My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 293 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 293 Part 1 – This Is Also An Ability: His Girlfriend

Due to the obscuration of the billboard, the interior of the second floor home appliance area was very dim.

Many products had fallen off the shelves during the event of the apocalypse, the floor was covered everywhere with fragments of those products and other obstacles.

“That cripple could actually jump so fast on one foot…”

Ling Mo frowned and kicked away a rice cooker, creating a “DANG” sound breaking the silence on the second floor.

“She will definitely leave the department store as soon as possible, I have to find her right away.”

Ling Mo also didn’t have a flashlight so he could only explore by slowly groping about.

For this building, although each floor wasn’t very high, there were at least two stairs.

Ling Mo could only try and catch up to her since waiting for an opportunity wasn’t going to work in this kind of situation.

Fortunately, Sun Zeya was currently crippled, and she probably would never have guessed that her teammates had gotten their asses handed to them so quickly.

In such a complex environment, Ling Mo didn’t intend to use his spiritual probe to look for her since it costed too much of his spiritual force.


The sudden sound from the distance made Ling Mo suddenly reveal a happy expression, he quickly accelerated his speed.

“The bathroom?”

Ling Mo saw a bathroom in front of him after running from the top of a pile of goods.

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Without waiting for him to enter, a figure moved from behind him.

“Did you really think I was that easy to trick?”

Ling Mo sneered, moved sideways to avoid Sun Zeya’s sneak attack, while at the same time, his tentacles stretched forward towards her.


After the tentacles caught the figure, Ling Mo was stunned.

He looked at it carefully and his face suddenly became somewhat ugly.

This figure turned out to be a plastic model with a rope around its neck, suspended from the ceiling, and the other end of the rope was fixed in the pile of goods he had passed by.

When Ling Mo passed by from above, he had inevitably hit the rope, but because of the many obstacles in the area, it was hard for him to notice.

“Such a crafty woman!”

Ling Mo quickly turned his gaze to the other side, just in time to see a figure rushing into the employee’s only area.

The one-legged figure that was limping was undoubtedly Sun Zeya.

Ling Mo quickly rushed over, although his main strength was towards the spiritual area, but his physical strength did improve several times, becoming much stronger than the average person.

Although Sun Zeya had undergone special training, she was still only able to use one leg after all…

Soon, Ling Mo found her on the stairs.

Sun Zeya had grabbed on to the stair railings and was preparing to jump down directly to the next floor. She even turned back and gave Ling Mo a sly smile when she heard his footsteps.

In her opinion, Ling Mo was never going to catch up with her.

But she didn’t know that at this moment, several spiritual tentacles had already surrounded her.

Under Ling Mo’s control, the tentacles immediately caught her arms and her good leg.

Sun Zeya felt as if her whole body seemed to be bound by an invisible rope, all of her movements were bound and unable to move at all.

However, this feeling was only a short moment, and soon she felt her neck become tight, and then her whole body was pressed against the wall.

“Where’s my mobile phone?” Ling Mo frowned and asked.

This woman was just too curious about him, just like number 2.

But she was more dangerous than 2, because she was the type that would do all kinds of things in order to satisfy her curiosity.

For others, it might have been fine for them to tell their companions what their ability was, but for Ling Mo that was impossible.

He had to think about Ye Lian and the other two girls. Plus the Falcon Camp was only his business partner, not a companion.

Of course Ling Mo wasn’t without any feelings towards these people since they had experienced life and death battles together, but he knew that there were also other people that were running things behind them.

Once he became too dangerous for them, it isn’t difficult to imagine what kind of decisions the Falcon Camp’s upper management will make.

Ling Mo was still very young. He didn’t much social experience as well. He wasn’t the type to do conspiracies and being calculative. He couldn’t compare to those who had been in the army and were honed in this kind of expertise.

But he did understand one point.

It was always best to be vigilant and prepared towards the unknown.

Because you will never know what kind of situation will happen after you meet the unknown.

to be continued…

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