My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 292 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 29 Part 2 – This Really Is A Sad Story

It was at least more economical for him than slowly chipping away at his energy shield. The real power of the spiritual tentacles lied in its flexible application.

After falling down, Lin Tianxiang let out a cry of pain. He hadn’t even gotten back up when he saw Ling Mo crouched in front of him.

“Brother Ling, I was against this plan from the beginning, so can you like not beat me? At least not in the face?”

Lin Tianxiang looked at Ling Mo with his big eyes and begged.

Ling Mo smiled and took out the mobile phone from his pocket.

“Stop! stop kicking my face!”

Tom also looked for his phone and threw it over to Ling Mo.

He covered his face while lying on the floor and screamed out in pain, “Why are you only beating me…..”

“Isn’t there a chinese saying, sometimes ones harsh deeds to another, demonstrate one’s love(tl: basically tough love)….AHH! Didn’t we agree on not hitting the face?!”

Lin Tianxiang cried out as he covered his nose and gave the middle finger to Tom, who was currently laughing.

Ling Mo had just bent over and picked up the phone when a black shadow came out from another counter.

Chen Youdong suddenly jumped out at Ling Mo and slammed his foot towards his chest.

This made Ling Mo somewhat surprised. He didn’t expect Chen Youdong to have other skills other than his probing ability.

At the same time, Ling Mo felt that the scene in front of him seemed to have been covered by a layer of mist and the surrounding environment suddenly became somewhat distorted.

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“Spiritual disturbance!”

This kind of usage of spiritual force was far too familiar for Ling Mo, he quickly launched his spiritual probe ability.

Although his five sense were disturbed, Ling Mo’s spiritual probe was not effected, not to mention when he was attacked, he had already prepared himself for a sneak attack.

He accurately blocked Chen Youdong’s kick with his arm, and at the same time used his spiritual tentacles to immediately wrap around the leg. Ling Mo then grabbed his ankle and slammed him to the ground.


Chen Youdong let out a loud groan and Ling Mo turned his gaze to the other side.

A cold flash of light was directed at his pocket, letting his cellphone slip out from the gap, and falling into someone’s hand.

“So this was your plan…have everyone attract my attention while you let Sun Zeya steal my phone?”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes and watched Sun Zeya as she jumped up the stairs with one leg.

“Does this mean you lose Brother Ling?” Chen Youdong squatted on the floor and asked with a smile.

He was very smart, he had taken the initiative to find his phone and handed it to Ling Mo.

“The game hasn’t finished yet.”

Ling Mo smiled and took the phone, then turned his gaze towards the stairs.

“Just curious, is Zhou Guocheng going to be okay? There’s so many zombies….”

Chen Youdong waved his hand, “His best ability is to escape. Plus that ability of his only has a two hundred meter range. Eh… You don’t need to hit me…AHH!”

After Ling Mo ran upstairs, Chen Youdong looked helplessly at Tom and said, “Remember this proposal was originally from your Captain Sun, if she also get beat, don’t forget that you have to give us two hundred rounds of bullets.”

“What does that have to do with me, she made the bet, not me.” Tom let go of his hand revealing a face with footprints and said in a depressed manner, “This kid is really strong…”

“En, I am sincerely convinced.” Lin Tianxiang rubbed his nose and said.

Although Ling Mo had hit them a few times, but it had only turned a little swollen and red.

“That being said, you guys are regarded as the elite team for the Falcon camp. It surprises me that he would actually dare hit the vice captain.”

Tom sat up and stared at Chen Youdong and asked with a smile.

Chen Youdong was still lying on the ground, rubbing his eyes with those thick dark circles, “We were able to reasonably test his strength without touching his bottom line, and he was also very clear about the extent of retaliation against us. He wouldn’t go overboard and make us upset. At least I am not angry at all. I actually feel that this deepened our relationship. Compared with those who have so many schemes, I prefer people who are just like him, direct and straightforward.”

Lin Tianxiang pushed his glasses and said, “However, we surrounded him, but he was still able to single-handedly beat us….This is such a sad story. But Vice Captain Chen is right, since we started, let’s just end it here.

Tom took out a cigarette and lit it up before sucking in a puff. He said, “Do you know what the saddest part of the story is? I was kicked two times! TWO TIMES!”

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