My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 291 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 291 Part 2 – One VS Many

More than an hour later, Ling Mo walked out of a store and watched as a mutant zombie was suddenly hung in the air by invisible spiritual tentacles.


Ling Mo lifted his foot and kicked a clothes rod, while the mutant zombie that was suspended in midair was dropped heavily from above, just in time for the clothes rod  to penetrate the chest and abdomen.

“Using the spiritual tentacle to support my means of attack is much more economical than attacking directly with a spiritual tentacle. My control over the consumption of spiritual force has also improved a lot.”

Ling Mo’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of satisfaction. For the past hour, he basically grasped the essential points of using his materialized spiritual tentacles.

However, to make this method of his extremely skilled, Ling Mo felt that he could only get to that level if he practiced with Ye Lian and the girls.

These mutant zombies wouldn’t cooperate with him honestly. They would also most definitely not tell him whether the strength of his attack is good or not.

“Now that I’m thinking about them…I wonder how Shana is doing. Although our distance isn’t more than two kilometers away, but the connection between us has become very weak. I can only sense her position right now and can’t sense her spiritual activity.”

But it was during that split second right after he took another step past the broken glass door, his eyes suddenly flashed with a look of surprise.

“It seems that there is already someone that is planning to grab my cell phone. That’s quite interesting.”

A feeling of being scanned appeared near his head, and Ling Mo immediately closed his eyes.

Using his spiritual detection, Ling Mo could feel that there was some spiritual energy that had surrounded him.

He immediately released his spiritual tentacles and blocked those spiritual energies.

To put it simply, he basically shielded himself with spiritual power making it impossible for the other party to detect him directly.

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This kind of detection had an all-around coverage, but Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles could completely wrap around him 360 degrees.

“Such a strong shielding ability!”

In a room, Chen Youdong violently opened his eyes and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“And his spiritual strength has a strong attacking ability, whereas my detection ability is totally different…Just right now, if he wanted to, he could have completely smashed all the energy that I had put out, so that I wouldn’t be able to recover for at least one day.”

Chen Youdong was somewhat fearful as he rubbed his eyes, breathing a sigh of relief.

He looked up at the doorway and said, “Fine, you guys were right. We need to rob him together, I can’t handle him by myself.”

“Are you sure this isn’t cheating?”

Lin Tianxiang frowned and glanced at Zhou Guocheng, Sun Zeya, and Tom before asking.

Sun Zeya giggled and said, “I don’t think we have any rules in this aspect, so it shouldn’t count as cheating, right?”

“But being able to fight with him makes me very excited. For someone like him who is able to survive a pile a of zombies, must certainly have many methods.”

Zhou Guocheng rubbed his palms and said with excitement, “Don’t you guys think this is a good learning opportunity? We have always had teammates to cooperate with each other and to tell you the truth when it comes to using our abilities, we are still worse than him. Just thinking about it makes me unable to accept this. How can I feel good if I don’t beat him once!”

Tom’s old face was red and coughed, “Um….forget it, I am also very curious about this kid!”

Lin Tianxiang whispered a few words, “I’ve always felt that a group of people who fight only one person shameful! But fuck it! I will also join! I’ve been in a bad mood watching this kid for a long time, a man with three beauties, and last night they actually slept together in one bed! Your father, I, have been single for more than 30 years!”

“Haha, we are giving him the opportunity to face a group of us by himself. Having said that, what have you been doing for these past 30 years? Keeping yourself pure?”

Zhou Guocheng gave him a surprised look.

Lin Tianxiang pushed his glasses and said indignantly, “Obviously it was because I was studying! I was studying to become a doctor….If I knew this was going to happen, I would have definitely taken more time to enjoy life! Eh…but originally my reason for studying was to change my destiny and live a better life. Life is truly fickle…”

“Very good. He is now near the department store, but I couldn’t detect a specific location. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do right? Our target, Ling Mo’s phone!”

Chen Youdong stood up and said.

“Interesting, the one that just tried to probe was definitely Chen Youdong, but if he isn’t here to give me something, then does this mean he’s here to give me trouble?”

Ling Mo opened his eyes and frowned thinking about this.

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