let out a haha, then suddenly reached out and grabbed Ling Mo’s arm, “Just satisfy me already! When I think about how you will be separated from us soon, it makes me very sad! I didn’t even get anything out of you last time. Please, please, please just give me a chance this time! I’m so curious I can’t sleep!”

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