My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 29


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 29 – I want….

After anxiously waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Shana still just stared blankly at Ling Mo, without any response. Fortunately, excluding her blood red eyes,  Shana did not appear zombie-like, nor did her body start rotting like Lu Xin, which makes Ling Mo finally feeling a little relieved.

“There is nothing else we can do for her, let’s get out of here first.”

Ling Mo gave a helpless sigh, and went to pull Shana up. Of course before moving her, Ling Mo first tried to restrain her in order to test if she still kept her sanity. A strong shove from her direction gave Ling Mo some headaches at the same time also made him feel a hint of joy. As long as there is consciousness, it means that she has not yet fully become a zombie.

After all, the difference between ordinary humans and zombies in terms of mental aspect is obviously very large. Normal people have the ability to think independently and have changing emotions, but zombies are like machines dominated by instinct, completely without independent thought. And although Ling Mo has better spiritual power than other humans, he still could not suppress thoughts of another human. The only way Ling Mo can completely mentally control Shana would be for her to lose all of her self-consciousness, and be driven entirely by zombie instincts.

Even though Shana does not seem to be mentally active right now, she is still wholly aware of her surroundings, if he were to manipulate her in this condition, there is no possibility.

For the sake of safety, Ling Mo commanded Ye Lian and along with himself where each of them clutched each of Shana’s two arms, and picked her up. As a result, even if she went berserk halfway, with Ye Lian and himself striking at the same time, they will be able to prevent her from hurting anyone.

“Big brother Ling, where are you taking Shana?” Liu Yu Hao is now completely out of ideas, asked awkwardly.

Ling Mo turned around to look at him, and said: “it’s far too dangerous here, the smell of blood will attract zombies within the school, if something happened to Shana again, how are we going to deal with it? First we need to go somewhere safer.”

“Yes, you are right…” Liu Yu Hao was at first lost in thought, then hurriedly nodded his head, then he added sincerely, “big brother Ling, as well as big sister Ye Lian, thank you.”

This “thank you” contained a lot of things; Ling Mo smiled but did not say anything. As for Ye Lian, she is originally a mutated zombie, even though you cannot tell from her appearance, but naturally she will not have any reaction to Liu Yu hao’s words.

Fortunately Liu Yu Hao does not mind, most likely among his impression, Ye Lian is a shy pretty big sister.

After passing by one of the dormitory, Liu Yu Hao suddenly asked Ling Mo to wait for a bit, and he ran inside the building, then quickly took Shana’s long knife and rushed out breathlessly: “this knife was handmade by Shana, very good quality, it would be a pity to lose it, she would also feel very bad.”

For the purposes of travelling under the radar, a blade is a superior companion. Not only are firearms and ammunition extremely rare, even a skilled crack shot would quickly become overwhelmed by the hordes drawn towards the sound of gunfire and the smell of blood. But good sharp weapons are equally scarce, slashing zombies is not like chopping pork, it is very easy to cause dullness, cracks are likely to happen if overexerted. A short knife like the one Ling Mo has, not only is very light weighted, sharp bladed, the quality is also very good.

Shana and Wang’s handmade knives belong to the same maker, well-maintained and sharp, that long knife does looks very extraordinary, and you can see that she always gives it serious maintenance, really cherished this long knife.

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Liu Yu Hao always showed deep feelings for Shana, it’s natural that he went to recover this knife for her, even though who knows how Shana will become what….

“You treat Shana well, very humane….”Ling Mo somewhat said it emotionally. How is he not like that to Ye Lian, even though she has already become a zombie, even a mutated zombie, but he still did not give up hope.

But Liu Yu Hao is showing a hint of strange look: “Big brother Ling you may have misunderstood, I am not in that kind of relationship with Shana. Shana, she…she does not feel that to me….”

That’s why….in the process of getting along Ling Mo has already seen that Liu Yu Hao has a special feeling for Shana, but Shana on the other hand is relatively unreceptive towards him.

“I did not do it because I like Shana….”Liu Yu Hao hurriedly explained.

“I know.” Ling Mo nodded understandably. Most likely among Liu Yu Hao’s feelings to Shana, there are more gratitude and admiration for the majority, after all in their old team, they basically relied on the support of Shana, no matter how much Liu Yu Hao worked, he was still merely a young teenager, whose combat ability is not comparable to Shana’s.

Ling Mo decided to bring the knife with them, letting Ye Lian hold on to the weapon. Seeing that Liu Yu Hao is so attached to this blade, Ling Mo is suddenly somewhat touched.

As for Wang Cheng, even though he is also tired as a dead pig, he is much smarter than Lu Xin, he is persistent while biting his teeth, not saying a word but followed tightly besides Ling Mo.

The survivors soon left the campus, and entered a high-end apartment complex on the opposite side. Although these buildings provided more than adequate shelter from the wilderness, Ling Mo was concerned about the zombie population inside the complex. This kind of place is not a suitable place to stay, but now they are with Shana, have no choice but to hold out for  now.

Looked around, Ling Mo brought his people and got into an apartment that has multiple easy pathways to escape through the staircases.

Because they would only stay for one night, Ling Mo did not bother to scan the whole apartment for zombies. They chose to make camp into one of the suites on the second floor.

This residential room has the door opened, the inside is already a mess, but fortunately no zombies have stayed in here. After ensuring the suite was clear of threats, Ling Mo then put Shana within one of the bedrooms.

At this time Shana’s emotion is still relatively stable, even feels like she is venting a little bit of thinking. If it wasn’t for that pair of eyes keeps on getting redder, Ling Mo could have thought that she has completely returned to normal. But just as Ling Mo carried her to the bed, she is frantically struggling again, eyes staring at Ling Mo’s chest hard.

“I…..I want….”


Ling Mo’s heart skipped a beat, but Shana’s hand has already reached over, Ling Mo could only take out another gel that is of lower purity.

As soon as the gel appeared before Shana, she could not wait and snatched it over and downed the thing whole, then her eyes suddenly widened, and all of a sudden become limp, and slowly closed her eyes.

Ling Mo panicked, thinking that he just killed Shana. He quickly directly put his ear to Shana’s chest.

Fortunately, there is still heartbeat…then that reaction, could it be like Ye Lian, about to evolve soon? But she has not even become a zombie yet!

What is going on? Ling Mo looked at Shana with a complicated and flabbergasted look, heart filled with doubt. But right now Shana is unconscious, and nobody knows how long it will take for her to wake up. But there was no way they could wait long enough in the apartment for her to wake up again.

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