My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 289 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 289 Part 2 – The Pleasure And Pain Of Frisking

Xia Zhining, who was tying her hair, also looked at Shana in surprise. She had practically shocked everyone with her skill.

Even the guards at the door were so shocked that they involuntarily turned their eyes towards her, and their mouths were open so big that you could probably fit an egg through them.

“Shana….” Ling Mo helplessly glanced at her, but she spread her hands in a very innocent manner and asked, “What?”

Although Sun Zeya seemed to be calm, but when she looked down at her palms, she found that her palms were full of sweat.

Just right now if Shana had wished for it, she would have been killed. When these three girls got jealous, it was terrifying….

“I think I should take it down a notch, I shouldn’t risk my life for the sake of research. Plus….” She looked at Ling Mo, her eyes were a little bleak, “He only cares about them. Even though I was almost chopped in half, his first thought is to defend them. Is it because it would make them uncomfortable if he cared about me in this situation? Or…did he not even think about me at all.”

“Eh? What am I thinking…” Sun Zeya rubbed her face and squeezed a smile, “Calm down, I only wanted to study him, how could i possibly have any feelings for him?”

Although she told herself this, but as Sun Zeya looked at Ling Mo rubbing Shana’s face, she still couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

She quickly shook her head and threw out all these strange feelings.

“Watch how I scare you shitless once we are in the competition!” Sun Zeya stared at Shana as her blood suddenly boiled.

At this time, Chen Youdong opened his eyes and spread a map on the table, “The scope of our competition is here in these two streets, from the edge of the New Century Plaza towards the direction of the high-tech district. It is 500 meters away from here and 1,500 meters long.”

He stretched his finger and made a stroke on the map, then looked up and looked at Ling Mo and the others, “This competition is in fact, both a game and a clean up of the zombies. There may be a lot of scattered mutant zombies in this area. Kill them now, and we may face a few hundred less zombies in the future.”

“Don’t be so serious.” Zhou Guocheng shook his head and said, “This should be fun, otherwise Brother Ling will think we intentionally dragged him here to help us clean up, hahahaha. Which isn’t possible am I right?”

Seeing how the other people stared at him as if he was an idiot, Zhou Guocheng’s laughter became smaller, and his expression became a bit awkward.

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“It’s fine, I understand. At least there will be rewards. Everyone just have a good time.” Ling Mo coughed, breaking the awkwardness.

Truthfully, when Zhou Guocheng said that, Ling Mo actually felt relieved.

That meant he could play this game with a more relaxed attitude since the issue wasn’t because of him.

Ling Mo was also looking forward to seeing what kind of performance these psychics would display.

As for Tom and Sun Zeya, both of them were injured. In Ling Mo’s opinion, they basically came to waste time.

North Street, one of the venues for this hunting competition, was on the same route as New Century Plaza and the High-tech District.

Some of the zombies here were the mutant zombies that had separated from the Spider Empress’s army. It was also a potentially huge threat.

Killing them and taking photos as proof were the main objectives of this competition.

In order to make the game more interesting, Sun Zeya also proposed that players could steal the phones of other players in order to increase their kill count.

Looking down at the phone, Ling Mo whistled and said, “In order to find out more information about me, this Sun Zeya is really something…..No, no, Shana, I didn’t mean for you to go kill her.”

A tentacle stretched out, hooking onto the back of Shana’s collar and dragged her back.

However, her huge strength made Ling Mo feel an immediate strenuous opposition, and the speed at which his spiritual force was consumed suddenly multiplied.

“I am going to break her other leg now, and then take her cell phone.” Shana said seriously.

“This isn’t something that Silly Shana would do.” Ling Mo helped tidy up her long hair and said, “Take good control of your instincts, and then we can figure a normal way to beat all of them. Don’t you want to eat canned meat? Kill more zombies and you’ll get it.”

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