My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 290 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 290 Part 1 – Follow Me Again And I’ll Rip Off Your Clothes

North Street could also be considered a commercial area, so not only was it a big area, but it also had a complex environment.

There was a large shopping mall with numerous high-end stores and tons of criss-crossing alleys that interspersed among them.

Ling Mo walked alone in a narrow and desolate street while watching the shops on the side of the road with vigilance.

A few minutes ago, he had just split up with Xia Zhining and her party.

In order to avoid spending time on ordinary zombies, Ling Mo spent a brief moment using his spiritual detection to scout the area which led him to bypass a large number of ordinary zombies and arriving to this small alley.

“Two hours, there’s plenty of time.”

Ling Mo glanced at the time displayed on the phone, then looked back and said, “It should be alright, Shana will definitely be able to do it. I need to stay calm….It’s just making a female zombie control her instincts while playing a hunting game….”

Originally, Ling Mo had planned on bringing Shana with him, but when the game started, she announced that she would go alone.

Ling Mo knew that this was also a rare opportunity to allow Shana to better balance the relationship between her two personalities.

This hunting game had not only zombies, but also humans as well. How she dealt with the conflicts in this game could be considered not only a test for Shana, but also a learning process.

But Ling Mo couldn’t help but be really worried. If dark Shana gained the upper hand, it would be really difficult to predict what would happen in that situation.

Even survivors like Tom and Sun Zeya who always considered seeking peace, wouldn’t be able to accept that there was a high level zombie around them.

“I should believe in Shana, out of the three of them, her intelligence was restored the most, she will definitely be able to suppress her zombie side.”

Even if problems were to occur, he still had Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin, as well as Hei Si to help him find a solution.

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Just as Ling Mo was slightly distracted, a black shadow suddenly jumped from the second floor and rushed directly to Ling Mo’s head.

Ling Mo subconsciously wanted to pull out his knife but realized that he didn’t have it on him, so he immediately used his spiritual tentacle to block the incoming danger as if it was an arm.


The tyrannical force from that attack made Ling Mo feel dizzy almost immediately, but fortunately this shadow was also knocked away flying, and ended up hanging on a street lamp post.

“It seems that this habit of mine can’t be changed so quickly.” Ling Mo looked helplessly at his empty hands and then looked at the shadow.

The very slender arms and legs made him look like a deformed person that was made out of rubber that had been stretched and pulled.

Compared to the long and strange limbs, this zombie had a spherical body, and the head seems to have sunk inside the chest cavity making it look very deformed.

It was so ridiculously thin that Ling Mo could even see the viscera under the ribs through it’s tight belly.

“All those skinny poles I’ve seen previously can’t compare to this…This is the true definition of being skinny…..” Ling Mo silently stared at this strange zombie.

The mutated zombie dropped to the ground with a “BANG”, then used it’s four limbs and rushed towards Ling Mo.

This would be the first time that Ling Mo had used his spiritual tentacles to deal with the enemy after materializing, watching as the mutant zombie rushed towards him, just like a high-speed car rushing towards him.

The crisis of death allowed Ling Mo to enter a state of high concentration of spiritual force in an instant.

The situation that had happened before in the past, now appeared once again in front of Ling Mo.

The mutant zombie’s movements suddenly became slowed down by many times in the eyes of Ling Mo, the sound of his limbs four limbs moving, the dust that was splashed outwards from landing, the sound of it’s muscles contracting and stretching…

Everything around him suddenly became very clear. Ling Mo felt as if time seemed to have slowed down.

Two spiritual tentacles rolled towards the mutant zombie, one directly entering his spiritual light ball, forcefully taking control of him, causing his high-speed movement to stop.

The other tentacle, slammed into its head, like a cannonball.

At the moment of impact, the spiritual tentacle that was connected to the mutant zombie had immediately been cut off.


The mutant zombie was struck so heavily that it flew and slammed into a building not too far away, even leaving markings of a deformed monster.

Red and white matter had flown all over the place…

This mutant zombie, was instant killed!

to be continued…

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