My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 290 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 290 Part 2 – Follow Me Again And I’ll Rip Off Your Clothes

When Ling Mo recovered from his state, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had stood in the same place, and didn’t even move his fingers, yet a mutant zombie that was strong enough to give a death threat towards psychics had actually been completely killed by him!

This was the power of being a psychic! For the first time, Ling Mo felt the true power of his puppet ability!

He looked down at his hands and his eyes glowed with passion.

“After my spiritual force evolved….it unexpectedly has become so tyrannical…”


Ling Mo’s chest suddenly undulated violently, he just had a hint of excitement when he suddenly felt that his temples were being pulled by something, bursting into extreme pain.

He immediately reached out with his hand towards his backpack, but as soon as he was about to take the zombie drug out, Ling Mo stopped his actions.

“No, I can’t take the easy way out. Now is the time for me to become stable. If I keep using this for every little discomfort, my foundation won’t be strong. This drug is only an external force, and using my own strength is what will truly make me stronger.”

After taking a long breath, Ling Mo sat down to rest for a while and also analyze his performance in the battle.

When his spiritual force was highly concentrated, the things he saw would be slowed down.

This was actually because his nerves let his reaction speed reach an alarming level, and his spiritual power would let him observe things with a fast dynamic picture which couldn’t be comprehended by the naked eye.

“The duration only lasted about one second, only one second.” Ling Mo silently recalled the feeling, and then closed his eyes sharply.

After a moment later, he grabbed a piece of a broken light bulb on from the ground, and threw it heavily in front of him.

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At the very moment he opened his eyes, that piece had almost touched the ground.

It was at this moment, the picture in front of him slowed down again, and he clearly saw in detail of that piece rolling down and then breaking into even smaller pieces.

“Hu!” Ling Mo quickly rubbed his temples, revealing a smile of satisfaction, “Very good, this is feeling. As long as I imagine that I am about to die, I can freely activate this highly concentrated state. My next step is controlling my spiritual power. To put it bluntly, I need to increase the intensity of my mind. I need to use my tentacles as if it were my hands, and only use the amount of strength that is required to do the task.”

Ling Mo’s current situation was as if he was using his whole strength to pick up a toothpick, which was wasting a lot of physical strength.

For example, if he wanted to kill this mutant zombie, he would never need to consume more than half of his spiritual force.

“Unfortunately, this is the real world. There is no old man who will jump out and pass me a secret skill book to help master my abilities. To fully master this power, I only can rely on myself…”

Ling Mo shook his head, rested for a while, then walked over and took out his cell phone and pointed it at the body that had been completely deformed by his attack.

At the moment of pressing the capture image button, Ling Mo couldn’t help but say something weird, “Why is that no one thought that this proposal was just like something a perverted murderer would do when they kill a person?”

Shortly after Ling Mo left the area, a limping figure appeared here.

Seeing the corpse and the marks on the wall, Sun Zeya held her chin in amazement and said to herself, “Could he actually have a superpower that strengthens his body? There were no other traces of fighting. Could it be that this mutant zombie was instant killed?”

She rubbed her hands and walked over and turned the corpse over and looked at it, “The four limbs are long and slender, the back of the foot is deformed, a pair of hard and slim hands, with very long nails. The body is very small…Which means that it isn’t easy to aim at with a gun? When we get the pictures from your phone, naturally we would be able to get more accurate records. This competition is really….a win-win.”

Having said that, Sun Zeya’s expression suddenly became a bit weird.

On the ground, there were a few words written in blood, “If you keep following me, I will rip off all your clothes.”

At this time, in another building, Shana was grabbing a stair railing, jumped off from the second floor, and fell behind a mutant zombie.

“Hey, look over here!”

The mutant zombie had just turned back when Shana’s eyes seemed to have something flowing inside causing the mutant zombie to become stunned.

At the same time, Shana easily moved forward and raised her hand.

As she was about to penetrate his chest, Shana’s face revealed a struggled look.

Shana felt that her instincts were full of bloody and violent desires. She wanted to see blood and also wanted to see that the hearts of her prey were dug out.

Holding the beating heart before the prey died was a great feeling for zombies!

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