My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 291 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 291 Part 1 – One VS Many

“No, I can’t use this kind of attack. I promised Brother Ling, I would never do something that would expose myself.”

Shana violently moved her hand, then grabbed the neck of the mutant zombie and squeezed it.

The zombie immediately fell to the ground after releasing a “ka-cha” sound.

Although it was only for a short moment, it was not easy for Shana to suppress her own urges at a critical moment.

She lowered her head to rub her eyes and some of the redness in her pupils had slowly turned back to black.

However, if you were to look closely, you would still get the feeling that her eyes were a little red. Although it wasn’t that obvious, but it still made her give off a very evil vibe.

After taking a good picture, Shana turned and left the building.

In these two hours, she would need to face this struggle many times.

Every time she succeeded, Shana could feel that she became a little bit stronger in controlling her double personality.

Regardless if this was the correct way in her evolution, it was always good to lay a solid foundation.

“Actually, I am a little worried…”

Shana looked up at the zombies who were slowly pacing back and forth in the distance, and on her face, she revealed a look that she had never shown Ling Mo.

“What am I going to do if my previous self disappears completely after I breakthrough and upgrade? At that time, will I still be Shana? Will I still be Brother Ling’s Shana?”

On this street that was full of danger and death, Shana’s expression was similar to an ordinary girl that was completely confused.

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The wind blew on her clothes and outlined her thin figure.

“Regardless of how I evolve, I don’t want myself to change….”

She looked down at her open hands and then clenched tightly.

The not so special looking nails immediately pierced her white palms, and a drop of bright red blood came out.

“Actually, I…Brother Ling, I actually wish that we could go back to the past and return to the moment when we just met. I want…to make a fresh start.”

Shana’s pupils turned red again, the colors of her eyes were constantly changing. At the same time, her other hand grabbed her collar and pressed it on her chest, “That’s strange, this feeling I have should be what the humans call sadness, right? Sure enough, my spiritual world has never been completely infected by the virus, so I still have these human feelings.”

Shana’s eyes replayed the scene when she was about to mutate, that panic and extremely painful suffering she endured during that process.

Because Ling Mo was there, she didn’t become a monster who only knew how to hunt and eat. She didn’t become like the zombies in front of her eyes who paced back and forth on the streets.

She didn’t experience the whole process of mutating, and even though she mutated in the end, she never really mutated from the inside to the outside.

Any “accidents” caused by unknown mishaps would eventually be guided by the law of evolution.

Shana knew that the reason she was stuck in this crucial step was in fact, the law of the virus trying to guide her “accident” in the right direction.

“Although that Idiot brother Ling guessed my dual personality correctly, he didn’t realize that one was actually human and the other was a zombie personality which is why he didn’t know how to merge. But how could it be possible for two personalities to merge? Most likely one of them would be swallowed up by the other?” Shana squatted down at the center of the street. The zombies apparently haven’t seen her yet and were pacing back and forth still.

“But no matter which one is swallowed, to Brother Ling, I would be like a different person.” Shana took a deep breath, then slowly released her palm and lifted the bloody palm into the air. “I can’t let brother Ling know that zombies like me could also have problems too. I want to find a solution by myself and not let him be burdened with my problems.”

The few zombies closest to her immediately smelled something that was delicious, and suddenly turned to look at her.

The blood ran down her white arm, and the zombies made a low pitched roar, and then hesitated to approach in her direction.

“These low-level things that bully the weak and fear the strong, are like the trash that used to be powerful and rich, who were completely disgusting!”

Shana clenched her palms sharply, then the corners of her mouth went up, and she looked at the zombies with a smile…

to be continued…

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