My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 289 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 289 Part 1 – The Pleasure And Pain Of Frisking

“Are you finished searching?”

Ling Mo opened his arms and looked helplessly at Sun Zeya as she started to frisk him.

During the hunting competition, the psychics weren’t allowed to carry any weapons.

Although this was only a friendly  competition, the armies style was really different from that of an average persons, and their implementations of rules were quite strict.

Everyone else also took out their weapons from their bodies, emptying everything out even their bullets.

Only Sun Zeya and Tom could each retain a tactical knife.

As for this kind of regulation, Ling Mo was still a little vigilant, but after thinking about it, if they really wanted to do something, they didn’t really need to make it so hard for themselves.

Thinking of this, Ling Mo revealed a slight smile and stood up.

“I’m almost done!”

Sun Zeya was very excited when she offered to search Ling Mo’s body, but it wasn’t hard to guess that she was purely trying to take this opportunity to study Ling Mo.

As a normal male, being groped by a woman with good looks made Ling Mo think of some pleasant thoughts.

But Ye Lian and the girls were staring at him not far away, which made Ling Mo feel a lot of pressure.

“Look, I found another nail. Why do you have so many weapons on your….body? But what’s the use of these nails? Are you planning to put them on the ground for zombies to step on?”

Sun Zeya took a nail from Ling Mo’s pocket and curiously put it on the table after taking a closer look at it.

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The table was full of weapons that Ling Mo carried.

A Tang sword, a short knife, a tactical knife, and a dozen nails.

“It’s not easy to live, bringing more things just means I’m always prepared.” Ling Mo said, while following Sun Zeya’s instructions to turn around, “As for the nails….there’s a lot of uses for them, but you don’t need to know.”

A small hand immediately held his waist, while the other hand ran into his trouser pocket.

“If taking this chance to pinch my ass, I really want make a complaint that your harassing me.”

Ling Mo squeezed the area between his eyebrows and said.

Although there were no more weapons on his body, Ling Mo felt that this was also a good opportunity for him to practice using his tentacles.

What other weapons were more powerful and more difficult to defend than actual tentacles?

“The stronger my spiritual strength is, the stronger my tentacle’s ability to attack is. If I put all my spiritual force in an attack, I wonder what the results would be like.”

Ling Mo though while rubbing his temples at the same time.

Using spiritual force to fight and using the body to fight were two completely different concepts.

He had never fought a unprepared battle, and in all preparations related to battling, being confidant was the most important thing.

Finding out his limits, a correct combat method, and using spiritual force efficiently were Ling Mo’s biggest problems that he was currently facing.

Ye Lian and the other two woman also wanted to participate, but after thinking about it, Ling Mo decided only to allow Shana to participate.

There were a limited number of zombies in the vicinity. If those three female zombies joined in on the fun, there would be no chance for him to practice. He might as well just stand there and watch them happily kill the zombies.

Shana on the other hand was on the edges of breaking through. It would be beneficial to her if she participated more in battles and came into more contact with humans.

There was also another reason that made Ling Mo decide to leave Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin here.

If there were any problems that occured with him, they could completely take control of all the people that were staying in the hotel.

Not to mention, Hei Si was also nearby. Although Ling Mo seemed to be okay with Sun Zeya removing all his weapons, he was actually preparing to deal with all possible unexpected situations.

And the most important weapon was inside Ling Mo’s brain.

“But she can’t bring weapons.” Sun Zeya said.

Shana stared at her and fiercely threw her scythe away.

Watching the cold blade rotate and cut towards her, Sun Zeya’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink.

Originally, the scythe that could have split Sun Zeya in two, had luckily rotated past Sun Zeya’s waist and was received by Ye Lian from behind her.

“That..was fucking incredible! That is some terrifying control!”

Lin Tianxiang widened his eyes and even forgot to push the gold wire glasses that had slipped down.

to be continued…

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