My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 292 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 292 Part 1 – This Really Is A Sad Story

In a department store, Ling Mo had a surprised look as he stared at a female mutant zombie that was suspended in midair by herself.

“This one could be considered one of the best in its own kind of way…”

Not only was the hair on this body particularly dense, the hair on it’s head and special areas were long and plenty.

These hairs stood up like a hedgehog when the body felt it was being attacked, allowing it to attack and defend both at the same time.

Unfortunately, for Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacle, other than making it more capable of enduring Ling Mo’s beating, it was basically not very useful.

“I now feel that using my spiritual tentacles is getting smoother and smoother, sure enough, practice is the best exercise….”

Ling Mo looked at the mutant zombie as she struggled in the air making a meaningless hissing sound.

“I’m a bit curious if you ever played the game leap frog when you were a human being….”

The mutant zombie was violently thrown high into the air, until it reached an almost uncontrollable level for Ling Mo. It was not until it had almost touched the ceiling did Ling Mo decide to suddenly let go of it with his spiritual tentacles.

She immediately fell straight down, then smashed on to a counter with a “BANG”, shattering it into many pieces.

But the hair was very thick, making it’s defensive power unusually strong. However, after this female mutant zombie staggered to climb back up, she didn’t decide to rush towards Ling Mo again, but instead, turned around and ran towards the door.

There were a lot of counters in the department store and Ling Mo’s field of vision was also limited, allowing the female mutant zombie to soon escape without even leaving a shadow behind.

“What the fuck? It shouldn’t have this kind of intelligence now, right?”

Ling Mo was immediately stunned. He had just reached near the front entrance after chasing the female mutant zombie, when he saw the situation on the street through the glass door. Many zombies were rushing out of the nearby buildings and were all going towards the same direction.

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“No, this was caused by a human. Zhou Guocheng?!”

After recovering from his thoughts, Ling Mo immediately stopped chasing.

It was at this moment, a figure suddenly came out from behind a counter, and the back of a tactical knife was slammed towards the back of Ling Mo’s neck.

Even under the circumstance of releasing all his spiritual force, Ling Mo didn’t have a visual angel at this time.

Although the angle of attack from this figure was quite cunning, but Ling Mo immediately leaned his body, dodging the attack of the opposite party.


The corner of Ling Mo’s eyes looked towards the side entrance,  but he didn’t expect that these people would join forces in launching a sneak attack on him.

“Brother Ling, don’t just dodge, fight back!”

Tom opened his arms again and rushed towards Ling Mo like an orangutan.

Ling Mo rubbed the area between his eyebrows and quickly greeted him.

When there was only a distance of three or four meters between him and Tom, Ling Mo jumped high up and aimed the bottom of his foot at Tom’s face.

Originally, Tom could have easily dodged unfettered attacks like this, but…


Tom, who was heavily knocked away, directly hit an energy shield. Lin Tianxiang also stood up from behind the counter.

From his expression, you could tell it wasn’t easy for him to catch him.

The energy that was consumed by the so-called energy shield came from his physical and spiritual strength.

The attack from Ling Mo’s foot was actually much worse than those mutant zombies, but with the support from his spiritual attack, it actually hurt more.

“Although I did tell you to fight back, but I didn’t mean for you to kick my face….”

Tom had just gotten up when Ling Mo suddenly arrived in front of him and released a kick again.

“BANG!” Right in the middle, bull’s eye!

Tom covered his nose and was once again covered by Lin Tianxiang’s energy shield.

“Hey, how are you doing so poorly, you were a famous instructor and even had gone abroad…”

Lin Tianxiang pushed up his glasses and showed a very anxious look behind him.

Seeing Ling Mo turn his gaze towards himself, he immediately had a bad premonition, “Brother Ling, you can continue beating him, there’s no benefits in beating me. My energy shield has no gaps or weaknesses.”

“That maybe true, but when you used it, there was definitely an area you didn’t cover out of habit.”

Ling Mo showed a faint smile, turning his attention to the bottom of Lin Tianxiang’s foot.

Lin Tianxiang was still wondering what that meant when suddenly he felt his foot slipping.

Ling Tianxiang’s energy shield wasn’t without any weaknesses, his weakness was at his feet.

Ling Mo used his spiritual tentacles to pass through the floor, then extended so that it was right under Lin Tianxiang, and then materialized his tentacles before attacking.

Although this made the consumption rate of Ling Mo’s spiritual force reach a horrifying level, but the effect it caused was amazing.

To be continued…

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